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  1. I’ll usually just keep my focus on getting Platinums for my favourite series/games. Often times though, I’ll discover a new game or series and become totally obsessed, literally not being able to put it down until I’ve done everything (ex. Yakuza, Far Cry, Persona, etc).
  2. I’ve been using the Colosseum battle “This is Year 0…” with Plutia as my Leader. Once you’re a high enough level with her, you can simply spam “Fancy Rain!” in the skills list, make sure to highlight all enemies, and instant-kill them all. I only have the CPU Candidates left to finish off to 99, and although it’s about 15-20ish battles for a level up, I’ve not exactly found a more constant and quick method for grinding. Definitely beats running around a dungeon and waiting for enemies to respawn or using items to respawn them. The Colosseum menu is very fast to use, and you can also quickly back out to the city to save your game instead of backtracking through a dungeon. A big heads up for the Colosseum though: I’ve been able to confirm grinding Lily Ranks does NOT work here. Those have to be completed in dungeons.
  3. It looks like this might already be delisted, at least in the Canadian store. 🇨🇦 I just checked, and I only get the Overview and Recommendations options. It’s not the weird picture overlay hiding the Buy option problem either. I’ve seen this with a couple of older titles already this month. If I was able to buy it right now, I would.
  4. I finally found a decent enough price to order this online tonight. Already a huge fan of the Disaster Report series, so when I heard about this being a spiritual successor that includes Godzilla, Neon Genesis Evangelion and others, I was hyped!
  5. Just a heads up for anyone wanting to get the more grindy trophies out of the way earlier: you can simply load up a chapter, kill however many enemies with whichever gun (or get however many headshots, use group attack however many times, etc.) and then immediately reload the checkpoint, and it will keep track and count. If you’re taking a break, make sure not to quit to the main menu though, until you’ve reached the next checkpoint, or you will lose progress on anything you’ve accumulated so far. I’ve already got half of the grindy trophies finished, and I’ve only just begun the second chapter.
  6. I only know this song and band because of this game. I can’t wait to play it sometime; it’s still on my backlog. Lol
  7. Okay, so it’s not a glitch. Exe:Late[st] is also currently on sale so I picked it up tonight, testing out the same setup for these two trophies. I hadn’t used any characters besides Hyde and Linne, and this was once again performed with two local controllers. Sure enough, both trophies popped at the same time again for me. It certainly seems like the game is counting the total number of matches played with both the male character used on P1 and female character used on P2, even though only P1 is receiving the trophies. Specifically, I had the number of rounds set to 1 with infinite time. I also chose Character Select after each single-round match was over, rather than Retry. Unsure if that makes any difference. We can confirm this method works the same on both game versions too. A neat little time saver I suppose, only needing 10 matches instead of 20.
  8. I just had this happen to me this afternoon, but in the [cl-r] version of the game. I made a post about it in the link below, and theorized that maybe the game is counting the male and female characters used during the matches for both local players. After seeing your post though, I’m thinking it may simply be a glitch that carried over to the newer/updated version as well.
  9. Versus Mode apparently counts the Male and Female trophies for both players if you’re using two controllers locally, so you can save a little time and quickly pop two trophies at once: I just had “You Princes of Maiming, You Kings of No End” and “Era of the Bad Bitch” pop for me at the same time, after having used Hyde for P1 and Linne for P2 in ten separate Versus matches. I hadn’t used any other characters on either controller yet. This might already be common knowledge or a glitch, I’m unsure. Just posting it since I thought it was weird. I would have assumed it would only count what P1 does, but I guess it counts P2 as well. UPDATE: I purchased the Exe:Late[st] version this evening, and was able to recreate the same setup, causing both trophies to pop again at the same time. I believe the game is in fact counting the number of matches played with male and female characters used on both local controllers, not just P1. Very interesting, but doesn’t seem like a glitch after all.
  10. I was so happy this came to PS4. Saved me almost a hundred dollars not having to buy the PS3 version with all the separate DLCs.
  11. Credit to this poster on the Xbox website: It is indeed THIS easy. At first, I didn’t read the trophy description properly and finished the woods. I was never “caught” but I ran near the snake so it roared, signalling it knew I was there, voiding the trophy. Found the above Xbox post. Quit and redownloaded from my Cloud Save. Then ran the entire way, directly from the starting building to the very end of the sequence. Stuck to the very far left side the whole time, and never even saw the snake once! 🐍
  12. This became one of my favourite karaoke tracks purely due to being forced to replay it so many times. I learned to accept and love it! Lol My other favourites are Friday Night and Judgement (from Zero), Like a Butterfly (from 6), Arpeggio (from Judgment), and (no surprise) Baka Mitai. My top two songs in the entire series though, are Twin Dragons (the “Rising Mix” specifically) from Zero; and The Last Assassin XIV: Symphony of The Judgment (also from Judgment). 🐉 I will say though, that while beating Otametal took a huge amount of tries, it was NOWHERE as difficult for me as completing every Disco song on hardest difficulty and all the side quests related to it in Zero.
  13. Literally the very first video game I ever touched as a kid. 😄 To date though, I think my favourite still has to be a tie between Sonic Adventure 2 and (yes, lol) Sonic Shuffle. I must have burned a hole through my Dreamcast with how much I ran those two discs. Lol
  14. Whatever happened to “Fun is Infinite?” Hard for something to be infinite when it’s delisted. Lol Excited to have the new collection coming out, but I also hate the idea of others simply not having the option to own the individual titles down the line. I’m thankful I had these and got the trouble trophies out of the way already. Side note, was there any reason why we never got Sonic 3/& Knux as a stand-alone title on PS3 like the others? I know it was in other collections, but I was just curious.
  15. Monolithic Achievement Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony [PS4/PS Vita] Achieved an S-Rank on Mean difficulty in TREASURE HUNTER! MONOLITH. This is quickly becoming my number one source of stress. After countless hours wasted in futile efforts, I’m now attempting to figure out the various solvers found online. I adore Danganronpa, but I can honestly do without the additional mini-games, which only seem to become more tedious than the last with each entry in the series (trophy-wise, that is). Believe me, Monokuma. I’m feeling despair! Lol