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  1. Do you need to be a psplus member to get the online trophies? Im thinking Playing the game but i dont have psplus right now.
  2. Ok so i was playing like a madman, and when i went to the skill tree and added the first skill on the right, as a defender (accelaration), the trophy popped. My avatar was 92kg and 174cm. i was needing speed so, just to see what could happen, i added just that skill mentioned and the trophy popped.
  3. # 110 - Fifa 15 (PS4) - 2.56% My goal was to plat this one before getting Fifa16, and i was succeded. That "Extra Effort" trophy made me buy another controller on porpose just to get it I think i have a platinum syndrome. Ultra Rare and a nice number
  4. I know something is wrong when my sms's ringtone is the pop up trophy sound!

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    2. Fatty_Fatness


      ... and to completely throw everything off-topic..

      Every time I see your username (Jaiho), I think of this Slumdog Millionaire song:

    3. Sigma999


      my username is not Jaiho but Jiaho :D

    4. Sigma999


      I knew that song but it wasn't from there i got my username though.

  5. #104 BloodBorne I don't need to say anything more about From Games, this one was beautiful too, a little different but fantastic. The platinum is very straighfoward only the Defiled Chalice was a pain #105 Destiny What a ride this game is, and i just wanna say thank you to all players that helped me getting those raid and clan trophies. And for now one more ultra rare for my list
  6. I'm a Guardian Lord! Destiny Platinum is mine now!!

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    2. GoldenWolfHunter


      I guess you need 'Patience and Time' get it? cause of the exotic sniper? kk bad joke I know ill be gone

    3. LukeWarm115


      lol, I love stupid jokes.

    4. Fabinho_10


      i saw what you did there, i got the sniper too ;)

  7. Just need a clan to complete a raid in destiny for the Platinum :(

    1. Dragon-Archon
    2. Rowdi


      That's worthless. There's no organization in the PSNP clan. You're better off making a gaming session.

  8. Destiny: Complete a raid with full fireteam, somebody help me? Get a hunter class on max Fully upgrade an exotic and Find all ghosts!
  9. My fear is that developers know easy plats and 100% sells games. And if this game impress us in a negative way and they made this "easy" trophy list to sell the game? That was what came to my mind.
  10. Metal Gear Rising! Help me a lot to get S-Ranks!
  11. 100 Platinums!

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    2. Happy


      And i'm just approaching 50 :( Gotta train harder.

    3. Kuzagi_PT
    4. Fabinho_10


      Thank you all and good luck with your trophy hunting :D

  12. Im gonna download NFS: MW.. if anyone want to play and do some multiplayer trophies feel free to add me pls
  13. I got 99 plats and HANNA MONTANA ain't one!

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    2. Kuzagi_PT


      I came in like a wrecking ballll!

    3. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      I have the Walking dead game play but it was for the game being great

    4. Sigma999


      Maybe will be your 100th LOOOL. Let's hope not !

  14. # 98 Harry Potter Lego 5-7 #99 Crysis 3 Two plats in the same hour the lego game was easy. Crysis 3 only the 25 kills in pingers trophy was a little frustating and it's to bad DLC has trophys because of that i dont have the triology at 100%