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  1. Yeah, I heard of this too. NG+ should work. But get the 999,999 kW done first because that progress won't carry over.
  2. Was this close--THIS close--to starting it today to try to finish before end of the year. Even played the prologue on an alt. Bummed I missed out on this game, but happy I didn't start it today.
  3. I was going to mention Xeodrifter as a fun, quick Metroidvania-style game. But are you certain it's playable on PS3? I know the trophy list says PS4, PS3, Vita, but I'm pretty sure that's an error (this is the NA PS4 version, I believe). Edit: More discussion here.
  4. I only managed to snag the game from another region (UK) before it was delisted. Anyone know if this would prevent me from doing something (like accessing the in-game store) if I play it with a NA account?
  5. You have to check the map again to get it to ping. Maybe that's why?
  6. I've heard of a lot of bugs, but haven't encountered any myself yet. Still, given what they're charging I would have expected it to be a bit more polished...
  7. I'm sure he means 372,000 kW after getting all nodes, so right in line with what I said. I've heard this same ballpark number from several people now, so I'm pretty confident in it. Me, I'm more worried about getting Kenny to show up to cook for me. :/ Overall, the expansion is pretty fun, but the load times are killing me...
  8. You need an additional ~350000 kW after getting all nodes.
  9. Yup, airplane mode.
  10. There's at least one more game with autopopping trophies: Jet Set Radio (PS3/Vita). It doesn't have a plat, though, so maybe it doesn't count here. EDIT: Also, I read that DCUO would autopop as well (PS3/PS4). No first-hand experience of that one, though. Source below.
  11. I'm on mobile so I can't easily check you profile atm, but I recommend XCOM. Good combination of challenge and fun, and if you like the first one there are several other games you can try in the series. I'd recommend starting with Enemy Unknown and going from there. Can't speak for The Bureau, which isn't a "true" XCOM game, though.
  12. I've actually kind of been enjoying it so far. Only ~3 hours in though, and first three trophies down. Seems no one has earned the last two trophies yet, so we'll see how long it takes. I personally don't mind a grind, so as long as it's easy and can be done all offline, it's not too bad, IMO. Regarding the offline thing, so far I've played exclusively with AI partners, and at some point I even got booted from the server and was able to keep playing. That being said, it does try to connect you to a server when you start up, so for me the jury is still out on whether or not PS+ is required. It might be required to log in but not to play, if that makes sense.
  13. Nah, pretty sure you're correct on DCUO.
  14. Yep, this right here. This has got to be considered a 100% legit way of doing things and essentially no different from the blank account concept.
  15. The latter is pretty unlikely since most (granted, not all) unobtainable trophies are online trophies. The blank account method won't work for any trophies requiring online access anyway. I guess we don't need to discuss this too much further to avoid giving anyone any ideas, but in my opinion the blank account method is OK, if kind of pointless; ultimately, if I'm going to delete my main account from the console anyway, might as well play on it disconnected from the internet. Or am I missing something?