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  1. I think the expansion added special coins you could exchange INTO kingsguilders. I don't think there's any way to change kingsguilders into something useful once you're maxed.
  2. About the shutdown dates: Sony initially listed August 27th for this and several other games. One of those games, Gravity Crash, was shut down June 22nd instead. After being asked, they claimed it was always supposed to be 6/22 and the 8/27 date was wrong. None of the other games listed were affected, and it just sounds like a CYA to me. For the remaining games, it's possible that: 1) they will be shut down in August as initially stated 2) they were "shut down" in June but no actual game functionality is affected (see Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, Sword Coast Legends, and other examples) 3) they will shut down at literally any time, with the response being something to the effect of "hey, we warned you it would be 6/22, it's lucky you got any additional time" Fortunately, BigFest just has the one trophy that REQUIRES online. As described in the immediately preceding post, you can get Customizations from the offline GuestFest, but yes, it is slow. They reset maybe every hour or so, IIRC.
  3. Nice, thanks for compiling all this information. So only one other player is required for all mp trophies? That was one of the things I was initially unsure about.
  4. Doing this would likely end... badly for the dev. "Dev cancels promised refunds to reopen failed game for 1 week" doesn't make for a great headline. I'd be happy on the community's behalf if they temporarily reopened the servers, but redirecting refund money is not going to be the way to do it.
  5. Anything is possible, but I bet now that Disney is involved licenses are trickier than ever. Don't hold your breath.
  6. As Kittet mentioned, this will get your lists flagged as illegitimate (which does NOT necessarily mean you cheated). The only thing you can do is use your old Vita to sync your original trophy timestamps. They should overwrite any newer ones and basically fix your lists. If you don't have the old Vita or if it has been wiped you need to hide the lists or accept your flags. Lastly, be aware that even three flags ban you from the leaderboard, but don't prevent you from using any other site features. Not a big deal for many people.
  7. On the one hand, I can understand not wanting to spend a lot of resources fixing something like this, under the circumstances described. On the other hand, I wonder if these devs realize that a response like this, candid and honest though it may be, makes it incredibly unlikely that I would ever purchase a game from them in the future. I have seen a similar reply from the Rack N Ruin dev. If you aren't willing to spend the time/money to fix your games (or better yet, make sure they work in the first place), why would I spend the time/money to buy and play them? Not trying to shit on smaller devs, but if this is your attitude then I'm not surprised your games are not "financially successful." There are plenty of smaller devs who are able to make awesome games that actually work, and I'd rather support them. Sorry to be harsh, but this gets right under my skin. EDIT: FWIW, I looked it up and Nuclear Throne was eventually patched, at least on PS4. However, Vlambeer is also responsible for Luftrausers, another game with unobtainable trophies. Remember to vote with your wallets, folks.
  8. Mod chips or swap magic. Good times, haha. No wait, it sucked. Pretty awesome that this is (mostly) a thing of the past.
  9. You should be able to buy a code from gamestop still. I did several weeks ago.
  10. Yeah, this does seem to work on Vita, but for some reason new players can't do this. PS3 is still down. So no change, unfortunately.
  11. Can you describe exactly what you did? Because on my Vita, it looks like I can still access everything (earned the trophies before 6/22), but new players still cannot. I'm at work right now, but I'll try the PS3 version as soon as I get home. Yeah, they changed it after the fact. Looks like a CYA by someone who screwed up. The funny thing is, most of the other games are still up and will probably remain so at least till the August date. Pretty stupid.
  12. Yeah, they'll be looking to cut their losses. Expect the servers to go down shortly after the refund processes. To address another question, it's likely the game will be removed from your download list, but any trophies earned will remain earned. I'd say that is 99.9999999% sure.
  13. 5 people have the plat... and even so it's not Ultra-Rare, haha. Still a nice "collector's item."
  14. First few that come to mind: 1. XCOM: Terror From the Deep - Yes, the old PC game. It was pretty much the same engine as UFO Defense, one of the greatest games ever. But lots of glitches to the research tree and some truly unpleasant combat conditions (cruise ships with a million tiny compartments) made it unplayable, IMO. I tried a couple of times to get through it and just couldn't, which is a pretty unique experience for me. I have high hopes that Firaxis will finally do a TftD that will do the series justice. 2. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - I'm a longtime KH fan, going way back to the original. I went so far as to import Final Mix on PS2 back when that was not super straightforward and played the GameBoy Chain of Memories (100%!) as well as the DS games (Days and Coded), but decided against buying a 3DS just for DDD. I was pretty happy to finally get to play it when it released as part of 2.8, but just couldn't get into it. The fact that the story continues to get convoluted and that very little of the story really seemed to matter in the grand scheme made it feel like filler, but the gameplay was the worst part for me. It was kind of a mixed bag, but I was pretty turned off overall. 3. FFXV - I won't continue to beat a dead horse, but releasing an unfinished game, tacking on multiplayer after the fact, tons of DLC... and ultimately it just didn't feel like a Final Fantasy. I even enjoyed FFXIII more than this. 4. InFamous Second Son - Basically the same as another poster. Didn't hate it, but definitely the weakest entry in the series. 5. PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 - I'm a pretty big fan of the original tower defense games, so Garden Warfare kind of made me skeptical, but I was able to get a lot of enjoyment from the first iteration. GW2, however, had too much emphasis on co-op play. Specifically, I'm talking about the Mystery Portal Boss Hunts, especially on the hardest difficulty. Just the fact that you can only try them at certain times (quite a few other trophies are tied to the Mystery Portal too, so you can only earn them every so often), and then the fact that you need a really good team for what is supposed to be a pretty casual game... what were they thinking???
  15. I don't think it's really a failure, it's just a question of what "shut down" means. In the case of Bound in Blood, I think everything is either local (stat tracking) or PSN (matchmaking), so as long as PSN is up, multiplayer functionality will continue to work. Basically, this (this post showed up as I was typing my reply).