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  1. Even leaving the Asmodee connection aside for the moment, I'm going to reiterate what I said early on in this thread: it's red flags all over the place. License questions A new dev that, while admittedly saying all the right things, has yet to actually demonstrate their willingness/capability for making these changes A game with only 371 owners per this site; your opinions regarding the potential of the game aside, it doesn't get too much more DOA than that An online only game (bad) that is supposed to be changed to offline play (potentially worse if not handled properly) IMO, it just does not make sense to do anything other than hold off on buying this game until at least some of these are resolved. This is just my two cents and I respect your views may be different, so I'm going to let it go for now with this last post.
  2. Asmodee Digital has a pretty bad reputation due to issues on some other titles. Had I known they were involved I would have stayed away myself.
  3. Looks like it. Takotan is indeed a separate list.
  4. I have read that for You Cannot Pass (Use Gandalf 100 times to defeat a Boss), you have to kill the boss with an attack, NOT the 3 damage option you get from playing Gandalf. Also, Pacifist is very easy to get from one of the tutorials, and very hard otherwise (as far as I could tell).
  5. Sort of sad that a lot of trophy hunters on this website have to judge others without so much as a single fucking clue what they're talking about.
  6. Not sure we'll see any of this on PS4. The game was pretty much DOA and I'll be surprised if we actually see any changes.
  7. But no, you don't understand! He doesn't want one, so obviously people that do just haven't done their research and are, consequently, sheep. If you want a PS5 at launch, awesome, good luck with the pre-order fiasco. If you want to wait, awesome, hopefully by the time you do want to pick one up they're readily available and have worked through whatever quality issues came up for the early adopters. Me? I'm just butthurt because I talked myself into trying to get one at launch despite acknowledging that it's irrational and now can't get a pre-order. So... not awesome.
  8. I'll believe it when I see it. I definitely appreciate the sentiment, but these types of changes occur so infrequently that I have to be skeptical.
  9. I'll keep an eye on this. If it seems like there are 8 other people interested (I have 2 consoles), I might jump in. Seems like the 3-4 online trophies are easy and quick.
  10. Still in NA store.
  11. There's 1 trophy for completing a match and 1 for completing a MP challenge. Are you saying those will pop at the same time? That seems odd. You might be right. Shelling out $40 for a dead game and organizing 10 people might be more trouble than it's worth.
  12. How many people to start a match? What would you say is the easiest MP challenge to do for that trophy?
  13. Good question as only three trophies mention multiplayer. That would be pretty easy.
  14. How do you manually save? By selecting an autosave slot and choosing "overwrite"?
  15. Cool, thanks, I will check it out.