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  1. Happy Independence Day to my fellow country men/women!!



  2. Oh yes, the new recording setup is complete! Was really exciting to start using my new DSLR for video recording, really happy with the quality so far :)




    1. AJ_Radio


      I wish I had the time and money to get this equipment.


      Video editing and doing any sort of live streaming has never been my strong suit. If you do livestreams on Twitch or YouTube I'll be sure to check you out.


      Too costly for me.

    2. iliya0212


      I honestly wasn't into it until really recently. I did try some live streaming and found out that wasn't for me, but along the way discovered that I have a lot to say about games that I really passionate about and that I like doing that, so here we are.


      I know that most likely I won't ever make any money from it, but I honestly don't care, I just enjoy doing that.


      And thanks! If you like that kind of stuff you are more than welcome to check out my YT (in my profile info), but you don't really have to.


      As for free time, yeah, it's actually an issue, managed to find the time so far, but we'll see how it goes.

  3. So I am trying out something new for my YouTube channel and I made a platinum review for The Last of Us Part II.


    I would really appreciate some feedback and tips, because it's my first try with doing more edited style video.





    1. Shua_J


      I like the straight forward nature to your video. It isn't a 20 something screaming at me or coming off like an over opinionated elitist for the sake of "hype". This also had absolutely no clickbait garbage associated with it which was a huge plus. 

      The only small thing that I noticed is that when you have the camera on you directly...try to be looking into it and speaking to your audience and not reading it. This helps in connecting with the viewer in this context. The things you were saying while reading though were very good and I appreciated that. It also helps that you're likeable immediately. I liked it.

    2. iliya0212


      @Shua_J Thanks man, really appreciate the honest feedback. 


      I was really trying to make an eye contact with the camera, but I was messing up constantly, so I had to read some of the script. The fact that I am not an English native speaker was not helping it as well, but I hope to become better at this!

    3. Shua_J


      Yeah...I completely think you should pursue these more. If you're this good in the beginning'll be outstanding given time to experiment and get comfortable in your own skin with content. Not that you come off as any way's just the little things will work themselves out with time. 

  4. Oh dang, might end up doing that. Currently working on other games and waiting for a friend to buy the game. Already finished Little Hope, was decent experience, so if he bails on this might do it your way. Thanks for a detailed answer!
  5. Happy to help!
  6. I honestly would not recommend using melee after chapter 2, too high risk, not worth it in my opinion. I had to restart a lot of runs because of silly mistakes while going for melee kills in chapters 1&2, didn't include it in my failures list because it was like 5-15 minutes each, so don't consider them as actual attempts. As for guide, I don't have something concrete, but I would suggest having at least 10 minutes after finishing chapter 10, because you definitely want to take it slow from there. On my successful run I had 15 minutes there and finished with 8 minutes on the clock while taking it slow and steady. Here are my time stamps as of the end of each chapter and some tips that helped me, but again I did finish with 8 minutes to spare so you could probably take it slower. Chapter 1: 02:00 - You can try to rush it if you want, go for melee kills and what not, worst case scenario restart, it takes only 3-4 minutes anyway. Chapter 2: 04:00 Chapter 3: 05:30 - Have a couple tricky sections, lost a couple runs there. When Passos tells you to wait before going to the first sniper you can actually wait and not risk it and the guys will go away. Its safe but you lose around 20 seconds as opposed to killing them. Chapter 4 Part 1: 08:00 - Try to kill them quickly by blowing up the cars, huge time boost. Chapter 4 Part 2: 09:00 - Shoot the yellow gas tank in the garage, it kills most of the guys and gives you big time bonus. Chapter 5 Part 1: 10:00 - There are some tricky parts in the docks, you can go a bit slower there, learn enemy positions and when the boats show up, save bullet time for them! Chapter 2 Part 2: 10:30 - When you need to shoot the vehicles from the boat try to shoot only the driver. The cars will explode giving you 5 seconds per kill and not 2. Not huge, but still helps. Chapter 6 Part 1: 11:00 - Be careful in the third room where you get ambushed, very dangerous section, practice it and try to do it as safe as possible. Chapter 6 Part 2: 10:00 - Actually lost time there, but also go slow, you can die very easily there, always use bullet time there. Chapter 7: 09:00 - Lost time there as well, although the section is not that bad in my opinion, just need to know enemy positions and know how to avoid the bugs (glitchy section). Also find a good way to avoid getting hit by Molotov in the end. I found that using bullet time and immediately running to the stairs on the left worked very well for me, never failed there since. Chapter 8: 10:00 - Use GL to kill a bunch of guys in the next section after picking it up but I would discard it after, too dangerous to get caught in LMS with it. Also, practice the sniper section before, it's not hard but you need muscle memory. Chapter 9: 10:00 - I find this section to be pretty easy, but would recommend doing the QTE part in the end a couple of times because it is surprisingly easy to mess them up if you press prompts too early or get them wrong. If you miss any of them it's insta-fail. Chapter 10: 14:30 - The second part in the gas station (I think) was the trickiest for me because they come from both directions and you can't really take cover because they throw grenades. What worked for me is going right, killing the sniper immediately and then rush them with bullet time. In the bus section just be on the lookout for the RPG guy and in the last section be very careful and watch your health. Use blind fire to explode the cars, that will give you huge time bonus and kill a lot of them, but beware when cars are burning its hard to see the enemies behind them, that's why you have to avoid LMS at all costs! Chapter 11: 15:00 - Start taking it slower from there. The hardest part for me was on the deck where there are guys shooting you from the canal. Take your time, shoot the guys on the canal first before going out, after that go up and back down because 3 more guys will spawn outside, kill them and then go up to kill the rest of them. Chapter 12: 13:00 - Slow and steady as well! After sniping section go through the yellow door, 4 guys will spawn, kill 3 of them and immediately go back and kill 3 guys in the stairs, other wise you will be shot in the back by 3 guys spawning behind you! Chapter 13: 10:30 - Slow as well, I used LAW to kill most of the cops in the parking lot, you can check it in my video, hightly recommend doing that, makes this section a lot easier. After that I picked up the GL and used it on the guys as they leave the elevator - highly recommend doing that but be careful with GL I lost 1 run because of it! Chapter 14: 08:00 - Be as safe as possible, shoot every one from as far away as you can, especially in the terminal room. Practice last boss fight a couple of times!!! Good luck man! You can make, just don't give up!
  7. Oh, nice! This might make my life a bit easier, good to hear it's actually possible. Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone! So a little while ago I decided I wanted to keep better track of my trophy hunting, so I made an excel table that is pretty much automated (no macros, just functions) and gives me insight of my statistics and what I should do better. I though about it and decided I might as well share it here in case anyone interested in something like that as well. Also, I know that there are enough creative people here that can give me ideas for improvement So how it works: Every time I get a platinum I add it to my list with difficulty of the game (subjective), amount of hours I played (can check either on ps5 or exophase), did I get 100%, does the games has dlc trophies etc. Btw, I did it after I started so was missing some data, but it was easy enough to look up on psnprofiles. So after all that you can get an accurate statistics of you trophies (per day, week, month), which to be fair you can do here, but for me it was relevant because I started trophy hunting 7 month ago and my prophile is 2.5 years old, so i didn't want my inactive years in my statistics. Another thing is 100% to platinum ratio and games with dlc tropies to 100% ratio, which made me realise I am not finishing a lot of games I platinum (37.5% of games with dlc). It can also give you an idea what is an average game length and difficulty. This made me realize that I want to do more hard games (my difficulty average is 3.4 atm). And last but not least, legacy psn and new psn levels on each platinum achieved. So if anyone wants to use it feel free. You only need to fill the white cells in the tracker sheet, everything else is automatic! How the end result looks like: The table you add data to (again, just the white cells): How to pull trophy data per platinum date from psn profiles - just open statistics tab and stand on the date you got the platinum: And finally, clean table for whoever wants to use it: And my table to use as an example: So yeah, there is that, feel free to use it
  9. Thank you!!
  10. Managed to get lucky enough and beat Max Payne 3 platinum breaker trophy - The Shadows Rushed me. This was the hardest trophy I ever went for, basically perma-death run of the game with time constraints.


    I am so satisfied! now to beat the game 2 more times and mp (just grind) and I have one of the rarest platinums on psnprofiles 😀



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    2. PooPooBlast


      Nice one! I gave up on this.. I just don't have the patience nor skill to finish it 😅. The farthest I've reached was chapter 13?14? Can't remember but it was the one at the subway area with the swat-like guys. 


      So many ways to screw up your progress honestly that may result in insta failure. The slow Mo boat section at around chapter 5, protecting the Brazilian kid (which one time a dude lobbed a grenade at his location..), the building when it's on fire and you've no medkits, the bus section, etc.etc. Really great game but I had to put it to rest.


      With that said, Congrats!

    3. iliya0212


      @PooPooBlastThank you!

      Btw, you definitely have the skill if you made it to chapter 13-14!

      Although having said that you are right, you still need to get lucky enough to not insta-fail on one of the sections, I honestly got lucky and succeeded relatively quick.

    4. PooPooBlast


      I may try it sometime in the future if time permits. Doubt I will but who knows?? Thanks for the words of encouragement though!

  11. So after 9 attempts (there were technically more, but I don't count the silly ones where I failed in chapters 1-2) I actually managed to beat this crazy challenge. Did it in my 5th run on the same day. I was tired and annoyed and decided to do one more and go to bed regardless of how it goes. Ended up going to bed in 2:30 am with the mode beaten! Had a couple of close calls, but it went well in my opinion, got 15 minutes saved up starting chapter 12 and took it really slow from there. I think what made it possible for me was lots and lots of practice in the later chapters. I was basically practicing NYM for early chapters to get consistently good times and score attacks to practice check points and safer starts for later chapters. Oh, and playing this game for 2 weeks every day also helped . This was definitely the hardest gaming challenge I attempted so far, but damn was it satisfying to get it.
  12. Does anyone has a consistent strategy for chapter 6 when you get ambushed in the cubicle office? I think it's the third room of the chapter. I practiced this part a lot, and still die there from time to time, so I was wondering if there is a good method for it.
  13. Thank you, I am honestly having a lot of fun with it, so not going to give up any time soon!
  14. Thank you, I really hope so. This is by far the hardest and most nerve wracking trophy I ever attempted. Thank you! And I do a lot of spray and pray because my aim is honestly not that great. As for explosives, well, I guess lesson learned. Did this chapter 3 times in a row before doing the run, first try success each time, always did it that way and never died before. I guess I'll have to adjust
  15. So, here we go again: #3 - Chapter 13 - after exiting locker rooms, got caught in last man standing with a grenade launcher. On the more positive note did manage to get there and it was pretty solid run overall. Had a couple of close calls, but feel that I am actually getting better at this #4 - Chapter 4 - Didn't shoot the all guys in time while jumping from the water tank. Never ever done this before on any of my playthroughs, didn't even realize that was a fail condition. That was honestly embarrassing. Also that was pretty bad run overall, I made a lot of mistakes, my aim was all over the place, so might as well fail there I guess and not in a later chapter :/ #5 - Chapter 3 - Really no reason at all, just got killed because of sloppy shooting. #6 - Chapter 4 - Ok, seriously don't know what the hell is wrong with me, had a series of very bad attempts. Apparently missed a guy in a kitchen (?) and he shot Passos when I tried to leave. So yeah, it's not going well for me today, 3 attempts that never made it past chapter 4. Maybe I should take a break for a couple of hours because I am really not having a good time at this point.. #7 - Chapter 8 - Really hoped I won't add my 4th edit in the same day, but here we are.. In church didn't kill one of the enemies in time and he killed Passos. Another example of something I never messed up before on any of my playthroughs. Damn you Passos, why can't you shoot when it actually matters??? #8 - Chapter 4 again - Now that one was really some bs.. was shooting the first cars in bullet time when mf Passos phased into me and because I was shooting he died. I am honestly kinda upset at this point. Got to chapter 13 on my 3rd attempt and after that I just keep failing early on, can't even get close to that.