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  1. Gonna say, dodging the Alien in Alien Isolation on hard difficulty is not a joke. Or I am just bad at the game. Possibly both :)

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    2. iliya0212


      @XchocomanX Oh I am always crouched, I swear Ripley's will never need to do another leg day after my playthrough haha

      And yeah I heard of that, thanks for advice :) will definitely be using it later, as I am combining it with no killing humans playthrough. Does he kills androids as well btw?

    3. XchocomanX


      The alien and the androids are buddies. They join forces to throw a super DEADLY party.

    4. iliya0212


      @XchocomanX Well, that is not what I was hoping to hear haha. Have to say, androids are pretty rough too, although I made it harder for myself, because I decided to try sneak by all of them without killing. No ammo used so far, I feel like it's not worth it wasting it on them anyway.