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  1. Hi guys, so I have a small collection of controllers and would love to get some advice for best practices for maintenance. I was running into issues of sticky analog sticks for controllers I haven't used in a while, something that is manageable but annoying. How do you clean your controllers to keep them as pristine as possible? Also, what is your advice as for usage and charging, because I really want to keep them alive for a long run. As for me, I usually keep the on charging stations that are unplugged and try to use them once in a while and then charge, as for cleaning my go to is wet wipes, which is probably not the best solution.
  2. Thanks guys, appreciate the warm welcome! By the way @Draps-1337, great suggestions! inFamous is probably next on my list, I started First Light but got distracted, will probably come back to it after Second Son I got Control on the Black Friday sale, so it is definitely on the shorter list. Titanfall I might try but I have trouble with FPS (used to keyboard & mouse), so all depends on difficulty, if it requires skill, I am currently lacking it. As for Fallen Order, platinumed it recently, pretty good game, although the collectible run in the end was not that fun for me, had to use a video guide. But to be fair, Mafia 2 was way way worse in this perspective (189 wanted posters, all around the map).
  3. Same. started with Astro, after that did Miles Morales. Both fun and easy platinums.
  4. Didn't do it myself (wanted to experience PS5 version first) but according to platinum times of 1 second that I saw on other profiles it does auto-pop.
  5. Yes, this is what I bought and got both versions.
  6. Wow, this is scary man 😨.. I crushed only once a week ago (before update), but I was very careful, no external storage, no rest mode. Wish they would say something in update notes other than improved stability, because I find rest mode super convenient. Edit: Sorry, for some reason I thought you were talking about Miles Morales.. I need to pay more attention, haven't played the remastered enough to tell.
  7. Man, this is awesome! Very nice work, will definitely be using.
  8. Really hope they will fix it eventually, I was actually using it quite a bit and like the layout better then the new app or ps5..
  9. Yeah, this is actually a thing. It does update eventually to the right level with the right amount of trophies (after a day or so) but you cant see the PS5 trophies there at all.
  10. So I have started trophy hunting only this year around summer, but again, thanks to COVID I had a lot of free time, so this is my list so far: Have to admit, feel pretty good about it
  11. You definitely should finish Uncharted 2, awesome game!
  12. Thanks for the suggestions! I already did the both Spider-Man, and you are right, they are awesome! About Far Cry, I actually find it very difficult to play FPS with a controller. I did 100% Far Cry 3 and 5 on PC, and because I enjoyed them I bought Far Cry 3 PS4 on sale recently and it was really a struggle for me. On the other hand practice makes perfect, so I probably should go back to it.
  13. Dude, awesome time! I made it around 6:50, which was enough for the trophy and therefore enough for me, but damn 5:30 is impressive..