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  1. I can confirm that training modules do not count. Keep playing, maybe some shorts from the time tables :-)
  2. You can see the mileage running at the start of the glitch on your dashboard. After a few minutes it is shaking to much. You will receive the 10k trophy after around 70 minutes, the 500k trophy after around 55h hours. You can check the progress here or using the PS App. If you reached the 10k trophy everything is working fine and you can let the glitch do his work ;-)
  3. I don‘t know if it‘s a problem to return to the PS4 home screen. I didn‘t interrupted the game and checked the trophies here on the website and on the PS4 app. Yes, the screen becomes more and more distorted. Don‘t worry, that is normal. The 100k km trophy should pop up in less than 12hrs.
  4. After a few seconds the engine is going off and you have to restart the engine. Make sure you see the kilometer counting, before you‘ll go. The 10k km trophy should pop after around 70 min.
  5. Well, my save game is ruined. After restarting the game, I‘m still in the glitch, but nothing is functioning anymore. So I guess the only way using this glitch is to do it 55hrs straight.
  6. If the PS4 is standing free, I wouldn‘t much worry about. My PS4 is standing on a writing desk and is now running 48 hrs straight. In the beginning I checked several times and it was always fine. The ventilation works on a very low level so I‘m sure the PS4 should survive the remaining time ;-) The game is saving automatically, but I never checked if it‘s possible to close the game and continue the next day. But I can check that tomorrow by closing the game without resetting the truck and see if that works.
  7. You‘re welcome! It‘s possible to reset the truck and it will keep the kilometers, but as soon as you‘ll use this truck again with the glitch it is going to reset the mileage. So for the 500.000km there is no other way as to leave the PS4 switched on for around 55h. I passed the 100.000km this Morning. I checked the PS4 a couple of times this day and it is still running fine. I should receive the trophy Saturday night.
  8. There is no need for a rubberband. Once you‘ll sucessfully fall and the glitch is starting, you can put your controller away and simply wait for the trophies to pop. For the current mileage simply use the cabin view. You maybe have to change the seat position to be able to read it, because the default position is pretty far away from the dashboard. At least for my eyes. The question regarding the fuel I can‘t answer right now. Actually it‘s working since a couple of hours now. I started with a full tank and at the moment I have around 30% remaining. I‘ll check it tomorrow morning if it‘s still working.
  9. Thanks for the information, @Doviossi! I can confirm, that this glitch is reproducible. I got the 10.000km trophy after 70min. Should get the 100.000km tomorrow Morning and the 500.000km Saturday Night. The only thing I‘m concerned is what is going to happen, if I‘m running out of fuel?
  10. It was late yesterday, so no. But I´ll try it this evening. If my math is correct the 10k trophy should pop up after 66 min. I posted some screenshots:
  11. I found a glitch yesterday, where you can drive into the river in Frankfurt from a bridge. I was driving through the river and fell under the ground. The truck then speed up to 199km/h and I made 100km within 40 sec. But I had one major problem. Every time I used this glitch I lost the progress on my truck, so I highly recommend to try this only with a new truck. I dont know if this could be a way to get the trophies.
  12. I stopped the time and with a speed of 90km/h the truck is counting every 4 seconds one kilometer. That means under perfect conditions you would need 555h to reach the 500.000km which is still absolutely ridiculous.