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  1. Hi, I encountered a glitch where the Killer7 is not showing in the model viewer AND it’s not being counted in the game’s Challenge tracker either. Can anyone confirm if it’s just a visual glitch? As in, will the trophy pop even if the in-game counter is showing as 28/29? Since I’m playing the PS4 version as well, I don’t have a “trophy tracker” to compare it with (but I’m unsure if the PS5 version tracks the trophy progress in the console menu for this one anyway…?) After running into the glitch, I found this Reddit below: Has anyone encountered this in either version of the game? I’m sure it will get patched eventually, but I’m hesitant to put myself through hell trying to unlock the Handcannon if the file is bugged out. For clarity, I’m playing the PS4 version but on my PS5. Thanks!
  2. Thank you both very much! I completed my first run of RE4 earlier tonight and looking at the in-game Challenges counter now, I have 26/29 for Gun Fanatic. These are for the Infinite Launcher (which I still need to save up for), as well as the Chicago Sweeper and Handcannon. I think where I was miscounting were the eggs. In the model viewer, they’re listed as a weapon model. So when I noticed the model missing for the Killer7, I’d assumed the weapon counter was off, since I’d obviously picked up eggs before, but I guess they don’t count. I’m very relieved to know at least the counter for the trophy isn’t glitched.
  3. I’m curious to try this one out. Just bought it a few minutes ago at a severely discounted price. Looks… unique, to say the least. Lol
  4. I just bought this earlier tonight, being imported straight from Japan, arriving between mid May and early June. This looked interesting, and I’m not sure if it’s rare or not, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. No English subtitles available either. The last game I bought purely in Japanese was Kyoei Toshi (City Shrouded in Shadow) on the PS4.
  5. The Vision of Escaflowne (Rewatch, Complete Series + Film) An absolute childhood favourite, as well as contender for my favourite television show of all time. I revisit the entire saga and movie every couple of years. Escaflowne along with Gundam Wing were the two shows that got me hooked on anime in the first place as a kid. Rosario + Vampire (S1)
  6. So, I never got to play the Wii release. Not sure if this is actually known or not. I can’t seem to find any information on it either way. Playing through Chapter 9 currently on the PS4 version. I encountered the Wraith called Masanobu Fuchiki. Now, he blossomed on me, and he would have been my tenth blossomed Wraith for the trophy too, but he doesn’t seem to count. Not for the trophy and not in the Ghost List. To be sure, I checked the Pictures section in the menu, and my photo definitely shows his name. The other thing, is any guide I look up online does not seem to have a Ghost List entry for this blossomed version either. He’s listed in guides as being encountered, as the collectibles guide I first posted in the other topic lists his blossom encounter. But nothing specifically mentioned about the Ghost List entry for it. Was this just an oversight by the devs who left an extra blossoming in the game but forgot to add an entry for it? Anyone have an idea on this? Thanks!
  7. Same. Just earned a trophy on Fatal Frame a little bit ago. Trophies sync fine on PS5 and PS4, but not updating on site. Glad I’m not alone.
  8. I stumbled across this guide the other night. I’ve started my NG+ run now, and so far the guide is spot-on, with collectibles all appearing in the same order as listed.
  9. I’m just looking at it as a donation with a “game” attached lol. I’ve certainly spent more on worse (in my opinion) games in the past. Umbrella Corps. comes to mind. 😂
  10. Hi everyone, I came across this glitch trying to capture Doll #56 in between B1 and very bottom floor of the elevator in Chapter 6. No matter how many times I rode the lift, or what angle I tried, the viewfinder never turned blue, and photos never registered the doll. Solution: I found the above post and simply saved at the lamp on B1, quit the game fully, restarted the game (console restart not required), loaded my save, and rode the elevator back down to the bottom level. First attempt worked like a charm! Hopefully this helps anybody who runs into this glitch. Happy ghost hunting! 👻 📸
  11. I’ve started playing both versions back-to-back, and decided to do all of the collectibles on my first PS4 run. I noticed a collectible is missing from the first guide that I posted on this thread. “Kaoru Sendo’s Suicide Note” is found in Phase V: Twin Faces, inside the coffin after you have defeated the Wraith called “Me”, before leaving the room. Just an FYI, in case anyone is missing this. 👻 📸
  12. Just as a heads up: I encountered a similar glitch in Chapter 10 with the Revenant “Woman Under Floor” in the B1F Switchboard Room, after you have to fight a ghost in the garden and you go down the stairs. Any guides I’ve found say that if the trap door on the ground isn’t open, to simply leave the room and come back in. This doesn’t appear to be the case. I had to completely quit the game (again, no console restart necessary), relaunch the game, load my save, and then enter the room. My viewfinder glowed blue properly, indicating a Revenant was hiding there.
  13. According to this guide I found, it should be in Chapter 8: Sakuya, in the 4F Management Office. Best of luck!
  14. Canadian Handshake You’ve farted on people 100 times. South Park: The Stick of Truth [PS4] Being Canadian, I’m proud to have this as my 10,000th trophy milestone. 🇨🇦
  15. I believe so. I sat down earlier tonight to try and cross reference each file with the guides. Those are the same two I wasn’t getting by just simply following them normally. @Riv1404 provided me with the heads up about Haibara’s Notes (3), and for the Torn Diary, I couldn’t find a location until I went through the forums. Fingers crossed these are the only tricky ones. I just reached Phase VI in my NG+ run.
  16. Thanks for the information, Haibara’s Notes 3 is indeed one of the ones I’m missing. In addition, the most recent link I posted to the Steam guide above was missing the Torn Diary. It mentions it but did not know where it came from. Here is a reply from the forum, for anyone missing this one: You are missing at least “Torn Diary” from Documents. Chapter V, Madoka’s room after defeating her after the film.
  17. Hmmm. Good question. On my NG+ run, I’m only up to Phase IV myself, so unfortunately I don’t have an answer yet. I did manage to locate another guide though, with (hopefully) a complete list of all files, documents, and recordings. Are you missing anything from this one?
  18. My pleasure! I’m sharing these links as well, as a means to cross reference the Revenants and Spectres with the first guide, and quickly check for which ones you’re missing. (NOTE: The Revenant “Woman Standing in Red Room” shows in the above guide as being collected in Phase IV. This is CORRECT, as I’ve just collected it in NG+. The list below shows it being obtained in Phase III, but you cannot). Also note that names are slightly different, but you can see how they line up as you go through the list: Finally, here is the Full Spectre List. Again, be aware of name differences, as I’m assuming this list was based on the original release and translation: Happy ghost hunting! 👻 📸
  19. I’m currently playing through the recent remaster of Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, so I thought I’d post the awesome music videos from that game along with Crimson Butterfly and Maiden of Black Water.
  20. I’m also curious if it will autopop any trophies from PS4 to PS5? Though I’m doubtful, as I don’t recall Maiden of Black Water having autopop.
  21. Toilet-bound Hanako-kun (S1) Castlevania (S4) High-Rise Invasion (S1)
  22. I never got to play the original, so I’m very excited to try this one out!
  23. So I just finished extracting an item from all 8 spots in DZ01 through DZ06, and no trophy. I’ve heard about this happening to a few people, but I can’t seem to find an actual answer as to how to pop this. All extractions were completed while I was the group leader. Any hijacks that we ran into were redone successfully in that spot as well. For anyone who has obtained this trophy within the past year or so, has any of the following been confirmed: - Do the new DLC Dark Zone areas count now towards this? - Do you have to do all 8 original extraction points in one sitting? - Does the group leader have to be the one to actually summon the helicopter at each extraction point? - Do you specifically need to extract a weapon or a piece of armour? Or will any item work, such as a piece of cosmetic clothing? I’m positive I must be missing something because this did not unlock the related Commendation either, so I doubt only the trophy itself glitched out on me. Is the entire thing just finicky, or am I overlooking something obvious? Any and all insight would be much appreciated. Thanks! UPDATE: Got the trophy earlier tonight, nothing is glitched. I have absolutely no idea how, but I clearly missed one of the two extraction points in DZ-05. Popped immediately upon extraction. I’ll go ahead and close this thread.
  24. Persona 3 Portable PlayStation 4 #161
  25. I just beat Elizabeth a couple of minutes ago. Here’s the guide I used as a turn-by-turn breakdown, which helped me keep my place, as well as prioritize my skills each turn (I went with an ice build on Telos):