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  1. Dont worry about it, exploits are totally fine to use, as long as you dont use external software for that.
  2. Oh, I loved this one! I did all the main game SP things first, didn't do Grounded or DLC's. Actually didn't have any bugs or glitches, so it was pretty smooth, but didn't go for the MP at the time, because I was very new to trophy hunting and wasn't sure I had this in me. About 3-4 months late I decided to finally finish it, so I actually boosted all the MP trophies while doing my Grounded+ playthrough. Have to say, although I didn't play it "legit" except for a couple of hours to mop up some trophies, I had a blast in the boosting session, as I actually met a couple of really cool people I am in touch with to this day, so there is that Overall. I would say that I absolutely loved this game and I even replayed it after getting 100%, so I think it was worth it. Congrats on the platinum!!
  3. Well, here we go, a couple more God of War (2018) Resident Evil 3 Remake
  4. Made a couple more I am experimenting with some different styles in those ones. A Plague Tale Innocence: Uncharted Lost Legacy
  5. For me realistically probably 80-85%. I have unobtainable games on my account and honestly, some games I probably won't bother finishing. If I started a new account when I got into trophy hunting then maybe I could do better, but at the moment I prefer not to waste my time playing games I don't enjoy P.S I did start with 30% and got all the way to almost 75%, but getting any higher than that proved to be extremely difficult for me.
  6. Congrats!! And I agree, it is in that order, you don't have to be very good, just persistent and lucky
  7. I boosted this game about 6 months ago and can confirm what @wltrsjcwvita said. You will need to get 2 parties of 4, make sure that party leaders are from the same region (EU,US, etc.) and start looking for parties allowed game at the same time until you get each other. Might take a bit of time, depending on day of the week and time. Quickest game mode is Interrogation. Remember to keep moving all the time, this games kicks you for inactivity very quickly and you can't join back. Good luck mate!
  8. Pretty good list mate, not familiar with all of them, but you got my interest, going to check them out.
  9. Let's see.. I haven't played all of them, but the ones I bought are: Spider-Man Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, Watchdogs Legions, Demon's Souls, Returnal, Resident Evil Village, Life is Strange New Colors (pre-order), Pathless, In Rays of Light, It Takes Two, Spirit of the North and Cold War. I guess 12? Damn.. Only played 6 of them. Nice! Which ones?
  10. Gonna say, dodging the Alien in Alien Isolation on hard difficulty is not a joke. Or I am just bad at the game. Possibly both :)

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    2. iliya0212


      @XchocomanX Oh I am always crouched, I swear Ripley's will never need to do another leg day after my playthrough haha

      And yeah I heard of that, thanks for advice :) will definitely be using it later, as I am combining it with no killing humans playthrough. Does he kills androids as well btw?

    3. XchocomanX


      The alien and the androids are buddies. They join forces to throw a super DEADLY party.

    4. iliya0212


      @XchocomanX Well, that is not what I was hoping to hear haha. Have to say, androids are pretty rough too, although I made it harder for myself, because I decided to try sneak by all of them without killing. No ammo used so far, I feel like it's not worth it wasting it on them anyway.

  11. Yikes, I lost 4 out 8 runs to either killing Passos or him getting killed... I can relate. Good luck though you can do it
  12. Can confirm, played offline with golden guns and had almost no issues, except enemies no spawning in chapter 7 once or twice, but it's solvable by pausing the game for 30 seconds.
  13. I can't believe I finished the Max Payne 3. All it took is for Rockstar to announce the server closure to actually make me finish that mp grind, but now that it's behind me I can say that it is by far the hardest but most satisfying platinum trophy I've ever got.

    So, platinum #75 - Max Payne 3 :)

  14. Well, got my platinum in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, amazing game, totally worth playing!

    But the trophy list, I don't know about that..

    I know it sounds silly to complain, but it was too easy and had one annoying trophy. What's up with the challenge mode? Why provide the map to all the collectibles if I don't need to collect all of them (I did it anyway, bugged me not to).

    I don't mind easy platinum trophies, I really don't. Spider-Man trophy list - amazing, same goes for Miles Morales. In this game I think they lowered the bar too much, it is a full AAA release after all.


  15. Glad you like it