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  1. It totally depends on how you define cheating. I save-scummed Returnal, for example. However, I've never used anything that wasn't part of the game itself.
  2. I can't really attest to the acquisition of the game, but the trophy list is still very doable. I did Hitman (2016) back in the day and then 100%ed Hitman 3 last year. I'm currently working on Hitman 2 and everything functions fine. I did the multiplayer trophies a few weeks back, and have been working my way through all the levels. I've already done multiple DLC levels.
  3. I can't specifically speak to Hitman (2016) since I finished that game up quite a long time ago, but from my experience you can still download content for delisted games using the disc. For example, last fall I played Telltale's Game of Thrones for the PS3. The game has been digitally delisted for years, and the disc version requires downloading the last episode from the PS Store. With the disc in I was able to download the episode from within the game. I would guess, stressing the word guess, Hitman (2016) would be similar if it was still possible for a decade old, years delisted game made by a company that no longer exists.
  4. Dirt 5. I just cannot get the Gymkhana trophy.
  5. Throughout the game you gain equipment which allows you to traverse new areas. I believe the last one is acquired in Biome 5, but there may be one in Biome 6. I can't remember. It's been a while since I finished the game. It's pointless to go farm for collectibles until you have all equipment. Additionally, once you finished Biome 6 and enter act 3 you have to play through each biome again, so there's a built in replay already once you beat the final boss. Unless you start tracking from the start, there's no way to track which ciphers are missing. You will just need to make speed runs through areas looking for them. Once you are to the point where you don't need collectibles in all biomes, but just a few select ones, one piece of advice I would give is to make a cloud save right before entering each biome to save yourself having to do the path leading up to it. Then if the biome doesn't have what you need, download the cloud save. The map is generated once you enter the biome.
  6. I would love to play through Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus again. Even Five Dates would be fun to the platinum on again. I really enjoy Wales Interactive's more light-hearted games.
  7. There is a big distinction here between the books and the movies. The LOTR movies were incredibly well done. The books...the books read like books written 70 years ago. At the time I'm sure they were thrilling but by today's standards the books are pretty dry. Harry Potter, amazingly written books and movies that are not great.
  8. 50: Cyberpunk 2077 PS4, 10.98% PSN Profiles rartiy. 100: AC Valhalla PS5, 18.74% PSN Profiles Rarity
  9. Far from it. Axis Football 2018 took three years to finally sync. There are some that could have been longer. Not sure. Edit: I had linked a TrueTrophies article on the subject but apparently that isn't allowed.
  10. It is nice to see it.
  11. I really don't think it would look all that different. At the end of the day, there aren't really all that many games that offer auto-unlocking. I think the number of people doing full playthroughs of a game twice wouldn't be all that high either. If something like this were implemented, it would make little difference.
  12. I didn't realize there were actual people reviewing this kind of stuff. I appreciate the work you do.
  13. The opening volley makes a big difference. For both I would launch both my spear runic attacks while having Freya do her summon. I would then close and do all four chaos blade and are runic attacks. Starting at half health, that gets them down to about three bars remaining at gear level 9. From there us was a lot of dodging and long range spear attacks when I was able between dodges. I did that until the runic attacks cooled down and repeated the opening volley strategy. When my health inevitably got low I would do a Spartan Rage to refill it. I also used the rage resurrection stone, not superior. I wore the raven set for some modicum of healing.
  14. Rechargeable batteries degrade over time. It's normal. The battery needs to be replaced. It's pretty easy. You can easily find videos online. It looks like someone already posted a link to one. I just replaced the battery on one of my PS5 controllers this past week. All I needed was a firm guitar pick and a glasses repair kit screw driver. A pair of replacement batteries cost ~35 USD after tax.
  15. I personally quite enjoyed the game. It's basically Saints Row the Third 2. Considering I platinumed Saints Row the Third on three different generations of consoles, it's the kind of game I personally feel holds up well to the test of time.