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  1. Lots of related topics out there, but since this is on the list of potential unachievables once Vita messaging goes away, just want to confirm: You CAN earn Team Player on the NA version on PS4 with two controllers locally. This is how I did it, and as far as I can see it will always be achievable that way. I make no guarantees for other regions or platforms, but since there is only a single trophy list it will never* be truly unachievable. It might be more trouble than it's worth, but that's a separate question. *Sony may find a way to fuck it up sooner or later, never say never.
  2. Big new patch. Does it fix it? I'll know in about a half hour. Not sure why my PS5 didn't download the damn thing while in rest mode... Edit: It did not.
  3. How do you have the player leave the activity to kick the other player out of the battle? Edit: Hosting player can abandon the activity. Edit: Aw yeah, that's the ticket, boys and girls. I can leave my alt near the gnome door and have him start the activity as soon as my main is back in town center. Saves a good amount of time.
  4. Never mind, I was splitting hairs.
  5. The difficulty of the challenges is somewhat uneven. Some are basically trivial while others (one in particular) requires a few attempts. Overall very easy, but you do have to hold the Vita sideways. That's by design as far as I can tell.
  6. I understand it's a shared list and guide. My point was that if there remains a way to get the trophy it surely doesn't need to be on this list. What Hunting Fever said seemed at odds with the guide so I was hoping someone with first hand knowledge could confirm the two controller method works on PS4. Edit: it's also cross buy, I believe. I understand its inclusion in the list, but if the ps4 local method works I do think it's a lower priority than some of the other items.
  7. The guide on this site suggests the trophy can be done in offline MP with a second controller. Can anyone clarify?
  8. Yeah, you'll notice that after a PS Plus subscription lapses (even if you have it set up to auto renew or have more than a year pre-purchased) all you plus games will move to that date. It's possible the demo and unlock key are somehow separated in your list. I'd double check all the historical plus games just to be sure. I still had it on my list and I'm in the US. Downloading now, just to test. I suspected it would be the US folks that got screwed because of our non-existent consumer protection laws, but perhaps there are other factors at play.
  9. Sure, but by that same logic the expense of keeping the stores up is negligible. They may not be making a killing from PS3/Vita games but I have to believe they're still in the black.
  10. I played it through all in one go, so not sure what coming back will be like for you. Story missions would definitely be a place to start as you can't do certain things (e.g., any of the focus skill tree stuff) till you run through the associated quest chain. Try to do that early as you need a good amount of focus points and it's better to earn them in parallel with doing other stuff than having to farm it at the end. DLCs 18-20 plus 24 are quest specific. Other than that, order doesn't really matter too much, IMO. 9-16 are all very low-effort. 17 has the focus tree stuff I mentioned above. 21-25 (minus 24) are all Plains of Eidolon (Earth open world). 26-28 are Orb Vallis (Venus [I think] open world). These are bigger expansions, but there should be intro quests for each to get your feet wet. Refer to some guides for the others. 29 are Kuva Lich which I think require the completion of a prerequisite quest line but would be fine left as last or towards the end. 30 & 31 are railjack stuff. 3 of those are pretty trivial as you can be a guest in other people's dry docks/railjacks. Building your own railjack is pretty resource intensive and I think you need to be in a guild with its own dry dock. It will probably take some grinding.
  11. There are like two things in the entire game I was not able/willing to solo: 1. Killing an Eidolon. Did it with 2 other players and we just barely made it, partly because none of us had done it before and didn't know what to expect. Probably possible to solo but the time investment would not be worth it IMO. 2. Getting the parazon mods for the level 5 Lich kill. Getting the right ones would have been a massive RNG grind so I decided to just spend $5 on platinum and buy them from other players. Again, very possible to solo if you were willing to spend the time. My total play time was ~200 hours, I believe.
  12. I wouldn't characterize it as a panic buy per se, but after playing Gatling Gears I've been wanting to get Greed Corp for a while. It'll never go on sale so I figured now was as good a time as any to pick it up just in case.
  13. I'd like to say this seems unlikely, but honestly this fits Sony's recent MO to a T. Unnecessary and massively anti-consumer, it checks all the boxes for them. Just based on that I'm more than half convinced.
  14. Can someone clarify why you need a second player for the glitch? And do both need to have all the diamond gnomes?
  15. Like I said, it was nothing personal. Congrats on the completion. Can you also give some pointers for That's Some Good Shootin'?