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  1. I've had a PSN account since before there were trophies and during all the network attacks, including the big one that took down PSN for three months almost a decade ago, my account has never been compromised. I cannot say definitively that this recent attack isn't related, but given my personal experiences I would be highly doubtful that it is. Also, if the account login information was stolen as part of a large scale data breach it would take time before it could be used. They would sell the account information that other people would be used. That takes time. Sony would have released a statement if account information was taken and really the people who were vulnerable would be those that didn't act to change passwords. A single account information being stolen would be used likely right away.
  2. I've had one like that in the past few weeks. I remember a couple months ago I received a TON of "do you want to see my boobs" with a website link friend requests.
  3. I have to admit I'm a bit surprised Microsoft is the follower on this kind of stuff. Given how progressive Nadella has been on societal issues it seems like Microsoft would have been the one raising standards on games they publish first. Given Sony's stated goal is to not publish content sexualizing underaged individuals I applaud the stance they take. At a certain point an organization needs to have some level of standards about its place in society. I'm glad to see it spreading.
  4. I don't really think it was that cheap of a plot device. I actually thought GoT was generally very well written. Sure him getting ambushed and captured isn't the most original plot device ever written, but it's not like there was a major break in logic in what happens. If anything him being a one person wrecking machine is worse from a writing standpoint, but the whole point of the game is for you to be powerful.
  5. I think Sony did a good job with the initial pre-orders linking it to a specific PSN ID and limited pre-orders. It's a difficult problem to solve, but Amazon made some progress in combating it during the early days of the pandemic by banning reselling of things like hand sanitizer.
  6. I had been hoping so hard for a PS5 version of the game. That is amazing. Thank you for sharing.
  7. I platinumed Legion on PS4 and then downloaded my save to PS5. The only trophy that unlocked was the 50 audio logs. That said, I did save myself some time by uploading a save file with ~140,000 ETO and all but one weapon tech skill upgrade unlocked so as soon as I downloaded the file I knocked out the purchase trophies and the tech skills upgrade trophies along with the 5 star wanted living statue trophy so I wouldn't have to search another living statue.
  8. Yes, you can load the PS4 game onto the PS5 and continue playing it as if you were playing it on the PS4. There's actually a pretty nice transfer over network feature they have during set up where you can transfer the game files to the PS5 from the PS4.
  9. As other comments have mentioned what I was referring to was it related to breeder in the "breeding" context or breeder in the "animal husbandry" sense, in which case the title seemed to be phrased in an awkward manner. If there is some specific reference in the horror genre about the word breeder I am completely ignorant of it. Based on the description you posted it does seem that the game focuses more on the animal husbandry side.
  10. I have no intention of playing the game so I don't particularly care either way, but I saw the title pop up and was curious if the game was of a more...adult theme or if the title is just super awkward? The image on PSN Profiles makes me believe it's the latter.
  11. I would guess it wouldn't be too hard. I had bought a Paw Patrol game for my kids and my oldest, who is 5, got all the trophies just playing the game without knowing what trophies are or how to obtain any of them.
  12. I think I've only bought one game in the past year that wasn't on sale at the time. I agree the prices for PS5 games is too high, but sales will happen.
  13. If I remember correctly the policy revolves around avoiding sexualizing under aged women in games. I wouldn't exactly call it the most controversial censorship. I'm sure there could be a level of censorship where I would find problematic, but Sony is far from reaching that level. Honestly, I'm pleased about this particular censorship. I have people I know in real life in my PSN friends. I don't want to accidentally stumble across some game with some....seriously inappropriate material in it and have people thinking I was looking for that kind of stuff.