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  1. I never cheated in the first place, dumbass. Anyway, If I can't get an detailed explanation as to why i'm removed from leader-boards then i'm out. (URL not allowed) is better than this shit excuse of a site
  2. I couldn't really care less about leaderboard status anyway if I'm honest. Just here to defend myself against being labeled as a cheater
  3. I really honestly don't remember why those 3 Trophies were earned so close. maybe someone here who has also played warhawk will know why. Yes all of these flags say earned to fast and edited timestamps.
  4. If i'm honest I don't remember, I haven't used this psn account in years as I hunt just ps4 games on a new one now
  5. zlovoxx Warhawk Took me over a year to 100% so dont understand how that is too fast but ok F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Dont't see anything wrong with how quickly I earned these, at least be more specific as to why 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand False flag, user has flagged for same reason on 2 other games, quite sad really