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  1. Ahh damn, thanks for letting me know guys. At least it's a good game so it won't be too painful playing through it again
  2. My PS4 saved file corrupted. I have the platinum and all Legends Mode Trophies. I loaded the PS5 version and only one trophy popped and none of my legends data transferred over. Am I going to have to replay the whole game again (twice because of NG+) plus the DLC and Legends mode again?
  3. Tempted to play again on PS5 but some of them will be unattainable if they don't auto pop, do I have to worry or is it fine?
  4. Same, gutted about that!
  5. I think you've misunderstood - I don't have a second controller, is there any other way to get it?
  6. Any way to do this without a second controller?
  7. If anyone wants to boost the Free Kicks/Volleys add me - RobbieVI-