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  1. Haven't been tending to this damn near all year, so i decided to give the last update of the year for it. Pretty slow year for me. My lowest totals since 2009. Anyways, Happy New Year's everyone!! Hopefully i'll have a more productive 2016!!!
  2. Looking good as always, keep it up. Happy New Year!
  3. Late response, but it'll be awhile before ZP3 comes out. Sure they'll have another themed table set before ZP3. ZP1 i believe was stopped because they felt it may cause confusion with ZP2 and customers, and basically "out with the old in with the new". New Year's Day Update: I relaxed most of 2014 and even fell short on my yearly averages of 50 plats and 2,500 trophies. Hopefully i can get back on track in 2015. Happy New Year's everyone! : :
  4. [-29] Countdown to finish unearned trophies that are obtainable!

    1. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      it sucks you have some unobtainable troohies man

    2. theitdemon


      Which ones are unobtainable?

    3. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      he has burn zombie burn which dlc never came out and two nba games that can't be platted anymore

  5. 29 unearned trophies as of today! Woot Woot!!
  6. NBA 09 The Inside ( bought game after servers closed ), NBA 2k10 ( Good Teammate was glitched, servers closed ), and Burn Zombie Burn! ( Zombie Sushi DLC was never released ). So i lost 100% back in 2009 lmao. I could only imagine and feel for the people who'll lose it in the future after trying so hard not to!
  7. I may try to attend this, if i can get my old lady to come with me.
  8. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah i lost 100% profile ages ago, but i'm at peace with it. Besides when you start taking all sorts of "precautions" to avoid being screwed out of 100% profile, then it becomes a job. Good luck and have fun attaining 100%. Small, but effective update!! Managed to grab 2 trophies from BZB and 8 from Zen Pinball. Psn games are crucial! DLC's Completed: V12, and EXCALIBUR
  9. Just finished Batman, and now i'm at 39 trophies unearned. 18 of which i can do nothing about that'll stay unobtainable from BZB, NBA 09 The Inside, and NBA2k10. Now with 4 incomplete games, the 4th being Zen Pinball. I shall try to grab a few trophies from BZB and Zen Pinball in the future, as of now i'm content. Update: : DLC's Completed: Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing Milestones Reached: My coveted 4 games incomplete (3 not 100% by default)!
  10. #311 Stormrise
  11. I'm 33 years old, which was just in time for the golden era of gaming to start!!
  12. [-49] Countdown to finish unearned trophies that are obtainable!

  13. First of the month update. Which really doesn't deserve an update, but i'll keep the consistency going. I did however add some new content to the "Trophy Milestone Fun Facts" section. Yeah i've thought about it, but mentally i haven't been in the mind frame to attack a game or new fighter to achieve that goal. As far as patience, i believe that's my biggest attribute regarding collecting trophies. Thanks for stopping by. : DLC's Completed: Call of Duty Ghosts Nemesis [PS4] , Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road and Gun Runners Arsenal Milestones Reached: Under 100 unearned trophies for the first time since early 2009!
  14. List looking nice and tidy as ever, keep it up bro!