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  1. Nah... I'm 30 hours in now and at 80k experience. Since I finished the other trophies and focused on leveling, my experience gains have been even faster. I figure it will take me ~80 hours total. It's not too bad given that I still have over three months to accomplish this. Just keep chipping away... EDIT: I think the fastest means of farming XP consistently I've found it to use turrets in a town with the mayor that gives triple shots. Each volley can give you 9 XP and you can fire off like 20 volleys each time you "ride" the turret. Resource gathering can be better if you get lucky with finding dolls or treasure boxes, but yeah... not as consistent.
  2. Yes, they can. It's probably a necessity at this point, which is a shame because this was a great game. The only question is, how many people will you need? I'm not sure an online match will start with only 2 players, even on opposing teams. After "searching for game" for a while, the match should start with empty slots filled with AI players, but IIRC you need some minimum number of human players. This doesn't include the matchmade trophy, you only need one other person for that (as the description states).
  3. But the rich narrative...
  4. Level 20 and ~48k XP now (20 hrs. played over the course of a week). I guess the math is not so crazy. Took about 7k 19->20, 9k 20->21, 11k 21-22, so by extending that pattern, you get the following: Level 23 needs 79,000 Level 24 needs 94,000 Level 25 needs 111,000 Level 26 needs 130,000 Level 27 needs 151,000 Level 28 needs 174,000 Level 29 needs 199,000 Level 30 needs 226,000 Bet you this is how it works. My goal is to be done by the end of August, but we'll see if I can keep it up. Fortunately, I'm still enjoying the game. I don't know why, it's kind of relaxing for me. Need 1 more voidka (three medals), 100 more izverg kills, and the immobilizer trophy. Not too bad. I think once I get the voidka I can focus on resource gathering and get done a little faster. EDIT: Now almost 22 hours and 52500 XP. VoidKa trophy is done, and at about 125 kills. Got my bourgeoisie papers (spent $10 on Freeman $ to get the papers, weapons license, vehicle license, and secret pocket), so I just need a buddy for Citizen's Arrest.
  5. For sure. Just pointing out that that particular concern could be avoided.
  6. You could always set up a dummy account for the "free" games, so if it gets banned there's no loss to your main account. Of course, none of these methods are going to work to begin with, so I suppose the point is moot.
  7. Would love it, but it's got to be a little tricky fitting the stories in without violating Fables canon. That "ample source material" cuts both ways. EDIT: I guess nothing says the story has to take place before the Fables books like the first one, but I wonder if that wouldn't be confusing for people only familiar with the game.
  8. I'll have to check my log for time played, but I find the game strangely addictive so I've been putting in a fair amount of time. I would guess 15-20 hours, with some of that boosting the Angel of Mercy trophy and some trial-and-error. I had a really good night last night and got like 8-10k in about three hours by doing what I described above. Sadly, I don't think that's going to be typical. EDIT: Would love to know how the fastest achievers did it in less than a week, lol. Maybe a head start from the beta? EDIT 2: OK, so I double checked on my lunch break. I was at 13h48m with almost 31k XP. Played a bit more, so I'm maybe at 14h30m and at around 33k XP. Not bad, but is it really over 200k for level 30? Seems totally disproportionate--20 levels for ~50k then 10 more levels for ~175k? Yeesh. Can someone confirm the required amount?
  9. I'd like to know, too. I haven't found a consistent way to earn XP quickly. Haven't bought the founder's pack or bourgeoisie papers or anything, so that might be part of the problem. The best methods I've found so far are: 1. Do requests. I got a couple yesterday that were worth 999 XP each. However, it's not easy getting requests. You need to do it anyway for the voidka trophy, though. I've probably done close to 30 so far and have 13/20 voidka purchases. 2. Find an island with treasure boxes. Not sure how these work, but I found ~10 on the ground near an island I went to, and they gave 200 XP each. No idea why no one else had opened them, as they were just sitting there. 3. Use turrets to defeat roaming enemies, especially the godzilla looking ones. It was like 4 XP per hit (which isn't much but adds up), and 50-100 XP for a kill, depending on type of enemy. Resource gathering at islands is probably the next best, but pretty slow since I don't have access to good tools. Turning in resources in town, and especially restoring residents earns a steady amount, even if it's not a lot. You need to find a pretty good town for this to work at all, though. A more developed town also gives more experience/toil for every action, so the values above may vary depending on where you play. 30k XP after ~5 days of playing, so it's not terrible. I'm still enjoying the game.
  10. Yeah, I figure I will spread it out over the course of several weeks. But I heard about a town with a tower for Scenic View, so I decided to start it. I don't mind a grind, but we'll see if I come to regret it.
  11. No achievers since October 2015. Doesn't look good...
  12. Festival of Blood is technically a standalone title (at least a standalone trophy list), so don't let this deter you.
  13. Which trophies are bad? Seems like aside from Thirst for Power and the level 30 one they're not too bad.
  14. Well, it made me go check out a review for the game. Apparently, this dev also brought us "There’s Poop in My Soup and Super Duper Party Pooper." ... OK!
  15. The founder's pack is supposed to be 40% or 50% off in Japan starting this week. If the US gets the same deal, I'll probably shell out and earn the trophies. I played it for a bit on an alt account. It's not a masterpiece, but it's playable, IMO.