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  1. Ah, that sucks. At least the dev seems good about patches. Hopefully they fix it if it is a glitch (although it would make the "QA have suffered" part pretty ironic).
  2. If you look at the list of achievers, it shows 10 but claims 12 players have it. I'm assuming (since I reported some myself) that the discrepancy is due to cheaters. So if they're not listed, why is the plat % 12/1038 = 1.16% instead of 10/1038 = 0.96%? And before anyone says it, it's been wrong for months (at least). It's not really a big deal, but this can't be the way it's supposed to work? Otherwise, may as well let the cheaters stay.
  3. I don't think anyone knows for sure at this point. I would assume it's like XCOM, meaning that as long as you keep them from bleeding out, you're OK. Makes sense since you're not "losing" them as long as you get to them in time.
  4. Just to clarify, the "final combo" thing is true regardless of version; the difference is that one specific character's (Drake's) final combo is much simpler in the unpatched version. Another one that falls under "potential": according this this thread, the difficulty of the Bozak Horde DLC for Dying Light was increased with a patch. This would affect a few trophies, probably most notably Things That Go Ka-Boom, which requires you to complete the trial within a certain time limit. Reverting to a lower patch may or may not help (and would force you to play single player). I'll likely try this at some point in the not too distant future.
  5. As Trope mentioned, this is not longer correct. Duh, on PS3 you have the option to down rev by default. Brain fart, you can ignore that one. Probably same for Vita.
  6. If you're including trophies rendered downright unobtainable, you can include Rack N Ruin, which has one trophy (Dependency) that you cannot get on the latest patch (1.02). I've been unable to get the 1.01 patch link, so you have to go 1.00 for that trophy alone. Battlefield 1 has (had?) a trophy (Taking down giants) that was made much harder through patches. If you have the disc it's very easy to unpatch and obtain, but it hasn't been possible with the digital version till recently. Just saw that the last post of this thread suggests it has been fixed, so perhaps no need to list. Playstation All Stars Battle Royale has a trophy (Character Mastery) that was much easier pre-patch (not sure which version). Again, disc versions have it easy. Not sure if we can down rev PS3 (or Vita) games, but it fits your question otherwise. No fancy methods needed to down rev PS3/Vita games.
  7. Yeah, Venom was pretty bad. Special shout-out to Happytime Murders and Crimes of Grindelwald too. Also didn't care for Black Panther. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I actually saw any good movies this year...
  8. Sweet. Disgaea was one of my favorites when it first released.
  9. Many TT games are available on disk, if that's what you mean. But even some that can be purchased physically just include Ep 1 and a code to download the rest, meaning you're likely hosed if you buy it used. Michonne is one of the games available ONLY digitally. Collection, on the other hand, should be one of the "safe" ones.
  10. Supposedly all telltale games are in the process of being delisted. Very unlikely that they would be back.
  11. I like it. It's not a must-have, IMO, but it should also be pretty easy to implement.
  12. Plus according to the store it's 1 player. :/ I'll wait for a sale.
  13. Wow, looks like it may be getting an NA release, somewhat surprising. Any 2 player mode? I'd like to play with my kids.
  14. No problem, always fun to investigate weird and obscure titles. But yes, it's weird for sure that there are no achievers. You'd think someone would have earned something... I'm almost tempted to buy it and check it out. But $20 is a bit steep for what's essentially a lark. I'll sleep on it, haha. Edit: The NA version has a couple of trophies earned. I think it's just not a popular game.
  15. VR functionality is purely optional, at least as of 11/28/18.