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  1. The PS4 Complete Collection has been on sale for as low as $6.99 (US). I'll wait...
  2. I am 99.9% sure that the trophy is for 30 DIFFERENT weapons while the in-game count is TOTAL weapons. I have like 60 total but only 29 different types. I'll report back here if one more seems to do it. For armor, I got the trophy before the in-game achievement so I didn't pay much attention. Edit: Yes, one more did it.
  3. At least no required multiplayer (it seems), so I'll take it...
  4. PLEASE no new trophies. If there must be new trophies, PLEASE no 4 player tower trophy.
  5. I started SFV and let it sit at the tutorial for a bit. I deleted the 0% list and it registered sometime while I was sleeping. I don't think you need to synch the list.
  6. Multiply both sides by 10. You're now saying: 4 cents is $4.00 It should be obvious that this is different from saying ".4 cents is .40 cents" which (when similarly multiplied) still holds true: "4 cents is 4.0 cents." The launch of this program has been awful. No transparency on how things are supposed to work at all, and yet it's still clear things aren't working. What were they thinking??
  7. @pavelbagirov @NastyNeezer Some discussion on Brainseed Factory Twitter, you may want to jump in and throw some likes and/or replies to show that there's interest in a potential server migration or trophy update.
  8. Giving me errors both through the app and the web. Pass for now.
  9. Mine was skill trees (understandable because I think I maxed one then loaded to refund points, etc.), Deadzone (weird but whatever), and porky puff mines (weird and requires a replay). Not the end of the world, but wish it were better.
  10. I'll check it out this afternoon. Looks like people have the plat in 10 minutes or less now, though, so that indicates autopop. They certainly fixed it much faster than Fall Guys... Edit: Looks like a partial autopop for me only. :/
  11. Publisher pointed me back to the dev. The dev contact form gives me an error. Guess Twitter has got to be it.
  12. I gave it a shot. Don't hold out much hope, but worth a try.
  13. Dead. I must have just missed it. Fuck.
  14. Down already? I stupidly popped 2 trophies before verifying the online worked...
  15. You need to be Rank 7 to face certain secret characters. So far everyone who has reported a missing secret character has overlooked this detail.