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  1. Interesting. I'll try starting the game with an alt to see what happens. Never heard of a trophy list that only appears once you earn a trophy before...
  2. Same here, no trophies. Do I need to re-download?
  3. It's for this reason that you're not supposed to be able to flag a trophy list for less than 3 trophies. Glitches happen. I wouldn't worry about it unless you start having a lot more suspicious issues.
  4. Weird... just played at lunch at the trophies still aren't on my list. Some people in another thread mentioned the trophies appearing last night. Not sure what's going on.
  5. Good point... if the trophies are going to be retroactive, you may be able to try this today without adding the trophies to your list, and if you can do it have it pop when the trophies drop. EDIT: It'll probably also be boostable when the game dies down. I have a feeling this one is going to be much more niche than their other titles, so it might not be long... Guess I'll probably take a chance on it after all.
  6. Yep, think this one will keep me away from the game. Been playing the beta for a while, and I can handle a grind, but I'm just not good enough to earn this one.
  7. I did it back in 2016, and I exclusively use Android. I'll try it again when I have a chance to see if it still works.
  8. Yeah, this was similar to my experience with LittleBigPlanet 3 played on 2 PS3s. I had to re-synch my trophies AGAIN after starting the game by checking my profile (this might do the same thing as "online mode"), and then is seemed to work. As long as you have all the trophies locally on one PS3 and start the game, the plat SHOULD pop, unless something is truly glitched.
  9. Haha, I learned recently that Xbox has (EDIT: had?) these (Netflix example). IIRC, they don't contribute to gamerscore, so they're kind of "bonus" achievements. I don't think PlayStation has a similar thing, so I'd hate to see trophy support for Netflix or Hulu myself.
  10. Yessss... Perfect trophy list for this game. Looking forward even more now.
  11. As an individual without the patience to
  12. I would personally (and did) play SS first. Aside from 1-2 missions, it's not really that hard, and even the hard ones are doable solo. I platted both without ever playing with another player--even the "multiplayer" trophies can be done solo as described in various guides. Just be aware that the game was rebalanced pretty thoroughly from vanilla to Delta. The strategies that work well in vanilla don't work as well in Delta, so be prepared for that. EDIT: I should add I played the games with a few months in between. If you play the back to back, you'll probably burn yourself out a bit.
  13. Starcrunch is right, if this is the case with your card you're getting an exceptionally raw deal. I haven't gone through my first billing cycle with my new card, but I set my old card up to autopay in full every cycle and I've never once paid a cent in interest. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean by "due date," but this is NOT how my card works, and I believe it's not how most cards work (in the US). Edit: I'll keep an eye on my psn credit card for the first cycle and report back.
  14. If you have a blue controller and a black console, they will not be compatible. The Bluetooth signal from a blue controller obviously won't work with a non-blue device. But for a very modest fee I can repaint your console for you.
  15. We're a Red Vines family...