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  1. Just to follow up, I just bought a 12 month sub (from CDKeys), applied it on my Vita, and... it seems to have solved the problem. Able to download Freedom Wars now, it looks like, when I wasn't before. Tried it IMMEDIATELY before and it gave me an error, so this is certainly not coincidence.
  2. I've posted here previously, but I've gotten a better one since: Space Y Intern from Galaxy of Pen and Paper - 2 achievers, 133 owners, 1.50% rarity I posted the solution for how to get it repeatably now, so I don't expect that to last forever.
  3. I was able to download Vita games on PS3, but not transfer. Also can't download PS3 plus games without getting an error.
  4. Ah, that's a bummer. Was about to start it too. Shouldn't have bought it I guess. :/
  5. I'm about due for a plus extension regardless, I'll give it a try and report back. One more data point, anyway.
  6. Unless I'm misreading something, Null_Spectre mentions trying this and having it not resolve the issue. Worth a shot maybe, but be aware this isn't necessarily a surefire fix.
  7. Correct, same error as previously.
  8. No one has earned Seafood Skewer in like a week and I'm having some trouble with it :/
  9. The whole vita ecosystem is screwed beyond belief. Can't buy games with my son's sub-accounts even if money is in the master account wallet, can't download ps+ games, trouble activating system, etc. PS3 is not much better. Sony seem to hate their customers with a passion.
  10. Not long, actually. The trophy popped right at the beginning of act 3, I think, well before 25 actual planets are even available. All I can think is that it counts other points of interest and even the transit gates. Or it's even glitchier than I thought. I was thinking about trying a speed run on another account to see what the minimum time would be to earn the trophy, I might do that. Probably ~3 hours at a guess. Edit: Did a speedrun on an alt and earned it in less than 90 minutes, way before act 3. It really is trivial when you know what you need to do. Kept track of where I "landed" and got this: 1. Tanton (just counting the start) 2. Neo Tokeeo 3. Greenhouse 4. Space Station 5. Asteroid 6. Ginormus's Ship 7. Gate to Outer Rim (from Leguin) 8. Woodster 9. Old Tokeeo 10. Vassili 11. Coastner 12. Toadstar 13. Gate to Leguin (from Outer Rim) 14. Gate to Roddenberry (from Leguin) 15. Brumby III 16. Gate to Leguin (from Roddenberry) 17. Police Station 18. Jyjaafjalajukijulliey (Bob) 19. Giga City 37 20. Gate to Clarke (from Roddenberry) 21. Asimovon 22. Mechidal Station 23. Mechan Processing Station 24. Gate to Roddenberry (from Clarke) 25. Theramaga 26. Charkadan 27. Antillia (*pop!*) Not sure which 2 didn't count, but who cares.
  11. This website isn't Sony and therefore has its own rules. I happen to agree with you, but if two of the CRT members say it's an issue, they're more or less the final authority on the matter.
  12. Awesome news. Always meant to play this game.
  13. Generally that's not how codes work. That is, even if the content is delisted, it is still "there" if you've paid for it, and by buying the code you are paying for it. Would be shocked to learn this one works differently but it's always possible. Edit: Ninja'd x2.
  14. Breach mode has been a mess for a while. Sometimes you can't get in at all, sometimes the Ghost nodes don't work properly, etc. Unfortunately it seems to be only a matter of time before it's down for good. Perfect example of why you shouldn't shoe-horn an online mode into your single-player game...