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  1. All Together All party members come together Common 61.66%
  2. Speaking in Tongues Find 1 Al Bhed Primer Common 85.92% The Right Thing Clear the Besaid Cloister of Trials Common 84.39% And so a new journey begins!
  3. - Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z -




    :platinum: #80

    Difficulty: 6/10

    Enjoyment: 6/10

    Rarity: 1.79 Ultra Rare 

    Time: 27 Hours (approx.)


  4. Insert Coin Play Arcade Mode. Rare 12.02% Quartermaster Complete Arcade Mode. Ultra Rare 1.88% Platinum Collect all other trophies. Ultra Rare 1.79% PLATINUM #80 Arcade mode was awfully scary, it consists of 4 stages, if you ran out of lives you must do the whole thing again and that can easily happen here. I got it on my second attempt and I really liked this mode despite being a pain. Personally I didn't found this plat extremely hard, sure Arcade Mode and Hell difficulty can be tough but I had fun doing this game. And with that said, I'm finally done for good!
  5. #80 Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 Rarity: 1.79 Ultra Rare Time: 27 Hours (approx.) "Did I pass?" Ninja Gaiden greatest spin-off, well not so greatest. I'll be honest, I didn't knew this game was a thing to begin with until a couple of years ago, I lost track of the NG games after the 3rd entry mainly because I really hated that game back then (and I still do), but I decided to give this game a try, of course I wasn't hoping for anything special neither a "Ninja Gaiden experience" other than it's difficulty (cheapness in other words haha). First of all, I don't think this is a bad game, is more of a mediocre game, it has a lot of technical errors, a lot of frame drops (this can be a pain in gameplay), in fact this game crashed my PS3 on the first mission on my first playthrough haha, thankfully this only happened once, extremely long loading screens, and a lot of bugs, all of this in a game that you can easily beat in less than 3 hours. Despite this, the art style is awesome, is something I really like about this game, the combat is pretty good for the game that is, awesome animations and basically that's it. The story is there I guess nothing worth mentioning, the characters are very lame, for me Yaiba is not appealing at all, 0 carisma on a game that's supposedly has a lot of humor and funny moments, and talking about humor, jokes in this game are just not funny. Despite this, I had fun playing it, and I really enjoyed my time with this game. Now for the good part, trophies. Most of the trophies were a breeze, a lot of story related trophies, collectibles, some misc trophies that aren't that difficult to get, and some difficulty related trophies, like I said, most of the trophies are really easy to get, on my normal playthrough I got +30 trophies without even going for them. I had a kinda major glitch with the collectibles, especially with the story related ones ( Too Many Words), suddenly one disappear but I did noticed this before going to higher difficulties, so I could start a new game without losing important progress, regardless of that everything else went nice. As for the difficulty related trophies there are 5 difficulty levels, easy, normal, hard, nightmare, and hell, and you get trophies for these last 3 ( Izuna Drop the Mic, Ninjacked, Hell or High Slaughter). Hell difficulty is the highest difficulty in the game, here you'll die in one hit, it took me 8 hours to beat it and most of the levels went down pretty good, except for the last one, the last boss fight took me 3 hours to beat it and 30 attempts, for me that was the only part where I truly suffered in this difficulty. And finally there's Arcade Mode, this is a very challenging minigame, it consists of 4 stages, if you ran out of lives you must do the whole thing again and that can easily happen here. I got it on my second attempt and I really liked this mode despite being a pain. Don't get me wrong, this game is hard and this plat is not a walk in the park it requires a lot of skill and patience, there's one thing this game does right, and that's pulling an awesome challenge!
  6. Hell or High Slaughter Complete every Mission on Hell difficulty. Ultra Rare 1.87% This difficulty is no joke, Hell mode is basically one hit and you're dead, I thought I would have a very bad time with this difficulty but that wasn't the case, I did all chapters except for the last one without any problems, as for the last chapter which is basically a boss fight I did suffer a lot, took me 3 hours just to beat that damn boss and 30 attempts. Now that this nonsense is over there's one more thing left for this badass plat! (Going to work on that later)
  7. Ninjacked Complete every Mission on Nightmare difficulty. Ultra Rare 2.44% Recess is over
  8. Can't Touch This Counter each enemy type. Ultra Rare 2.67% Izuna Drop the Mic Complete every Mission on Hard difficulty. Ultra Rare 3.76% An Embarrassment of Liches Kill 5,000 zombies. Ultra Rare 2.93%
  9. Perky Unlock all of Yaiba's upgrades. Rare 12.43% Limb Swim Chain 5 or more executions together. Rare 13.11% A Legend in His Own Grime Get 25 Legend arena scores. Very Rare 7.91% Breaking Baddies Congeal 50 enemies with bile crystals. Ultra Rare 4.44% A Perfect 10 Take no damage and achieve Legend status in 10 arenas. Ultra Rare 3.25% Cold Shard Cash Collect all the elemental shards. Ultra Rare 4.76% Flower Power Collect all the health shards. Ultra Rare 4.62% Too Many Words Collect all of the story collectibles. Ultra Rare 4.02% Valedictgorian Get 50 Legend arena scores. Ultra Rare 3.60% Time to Kill Enter Ninja Time 50 times. Ultra Rare 4.33% Patient 0 Create 7 plague clouds. Ultra Rare 2.67%
  10. Arm Robbery Harvest each type of enemy that can be harvested. Rare 17.12% Knockout King Execute each type of enemy that can be executed. Rare 10.87% The Miracles of Science Yaiba returns to the scene of the crime. Rare 19.84% Lust for Unlife Activate Bloodlust 10 times. Uncommon 22.55% Better Dying Through Chemistry Cause 50 elemental effects. Rare 19.72% Card-Carrying Dismember Kill 1,000 zombies. Uncommon 25.89% Staycation Yaiba gets some fresh air. Rare 18.87% All Your Base Complete Mission 6. Rare 18.66% The Accidental Tourist Yaiba sets aside time for traveling. Rare 18.64% Stone Carver Complete Mission 7. Rare 15.35%
  11. Snot My Problem Yaiba gets his hands dirty. Uncommon 37.31% Ninja Turdle Complete Mission 3. Uncommon 30.84% Cremation Station Yaiba directs traffic. Uncommon 29.43% That's a Clown Question Yaiba joins the crowd. Uncommon 26.92% Makes Me Want to Throw Up Throw 50 zombies. Uncommon 32.30% Elementary, My Dear Monday Cause each type of elemental effect on zombies and in the environment. Very Rare 9.82% Echo Location Complete Mission 4. Uncommon 23.56% Swords and Swollcery Yaiba brings up a good point. Uncommon 23.21% That's Pretty Deep Yaiba finds religion. Uncommon 22.93% I Hate That Guy Complete Mission 5. Uncommon 20.92% Reheated Leftover Yaiba doesn't sleep well. Uncommon 20.80% wtf with this trophy descriptions?
  12. Slight Turbulence Yaiba has a rude awakening. Common 95.49% Chain of Command Achieve a 50-hit streak. Common 94.83% Combination On Lock Achieve a 100-hit streak. Common 92.45% Well-Soiled Machine Achieve a 200-hit streak. Common 65.31% Armed and Dangerous Yaiba gets an armful. Common 86.25% Just the Tip Complete Mission 1. Common 67.99% Rubble Trouble Yaiba survives quite the tumble. Common 63.72% Mad Splatter Yaiba reveals a family secret. Common 56.41% Gate Crasher Destroy an obstacle with elemental effects. Uncommon 46.63% The City is Slicker Complete Mission 2. Uncommon 39.97%
  13. - Kingdom Hearts Re:coded - 40% Debugged Complete up to and including Olympus Coliseum. Uncommon 39.11% 80% Debugged Complete up to and including Hollow Bastion II. Uncommon 37.65% 100% DebuggedComplete all chapters. Uncommon 36.42% Professor View all Character entries. Uncommon 34.40% Re:coded Master Obtain all trophies. Uncommon 33.71%
  14. - Kingdom Hearts II -




    :platinum: #79

    Difficulty: 5/10

    Enjoyment: 9/10

    Rarity: 9.68% Very Rare 

    Time: 95 Hours

  15. - Kingdom Hearts II - #79 Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Rarity: 9.68% Very Rare Time: 95 Hours "We're back" I have to say that I really enjoyed playing this game, for me this is one of those games that is very pleasant just playing it, the combat is extremely fun, the drive mechanic is cool, the way magic work in this game, the level design is wonderful, basically all the stuff I dislike of KH1 is gone here. The story was good, but confusing some times, there was some stuff I didn't like about it, some parts should have a higher impact but that's ok, overall is was pretty good. Boss fights are extremely awesome, every boss plays different, some can go smooth and others can be annoying dealing with them, but I like a lot how the game makes you think carefully yours moves especially on higher difficulties, smashing x is not an option haha. This game is awesome that's all I can really say about it, the characters are amazing, there are a lot of funny moments, it was amazing playing this game! As for trophies, most of them are pretty simple, do this, get that, some fights here and there. I liked going for this plat, even getting all the materials was fun. If I have to pick a tedious trophy I would pick Conqueror, it isn't that hard to get but some requirements are really annoying. As for Critical Mode, yeah you can die for one or two hits but let's be honest, you do more damage and get a lot of abilities at the beginning, so there isn't much of a problem there, I did play all episodes on CM without problems. Overall this was a nice plat! And like Sora said, "We have to say goodbye for a little while."