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  1. Okay. Thanks for your recommendation. I'll keep my eye out. I found reaching final round is fairly easy, but winning it is impossible for me. Hopefully this sweet thieves mode doesn't take months to return.
  2. Anyone got any tips for Infallible? I have just started this game on ps5 and I'm a noob so any tips would be appreciated!
  3. Well, I'm confused then because I've played through the game multiple times and had no problems, same with all my friends. Sorry.
  4. It sounds like you are trying to do It whilst in a level which doesn't work. It has to be done in the plaza, which is the area you are in when you are not in a level.
  5. To get a bot to follow you, you need to punch it by pressing square on your controller. Do this for 20 bots and you will get the trophy.
  6. I found a way to get the editions button back. It involves simply using the original Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition disc which people above have said. The problem is it will only work if you do it on a playstation account that has not previously purchased the new version of Minecraft. Also, I found I had to delete my second account (which is the account I bought the new version of minecraft on) from my console before the editions button actually appeared on my main account after installing the the game using the original PlayStation 4 Edition of Minecraft on disc.
  7. Hi. This game is currently on sale and I am wanting to try it, but I've seen forums from a year or two ago talking about many glitched trophies in dlc. I want to ask if anybody knows if there are still unobtainable trophies, or whether it is all fixed? Thanks.
  8. If you didn't know, on ps4, you can connect a controller to a second account, then turn off the controller, and when you turn it back on again, the ps4 will give you the option to sign in with a 3rd account with that same controller. It means that you won't be able to move around in-game with your second account but very useful if you only have 2 controllers and no friend to boost with. This is what I did 🙂 Also, you will need the editions button to access the multiplayer needed for these trophies.
  9. Yeah when I said 'length' I meant the amount of stations in the service. I should of made that clearer, sorry 🙂
  10. Another good thing about this exploit is that, even though you're only completing the very last boarding task, you still end up getting a couple thousand xp (unlike in the first game where you only get a couple hundred xp) so this is also a good way to get the xp needed to get those route level 20 trophies.
  11. I used this method in the first game and it unlocked service related trophies so in theory it should work with the second game ☺️
  12. Okay that’s great because I’ve been consistently making it to circle 4 and then failing because of my fire level. I’m struggling with this and I’ve beat Pipe Phobia lol. The level is so much more enjoyable without the fire. Thanks again!
  13. This might be a stupid question but I’ll ask it anyway 😅 If I play the ‘circles of hell no fire’ level, will I get the anger management trophy when I reach the 5th level? I only ask because the way you worded that part in your message made it sound like it would unlock the trophy. thanks 👍
  14. Hello. I own this version of the game and can confirm only those 5 maps, along with the 3 base game ones, are included in this version of the game, so you won’t get other dlc like DB BR 155. All other route and loco DLCs have to be bought separately. Also, in terms of buying more dlc, I recommend waiting until they are on sale before you buy (a lot are on sale now like you said) because there are a lot of dlc for this game and you can save hundreds if you wait until they are on sale like I have. Hope this helps 🙂
  15. A friend has joined me to play the story of Far Cry 5 but I have a question. If a friend joins my world in coop, once I have finished the final mission, will me and my friend have access to new game +, or will I only have access to it? Hope that makes sense. Thanks.