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  1. Anyone can give me advice on data recovery?


    OBS crushed on mid recording forcing me do a hard reset, after that I lost access to my hard drive. It's uninitialized and I can't start with initialization (get an error), so can't even start data recovery with any software.. It's on status - unknown, not even showing disk size.


    Have around 3TB worth of footage I've been saving for future projects, would really suck to lose it :|





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    2. iliya0212


      @SnowxSakura Thank you for the suggestion, I did previously, no luck so far though, it might be dead unfortunately.. My fault for trusting an old drive :\

    3. SnowxSakura


      You can try a data recovery service, but those tend to be incredibly expensive depending on how difficult the recovery is

    4. iliya0212


      Probably not going to bother with it, not worth the money for me, kind of sucks, but things like that can happen. Will be more careful moving forward. Thank you for trying to help!

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