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  1. Guys , i can't wait to play this game ! hopefully it will be my 2nd platinium on ps5 ( 1st being astro's playroom)
  2. Hi , thanks for that info. Does anyone know where to find the patch notes of this release ?
  3. Hi, Yes it should be done in "Normal mode"
  4. Heck yeah , finaly i'm gonna finish this game !!
  5. I don’t think so because right now the XP system is time base so.. bot or human it should matter
  6. Like everyone I hope it will be an double XP this week ...
  7. Yes it does ! @HopDreama Play -> Social -> then 3rd Tab «Rocket`bot Attack » @Pinselneo
  8. i can confirm it works against BOT
  9. According to the patch note , yes you can but i haven’t tried yet so i can’t confirm
  10. Well actually they updated their patch note :
  11. But still no news of XP modification or even RBA counting for 100KO (per caracters) trophies
  12. It is !
  13. Good luck , i won’t be able to play except for today so i will try as much as i can , hopefully Double XP WeekEnd will be back quickly !
  14. Agree i think the 100KO per contestant and 1000KO overall should be done against bot, hopefully 2x XP Weekend will help you get to level 100 PS: i'm as bas as you with a controler ^^ 100KO in 20 level aswell