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  1. I have to ask... how did you put that much time into the game? I feel like I was at roughly half that, and I did "everything."
  2. No, level 6 is the boss level, not 5. Watch here:
  3. I had a weirdly hard time finding this too. The answer is that you need to realign the teleporter in level 5 by clicking the outer ring before activating the teleporter. Alternately you can use the artifact portal at the bottom of the level, but this is generally not what you want to do.
  4. No one but me ever sees my profile anyway, so I just pick whatever tickles me in the moment. I've done my 10 most common trophies, my 10 rarest plats not already shown, and (currently) a bunch of platinums just called "Platinum Trophy" because I thought it was funny how commonplace that was.
  5. In my (admittedly limited) experience, I didn't find that to be true. Not sure if they've gotten worse or I just tried at a bad time, but they were only slightly better if at all. If I hadn't been self boosting it would have been extremely frustrating. Better to start ASAP rather than waiting for last minute on this one.
  6. I think War Theatre is the one I was thinking of:
  7. Yes, I'm not sure how people determine those URLs. Other than that the process should be the same as for other games.
  8. Any reason you couldn't use the patch-downgrade method to get Haxed?
  9. I've read WB will patch Shadow of Mordor to allow the online trophy (or trophies if you're on Xbox) to be achievable after the server shutdown. This might be a glimmer of hope for this game as it's a pretty similar situation, at least superficially. Anyone requesting this might be smart to point this out as it points to some precedent. Here's a source for Shadow of Mordor, although I'd take it with a grain of salt without doing some thorough additional research: https://www.(URL not allowed)/n19004/shadow-of-mordor-server-closure-platinum
  10. Interesting... the same trophy from the first game was for surviving 40 minutes, maybe the 30 minutes is a typo. I didn't pay attention to when I got it, but I can check my screen shot when I get home. Edit: Unfortunately my screen shot has the time obscured. I was in the boss level though, which given my usual pace is more likely to be 40 than 30.
  11. I seem to recall a similar issue with another game from this dev. However I also recall them fixing the issue eventually. Hopefully they come through again.
  12. XCOM, of course. I could play those forever. Kingdom Hearts gets an honorable mention.
  13. This level is a definite difficulty spike, I was stuck there for a time myself. I ended up using ISIC I believe, not just for this but for pretty much everything after this. You could use a variety of characters, finding one that suits you is more important IMO.
  14. Not the OP, but I can give some qualitative answers at least. No real missables because you can replay any level at any time, and nothing too difficult, but several of the trophies are EXTREMELY grindy. For instance: "Deal 100k damage," "Defeat 5k spiders," "Defeat 5k orcs," etc. Someone managed to do it in just over 3 months, so it's definitely not impossible, but it'll be a long journey for sure. Supposedly the new patch will at least provide a way to do it more enjoyably, but it won't be a quick plat unless they decide to tone some of those requirements down.
  15. From time to time glitched challenges present themselves. They are equally glitched for everyone and no player has an inherent advantage over any other. There are plenty of things to criticize around this trophy and the community that remains on this game, but this isn't one of them.