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  1. First off, thanks for all the helpful info. 99% sure the shoes come from one of the non-random chests from the very first travel area, unless I'm getting my shoes confused. But if I'm right, that should be good news as it would be one of the few things you can get without RNG in the game.
  2. I actually think it will be unobtainable. I tried playing the game with internet off and the game treated me as though I was no longer contracted, meaning no free flag. Restarted it with internet and got the daily flag. That's not 100%, of course, but I'd be very cautious
  3. I don't post here much anymore, but I still recall when Husky came up with the downgrade method for Mad Max which eventually led to the more general method, one of the coolest things ever to come out of this site as far as I'm concerned. IMO, he's proven himself to be a valuable and dedicated member of this community. Keep up the good work, man.
  4. Good luck to anyone needing to complete this shit show of a game mode. Hope it's one of the easier bosses as some of them are no joke at the highest difficulty. With a good team and the right strategy they are all doable, though.
  5. Can anyone who's completed Run the Gauntlet please share their experience? Aside from the Arena trophy, this one seems to require the most forethought. Fortunately you don't have to win the 50 matches, but it seems like you're limited to the number of times you can play per day? Are there restrictions on who you can match with similar to Arena, which would make it harder to boost? Any information would help. Edit: Ok, I'm gonna answer my own questions in case anyone else is interested. You can easily and repeatedly match an alt with no issues. You can keep playing even if you get the reward for 5 consecutive wins. Easy boost, get it on your way to your required win trophies.
  6. Until they release multiple DLC packs requiring you to do 40-man raids on insane difficulty. Oh, and the raids are only available for 1 day every 6-8 months. Honestly, as much as I love the franchise, the previous game left a very bad taste in my mouth. On the fence about this one.
  7. Good tips. Thanks, TH!
  8. I actually really want to play this. I miss the Magic: The Gathering PS3 games. I don't see it on the store, though (US).
  9. For the King is a relatively new game that is perfect for couch co-op.
  10. Thanks for keeping it up. Persistence is key for things like this.
  11. Codes to consider picking up (all verified working): Chivalry (delisted, only PS3 codes available) Expendables 2 (delisted) Swarm (delisted) Contrast (delisted on PS3) Shoot Many Robots (delisted) White Night (delisted) List any others here, please. Edit: Age of Booty, Tumble
  12. I've pretty much stopped posting here because most of my recent interactions on the site have been... not exactly pleasant. I've personally found I'm much happier lurking and (mostly) not posting. For some reason the quoted portion above worried me a bit. I hope you find someplace to hang out that has what you're looking for, but if you ever feel like you need someone to talk to one on one, feel free to message me. I've gone through ups and downs just like anyone, but I feel like I've kind of found my level. Either way, hang in there, buddy.
  13. Very Hard/Iron Mutant wasn't nearly as hard as I expected after my first playthrough. The game lends itself VERY well to a stealth/sneak playthrough that is ideal for this mode. In fact, I enjoyed my VH/IM playthrough more than my initial playthrough. I had a similar experience with XCOM2, which I enjoyed but didn't really fall in love with till my Legendary playthrough (not Iron Man, though; I'm merely mortal). Didn't even have to save scum... much. If anyone is on the fence or nervous about the game based on QA Have Suffered, I would say don't be. It's really a 4/10 or maybe 5/10 difficulty at most, assuming you grasp at least the basics of this type of game. It's also relatively short, so the time investment can be pretty minimal. Hope this hits PS+ at some point so more people can give it a try, although I acknowledge that it's probably not for everyone. I'll definitely buy any DLC/sequels that may be released.
  14. Everything is still available in the US store. I checked the German one and it seems to have everything as well. I didn't check France specifically, though.
  15. I think what you're asking for is reasonable, and unless I'm misunderstanding is totally possible. No one is "banned" from the site (to my knowledge), just the leaderboards. Since you don't care about the leaderboards, there should be nothing stopping you from using the site as you want. What am I missing?