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  1. The issue has been fixed but it won’t work if you just delete the game and reinstall it. Instead, you have to download all the dlc again individually.
  2. I used the guide on the Dovetail Games website. They are the developers. I would write how I did it but I don’t think it would make sense 😅 so here is the guide from the website:
  3. It wasn’t that bad for me. No need to delete the game. I simply just went to the ps store and downloaded all my dlc at once for the 4th time and now I finally have them all.
  4. I still can’t play any of my dlcs on the PS4 version. Is this problem really fixed or not?
  5. Yeah I got that error message so I tried reinstalling multiple DLC. None of them are appearing in game. So basically I've lost around £50 worth of DLC. Great.
  6. Okay thanks. I will keep that in mind when I do other passenger boarding task trophies. I ended up getting it through normal play so I could increase my km driven with the DB BR 182.
  7. I unlocked German Legend a couple weeks ago with no problems. I recommend trying to disconnect your ps4 from the internet because whenever I am about to unlock a trophy, I always close the game, disconnect my ps4 from the internet and trophies unlock with no problems.
  8. Hello. I'm playing survival mode on pilgrim and was looking to get the furs needed for the wrapped in furs trophy. Does anyone know whether you can find all the furs for this trophy around the regions of the game, or can you only get them from killing rabbits, deer, wolves and bears? Thanks.
  9. Hi. One of my last trophies I need for the Train Sim World platinum is 'mass transit'. Just wanted to ask, should I just play through each service on rapid transit, or does anyone have a method on completing this trophy faster? Thanks 👍
  10. Hi. I have the sell 1000 cars trophy. For me, the fastest way to get it was to go into sandbox mode, buy the 3 cars in the car dealership, go back to the garage and sell them, and then repeat that process. I could sell 100 cars every 1hr and 15mins or so, meaning it'll take around 10 hours to unlock this trophy if your internet is better than mine lol. Hope this can help you.
  11. Okay that's good. Didn't want to have to use a single train for that many hours. Thank you for responding 👍
  12. Hello. I started playing Train Sim World 2 recently and have been enjoying it and looking through the trophy list. Can anyone tell me whether I must travel 10k miles in a single train or travel 10k miles overall in order to get the TSW2: Unstoppable trophy? The trophy description makes it unclear to me. Thanks 🙂
  13. Hello. This happened to me too. I made a route with all stops and got the 'All Mine!' trophy before 'Half-Full' and 'Almost...'. To get the other two route related trophies, you'll have to create a different route which has 50% of stops and one more route which has 75% of stops. This is what I had to do to get these three trophies.
  14. I have an issue with RSN: Valley Veteran and MSB: All In Order. I have completed all scenarios for ruhr sieg nord and main-spessart bahn 3 times now. I've tried playing with my ps4 connected and disconnected to the internet, and I've tried with a new in-game profile and still nothing. Any suggestions?