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  1. yes wtf ,very salty, good bro get that plat to over5.0
  2. hahahahaha poor guy
  3. nice wanted to try this game for a while
  4. Ah my favouritest game ever.You seem to have all information right and yes its challenging but if you get some1 skilled enough(not me)you can literally get carried in all missions,a good video to watch is sergen's one where he shows a lot of tricks and loops that can be used in story and missions mode eg:dragon sword vs alexi spam forward triangle I am a noob and played only with rachel,but if you are comfortable with the double dragon swords and lunar staff loops you will see its not too hard.i. .I gave up on this trophy but i had fun trying to get it,missing only ultimate 1 and 2 master.Good luck to you and you will definetily get some1 if you set up a session. Oh also you can watch replays to get more comfortable with hard missions.I literally just spammed UT with a noob i know
  5. very easy to boost,notips needed very easy to boost,notips needed
  6. no platinum,bye`
  7. four years ago you asked if you could boost it with 2 ps3 and now four years later you are still not done.
  8. digital only.
  9. no one getting bored of all these cgi green screen stuff yet.Me unless they fix invasion boss in mkx idgaf about this cgi infested thing. And i also wanted to add that my wife is hyped about it even though all she knows from the franchise is get over here,and when she heard it in the tralier she was like yaeh totally gonna wathc
  10. good job on the 125p in a day
  11. my island stll hasnt psn .luckily i live in australia now.oi oi oi
  12. Ps3 vita store closure cacelled super league cancelled. NWO can wait a little longer
  13. We feel good,no regrets we are trophy hunters and we do anything for trophies .
  14. Any1 else watching arsenal vs fulham ?go gunners

  15. Game series and boosting sessions cannot complain.