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  1. This topic was originally trophies you HAVE that are no longer obtainable for new players. So Thatmuttguy is actually one of the few whose answers fit perfectly. Edit: except for the fact that those servers are currently still up, of course....
  2. I agree, it's a pretty low-effort way to "add" content. I'm cool with a game having NG+, but there really isn't a reason in the world that it should be tacked on after the fact, IMO.
  3. Finally getting to the adventure pack, and I have to agree it's not a good fit with the rest of the game. Whose brilliant idea was it to go from ultra-casual milk run to fairly hardcore ultra bosses? Having to slog through 10-20 Dreamer's Door levels just to get to the final extra boss is insult to injury. Whatever criticisms people had of the game, I can't imagine anyone wanting this.
  4. Good to know, thanks. I prefer the phone app anyway as I can actually type a sentence in less than 5 minutes.
  5. Technically it is my mother tongue, haha. Just don't ask me to speak it now. But I can still understand. I think I'm gonna pass on this game, though. Plenty of better things to play.
  6. Your two statements are kind of saying opposite things, haha. I think you want to say "I would buy it if it didn't cost about 60 bucks." Are you serious that it will cost 60€??? That's crazy. Or are you only speculating?
  7. Going to surprise my kids with this, so physical edition for me. Nice that they made the toys optional, though. Hope future Toys to Life games (if any) follow suit.
  8. I'd translate as "useless trivia."
  9. You can 100% the WotC content without getting too far into that playthrough. I played and almost platted all pre-wotc content prior to the release of WotC and then just got those trophies on top. It worked well for me, but in my case I didn't really have a choice. Personally, I appreciated the WotC content, but found it to be too much at once after being used to vanilla xcom 2. So based on my experience, I would recommend leaving it as a separate partial playthrough.
  10. Don't need it myself as I have all the DLC, but what DLC exactly does this cover? I'm guessing War of the Chosen. Anyway, thanks for sharing the code! Hopefully someone makes good use of it.
  11. Yes, this is a well-known method to get an "extra" activation of sorts. If you try to log in on your cousin's PS3, however, you should lose that functionality. Furthermore, you can really only take advantage of this once every 6 months or however frequently they let you do the "reset all," so it's not that helpful, unfortunately. AFAIK, this is totally legit, just a bit convoluted. EDIT: Google "gameshare on 3 ps3s" and check the top link (you can actually use if for up to 4 PS3s), I think that describes the same thing you are. I won't link it directly since it's a bit of a grey area, but considering that games purchased prior to a certain date actually let you gameshare up to 5x by default, I don't think it's that big a deal myself.