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  1. This is NOT true. i bought the Italian season pass and i’ve been using it on my main Bulgarian account. I only needed the Italian account to redeem the code.
  2. I bought the season pass a week ago and it still works. Unfortunately, all 38 cars that come with the season pass are unavailable since they require a download from the PSN store. That wouldn’t be that bad if you had the option of using said cars for the particular events they are required for but that’s not the case. All the Lambo’s are locked so basically both of the Lamborghini events can’t be played at all. There are a lot of cars i don’t have, and yet are playable on particular races and there are cars i also don’t own and they are locked no matter what. If you’re interested in new tracks, and the chance to get around 50 of the 80 DLC trophies, the season pass is somewhat worth it. If you’re interested in new cars, and a completion of trophies, then forget about it.