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  1. Yeah, I've seen other games do the pseudo-plat, but normally it's a gold. Seeing it as a bronze is weird.
  2. Is that a... bronze platinum? Or does it refer to in-game trophies?
  3. For me it was the opposite, maybe because I got the 100 win trophies out of the way first. The 1000 mp kills sucked, though. After that it went pretty fast for me, but prospector really started to drag towards the end.
  4. Self boost worked for me.
  5. Haha, I see. As people in this thread are saying, they work with the PS3 now, although not 100%. It's still pretty handy though!
  6. I'm pretty confused by this post, haha. You either mean "The Dualshock 4 controller does not work with the PlayStation 3," in which case you would be wrong, or you literally mean "The Dualshock 4 controller does not work with the PlayStation [like the original PlayStation]" in which case you're correct but not really on topic.
  7. Same, I thought the problem was on my end, though. Almost done, thankfully. The game is not horrible, but the execution could have been a lot better. EDIT: Done now. I left my festival with 5 statues right at the entrance, focusing on getting some of the less common ones. Hope it helps anyone who can find my festival for this trophy.
  8. Ah, never bothered to look into the wireless since it wasn't immediately apparent. But good to know. I've had trouble with counterfeit ds3s myself (from Amazon), so I bought a couple from Kohl's several months ago figuring they'd be the last I'd be able to find easily.
  9. Have to play with it plugged in, and some functionality doesn't work perfectly, but it's a good solution for most cases.
  10. Just got my prospector veteran trophy right at 50 wins. All on easy, some solo and some split screen with a partner. Started to feel like a real grind towards the end, but not super challenging.
  11. Supposedly it's easier to get vanity items if you have friends who play. Any other tips? Add me if you're working on this too. Edit: Nevermind, you just add "guests" in game, not necessary to have psn friends with the game.
  12. I'm at 27/50. Playing with my son is pretty fun, but solo is a drag.
  13. Nice, looks like baseball riot is another Tennis in the Face. My son will be happy, haha.
  14. Still up in NA. Just bought it. Hope it's as quick as it seems.
  15. Is the fact that Peyj already recognizes Jade consistent with that theory? It's been quite some time since I played the fist game. Just curious.