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  1. Thanks mate, i'll try to get him I guess!
  2. Thanks, dude. What does Gold Regal do to Asuka that no other manager does? I can't imagine he gets the submissions to over 90?
  3. Which packs? he doesn't show up in any pack content (when you view what you could pull)
  4. Gold William Regal is only available if you got the NWO version though isn't it? I chose RAW at the start and don't have him, how do I get him?
  5. My technical submission goes up to 89 with Stephanie McMahon as manager but it still takes me 5/6 attempts... really don't get how some of you are getting it quicker?
  6. Emerald Triple H? I get no where near that - technical submission stays at 83?
  7. I thought the same, we'll see!
  8. Any ban risk associated with abusing this? I assume not as it's not the users fault it's in the game but some people have been saying 2k do hand out bans easily..
  9. Just looked and it's £11.99 Could be worse but for only 4 hours content it seems a bit steep. Annoyingly I sold my copy so i'll pick another one up tomorrow to get this done.
  10. Well, the 100% didn't last long - we've got another DLC incoming. The list looks very similar to Vaas so shouldn't be hard - hopefully it isn't a near identical replica. Not sure on the release date, imminent i'd imagine.
  11. You could try to connect to your Playstation via Remote Play on your phone and essentially use that as a controller
  12. I've been very tempted to pick one up to play on my commute to work (1.5 hours each way) - is it even worth it in 2021? does it work properly? are there any good games that have good trophy lists?
  13. You have to interrupt the enemies move so it's all about lucky timing. Just doing the call to action isn't enough, they must be charging at you at the time it comes up. Took me 3 attempts, just keep trying and reloading the checkpoint, it'll happen sooner rather than later. Good luck!
  14. Super Meat Boy - absolutely insane one to have.