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  1. Ok, thanks for checking. Topic updated.
  2. Currently the top score for the weekly challenge is 4063.86 m, which could be consistent with a glitch as this player tends to put up distances in the double digits (in km) and ~4k is the usual end for a glitch. I'll wait for someone to confirm, but as it's a weekly and "easy" (non-extreme) it might be a good chance for those of us still working on it.
  3. Would be nice. I don't even really consider myself a newbie anymore, but the condescending gatekeeping horseshit above notwithstanding, it is possible to practice for hours and not crack that #1 spot, especially when some of the vets "just playing for fun" do so with multiple accounts. I've basically made my peace with the fact that I'm just not skilled enough for this trophy at this point. It's a shame because I'm good enough that with a reasonable player base as the game had years ago I would be able to get it no problem. But I'm just not willing to sink tons of time into one game and I'm not entitled enough to think I deserve the trophy just because. Hopefully another glitch comes along some day, but if not... oh well.
  4. Only two: Returnal and It Takes Two. Another two, Miles Morales and Rift Apart, were a gift but were technically paid for. Everything else was free one way or another.
  5. Spoilers: nope.
  6. That's actually really good news considering what a mess they made of the trophies auto-popping (or not) from one console to the other. I hope they still fix that situation, but preventing additional issues in the future is probably the right call.
  7. I can also confirm Squad Goals works. Joined the game with my main and 2 dummy accounts on my 2nd ps4 and my ps5.
  8. I'm generally a fan of Telltale, but I much prefer the style of their older games like Sam and Max and this BTTF game where you actually had to play. I miss the old point & click adventure games...
  9. I've confirmed that ad hoc works for this trophy (by earning it that way). No messaging needed.
  10. Worlds of Magic: Planar Conquest Unfortunately it looks like the 4 unobtainable trophies in this game have not been patched and likely never will.
  11. Before "Gullblimb" propagates any further, it's "Gullblimp" (see 5:27 of the video if you doubt). Looks like the typo comes from the title of the video. I was wondering for a second if I had missed an item/vehicle because I had no idea what a "Gullblimb" was.
  12. Correct, that's how I got it.
  13. Without ranked play I don't think you can change your standing anymore, so they're probably just playing for fun. Seems every game has its lifers.
  14. In my experience, the game was playable with only minor issues. I imagine a game release is always an exercise in threading a needle, and my perspective is that they did it pretty well. Game is enjoyable with the day 1 patch and they followed up very quickly with a patch to clean up some things that weren't polished. Knowing this was made by a 20-person team, I give them a lot of credit for making an ambitious game and being responsive. Just my 2 cents, of course.
  15. I got it at 78, guess I had a few more losses.