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  1. Yes, this is awesome!
  2. I see Vagrant Story, XCOM, and Deus Ex already mentioned, all excellent choices. My vote goes to BrĂ¼tal Legend. I loved that game and want more. We finally got Psychonauts 2 recently so I continue to hold out hope.
  3. Just shorthand that the Top Minds of Rayman Legends challenges use to identify the location of certain specific and particularly challenging sequences of obstacles. So if you see "alpha" at a certain distance you know you need to to X, if you see "beta" you'll need to prepare to do Y, etc. That's it.
  4. Give me back Terriers. Future Man Season 1 was great but good God Seasons 2 and 3 sucked.
  5. Looks like 1.4 was just released on the JP version with a couple extra trophies. Any chance they released a path for this version as well to address the trophy issues?
  6. It is possible, but you must play on v1.0.
  7. I'll try it this evening and report back since I had 10 floors from a S1 tower on top of the S2 towers. No achievers over on Xbox yet either, looks like. As stated previously, very likely this will take a minimum of 4 towers. EDIT: Looks like people are starting to earn it after all. One here and several people on Xbox now. We must be pretty close, so maybe one more tower will be enough.
  8. Same on PS3.
  9. Just knocked out the last two in Old Town. Only took 2-3 tries each since I knew them from daytime. Hopefully the last two come easily after ally struggles last night... Edit: Got it done! Favela Fever took the longest for me.
  10. Yeah, I did during the day first for practice. Actually I started at night but always ended up in the next day and rather than reset I just stuck with it. I've now done 6 at night and they were pretty easy since I knew them well. Twister, for instance, only took like 2-3 tries at night after needing several attempts during the day. Not the most efficient method but I didn't want add the stress of learning the courses at night on top of everything you already mentioned. Still need to do all the Bozak nonsense before I'm 100% too. :/
  11. No, not at all. Aside from First Assignment and Favela Fever the slums are not bad once you learn the courses. If you've already done First Assignment you're in good shape, although Favela Fever is probably my vote for absolute hardest. But like I said, that one may be as difficult or even slightly easier with normal gravity so don't sweat getting it done during the event if you can't. It'll take some practice and patience either way.
  12. Have 6/10 done at night now. I know the last 4 are harder so I left them last. Worst case scenario I can git gud and finish them after the event, 4 sounds a lot better than 10 in that regard. Here are the 4 that I think are hard: First Assignment (slums) Favela Fever (slums) Blue District Fever (old town) Tower Run (old town) Tower Run actually is not that bad, it does have a tricky section or two though. The two slums challenges are nightmares and I'm not sure how much this event helps, I will leave them for last.
  13. Iirc it's because the tutorial counts.
  14. Hm, good thought. Might be suitable for certain challenges that spend less time at ground level. But then again those are the ones that will need the least retries anyway.
  15. On an Xbox site people mentioned having ~40% progress after one tower (wish PS4 had progress tracking...). So 6 unique biomes for a single tower. Extrapolating from that, this is going to take at least 3 towers and likely more to complete (as biomes are likely to repeat week to week). Not sure if progress is retroactive for people who completed Season 1 towers but I suspect not or surely at least one person would have it already? Get ready for a few months of waiting.