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  1. Yes, he'll have to get a US PSN card to use on a US-registered account. Once you download the game with this US account, you can switch accounts and play it on your main. I believe play-asia.com is a good source for international PSN cards, although you're going to pay a little extra, natch. EDIT: I use US as an example, more than anything. Sub with whatever region you may want to use instead.
  2. What a weird thread to resurrect after almost 4 years...
  3. Reminds me of Recettear, which was a pretty fun PC game from several years back. Have to admit the graphics are a bit of a turn off. That normally wouldn't bother me, but if it's really a 90+ hour game I think it'll wear on me.
  4. Supposedly, there is enough content for it to have been XCOM 3. I guess the price reflects that. I broke down and bought it, but haven't played it yet. I'll report back when I have some impressions.
  5. Haven't played the game or watched the videos, but I just wanted to say thanks for doing this. I really enjoy doing stuff like this solo, and it's very helpful to have videos like these. I'm sure it took time to make them, so big thanks for doing it to help other players out. I'm sure if I ever get around to playing this game (after the Uncharted collection I've had on my shelf for a long while) I will be checking them out.
  6. Those trophy images are hideous, too. I'll admit, I sometimes decide for or against playing a game based on whether I like the looks of the trophies. These hurt my eyes.
  7. Just looked into it, and as far as I can tell, it's not in the NA store. I was able to see it logging into my German account, though.
  8. IIRC, there are thresholds for each division. Get less than the minimum and get relegated; get past the min and you're at least "safe" and stay in the same division; get past the max and you get promoted. The exact values change for each division. So if you don't get enough points, what happens depends on exactly how short you are. But it means 10 or 20 more matches if you fail to get promoted, so uh... don't do that.
  9. Just to chime in, since the game is free for PS+ users for a while, you do indeed need to do all 50 matches for division mode. Anyone that claims otherwise doesn't have a good understanding of the game. The good thing is, once you have enough points, you can lose the rest of the matches for that particular division with no risk.
  10. Brutal Legend sequel. I actually liked that game a lot, would have loved to see more set in that world. EDIT: Seems there's some hope.
  11. 11/01/2008. But I didn't earn my first trophy till late 2010 because I initially used the PSN account just to get some PSP games and didn't get a PS3 till way later. Kind of sucks I missed out on at least several months of trophies because I was playing mostly PC at the time.
  12. WotC has been delayed until September 12 for consoles. :/
  13. Well good to know that it worked both ways, I guess.
  14. To add insult to injury, many NA players (like me) were able to get Strike Vector EX for free as well, although Sony fixed that right quick.
  15. 1-2 sounds right, and I'm playing on regular PS4. It's not absurd (anymore). Also, the less you save scum, the less it'll be a problem.