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  1. So, I was really scared to start playing this game on my Main Account, thinking I'm going to get shafted. But when I started summoning, this is what I got from my 2nd 10x pull: I also managed to get 2 Fischl, Xianling, Noelle and Bennet. =) Super happy about this!!
  2. I used my real name as name for my Main Character.
  3. Rip to Yokai Watch 4. Was really looking forward to it since I enjoyed the previous titles a lot.
  4. Getting the last few trophies in P4G has proven to be quite a challenge since I always tell myself "Come on, you gotta get some progress today!", but I just end up postponing everything, because I'm hooked on Genshin Impact atm lol

    1. starcrunch061


      LOL. I was about to tell you the same thing. But at the same time, P4:G isn't going anywhere. You never know, however, with a F2P live service game. I'd say get your Genshin Impact on right now.

    2. Valkyrie_Kitsune


      @starcrunch061 I swear, I'm so addicted to Genshin Impact currently. And I had quite some luck and managed to pull Venti on my account with the free Primogems we got which makes the experience even better! :D 

  5. 5 trophies left until the platinum in Persona 4 Golden pops.
  6. Drakengard 3. I don't think I'll ever be able to beat the final boss.
  7. I went from Level 9 to Level 176
  8. __________ Hardcore Risette FanHear 250 of Rise's navigation lines The Reaper Becomes the ReapedDefeat The Reaper
  9. A Special LadyEnter a special relationship with someone (Marie <3) Moderate BookkeeperRegister over 50% of the Compendium Mr. PerfectMax out all social qualities Food FighterFinish Aiya's special dish Fishing MasterCatch the Sea Guardian
  10. Fair point
  11. Oof, 80€ is really a lot, considering it's in most cases going to be a "Standard Edition".
  12. Persona 4 Golden!
  13. The Nose Doesn't Always KnowExperience a fusion accident Fill Your HandGet 50 Sweep Bonuses The Lounge Is ClosedRescue Rise Kujikawa
  14. Even more of a reason for me to finally play the God of War games.