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  1. So like I wrote in the title, I can't access PS Store on my PS3, every time I try to launch the application I get the grey loading screen and that's it. Background - started happening today after HDD swap (replaced drive that died 2 days ago). What I tried so far: 1) Restarting the PS3 2) Checking for updates 3) Reinstalling the app 4) Changing DNS to google's 4) Full default factory reset of the console through safe mode Please help
  2. Well, it did start working for me today, and I really didn't do anything special. Just deleted and reinstalled the app and let it load again for a few minutes.. Not sure what I did different this time or was it just pure luck, because it is the same thing I did countless times yesterday.
  3. Oh, thats great, thanks for the link, I didn't realize there was a post on psnprofiles about this. Thank you for sharing! Yeah me too, probably it will go sooner rather then later, and that is unfortunate, because it did make my life a lot easier today, I was very frustrated. Remote downloads don't work anymore, but still more convinient then ps3 an vita stores.
  4. To be honest, this is the first time it happened to me, although I agree that the store on PS3 works terrible
  5. Thank you for your suggestion, but unfortunately this didn't work.
  6. I did find a temporary work around, I will post it here in case anyone else will have this issue in the future: 1) Apparently you can still access old PS Store with PS3 an Vita games via web (change the region in the link to yours if needed) - you can still make purchases, at least it worked for me as of today (14/01/2021) - Link to the old PS Store - Disclaimer, use on your own risk!! 2) After buying via web you can go on your PS3 to Account Management -> Transaction Management -> Download List - From there you can download all your content without accessing the store. Although it is not ideal and hasn't solved the main issue, it did give me an alternative for now, until I find more permanent solution.
  7. Yes, that is what I did multiple times, but didn't work so far. Thank you for your suggestion.
  8. You can just replay this chapter and then replay the last sequence after hospital and it will pop.
  9. :platinum: #44 - Los Santos Legend.. That platinum took away so much of my hours and my sanity! Thankfully there were friends who helped me. Wouldn't be able to do it without you, thank you guys!

    @Martin0ss_SvK @GoongaFR @XxBaggieZxX @tomdetopper


  10. Hi everyone, I know PS5 had some issues with using external storage when it launched 2 month ago, and for that reason I didn't use until now. Now I got to the point where I constantly need to delete and redownload games, which gets really annoying, so I am wondering, is extended storage still causes crushes, db rebuilds and bricked consoles, or was it fixed?
  11. The thing is that there were considerable amount of reports at launch, and given that availability is not great at the moment and if it accidently bricks the console, even with warranty it will take time to get a replacement and I am not sure I want to risk it.
  12. Hi everyone! So I am having an issue, just picked up Cold War for PS5 and started the campaign. I am playing on PS5 with keyboard and mouse and in the second part of the first mission where you have to chaise the plane and get an RC I just can't get it and keep failing. I don't have any key prompt so I have no idea what I have to press. I tried Q, E, G, F, Tab but still nothing. Tried to search within the game menus but have no idea what to look for. I know that with the controller it is right on the d-pad, but if I could play it with a controller I wouldn't played it with k&m Any chance someone knows what I have to do? Edit: After getting annoyed and changing controls to controller and back to keyboard I got the key prompt - it was 3..
  13. Oh well.. I was hoping I missed a patch and they fixed it. Probably won't risk it for now. Thanks for the answers.
  14. Got my platinum #40 for The Last of Us Remastered :platinum:


    This game means so much to me, and is probably my favorite game ever made. The first time I found out about it was in 2013 when it first came out. I was 21 years old and was renting an apartment with my ex, didn't own a PS3 and couldn't afford it, so I experienced it the only way I could - by watching a YouTube playthrough.


    Later the same year I got my first console ever for my birthday - a super slim PS3, and of course the first game I ever played on it was Last of Us. Years have gone by and my financial situation got much better and in 2018 I picked up a new PS4 Pro, and with it The Last of Us Remastered, but at that time I was busy and almost didn't game at all.


    In march this year I got sent to unpaid vacation because of the pandemic, so suddenly I need to fill my time with something so I would not loose my mind, so I got back to gaming, originally PC gaming, but when Part II came out I went right in and got my first ever platinum, experience which spiraled out into becoming a trophy hunter.


    There was no doubt in my mind if there is any game I need to eventually complete, it is this one, but at the time I wasn't sure that I can actually pull this off, so I just played the single player for the story again and left it at that. In the end of the year I got confident enough and decided to give it a real try. Now after finishing it I feel both happy and sad that it is over. For sure thought I am gonna play this game a lot more times over the years, because of how it resonates with me on an emotional level. 


    This game is a masterpiece, and I am thankful to Naughty Dog for my experience.



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    2. iliya0212


      Yeah, I was worried about it too, but I found a good boosting group so it was fun and painless. Took me about 2 weeks of playing 2-3 hours a day for 5 days a week to complete all the online trophies including dlc, so I highly encourage you to give it a go. It can be a bit grindy but worth in the end :)


    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

    4. iliya0212


      Thank you :)

  15. Going for GTA V platinum makes me want to cry, and no, I am not talking about tears of joy 1f613.png

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      As for GTA IV it is probably better to go for it sooner rather then later, you never know when the server are gonna shut down, good luck if you decide to go for it!

    3. Roster60


      If you ever need some help, you can always hit me up and we can try together! I don't have any plans myself, but that could be a motivation if anything. 

    4. iliya0212


      Thank you mate, appreciate the offer, I'll keep it in mind!

  16. Hey, it was pretty rough but finally got it using this guide after something like hour and a half of trying.. Definitely possible though. You should try devolving your abilities at different numbers, I think for me worked 90% lethality and devolving at 2.5 mil. You will get lucky eventually.
  17. The Last of Us Part II finally 100% finished, and just in time for the 2000th trophy milestone!

    As someone who loves single-player story driven games I am aware that the story has its issues, but its still a great story in my opinion, and it hits hard even after 4 playthroughs. And to top it all off the gameplay is fun and engaging.

    So there is one thing I sure about, I am not done with this game yet!

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      Thanks! Really challenging on grounded difficulty, but totally worth it :)

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. iliya0212


      Thanks, appreciate it!

  18. Welcome man, you have great and very respectable list, you make a a bit jealous 😀 I think you are going to enjoy this site a lot, the community here is amazing and very helpful. Happy hunting!
  19. I really wanted The Last of Us Remastered to be my 100th because I both adore this game and the Part II was my first platinum ever, but given that I am a long way away from this milestone and I am pretty close to getting this platinum now, it probably gonna happen much sooner, like 40th or 50th. But if I had the patience it would definetly be this game.
  20. Minecraft's ultra rare DLC trophies are very easy (maybe a bit grindy if you don't boost in co-op) and in my opinion the only reason they are ultra rare because the game had huge number of DLC's over the years, so people just kind of lost interest in the game in that time.
  21. Have to admit, although it definitely wasn't flawless and I am a bit conflicted about the ending - The story hit me more then I expected. I guess I am a sucker for good story driven games
  22. Great games, both of them! My personal this year is probably Miles Morales, really enjoyed the story and him as a character.
  23. Just finished grounded mode, and have to say that there are definitely more then enough health kits to find and automatic health refills to comfortably finish the game, if you are careful and reset encounters when taking unnecessary damage, and even doing that it took me about 20 hours (and I am an average gamer). I did ended up resetting quite a bit, but only because I wanted to be as conservative with recourses as possible and used only one health kit for the whole playthrough, which also was not really necessary (in the start of the second part of winter chapter, didn't remember if you start wounded, and didn't want to risk it). So yeah, definitely more than doable, and recommend everyone to try Thanks to everyone who helped!
  24. Hi everyone! So I started my grounded playthrough today, and wanted to ask if anyone knows the checkpoints where health refills. For example, I took one hit in the beginning of the game when fighting Robert's guys, so I the questions is should I redo this section because of this, or my health will refill after escaping with Ellie (not that it is a very hard part, but still), I do have a health pack, but I try to play very conservatively with resources. I looked around, but haven't found a list anywhere. If anyone knows would be very appreciated! Edit: Just to clear things out, I enjoy the difficulty so far, just don't want to find myself in the situation where I can't get through an encounter because I got hit once an hour ago
  25. Omg, the amount of effort you put in this list.. Thanks a lot, will definetly use this!!! 😃😃