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  1. Yeah, it's glitched for me, and I have the US version. Into the pile of glitched trophy games this one goes.
  2. That's a shame. Guess I'll have to sniff out a physical copy, then.
  3. The option to buy this game through the PSN store is not there, it just allows you to download a free trial. I did, it expired and I still cannot purchase it. Every time I click on "Try Free Trial" again, my console just softlocks. Is there anything that can be done that will allow me to buy the game?
  4. Yeah, I think Essex Mast is either bugged or just randomly died in my playthrough. Only met him once in Chapter 1, however, when talking to older characters in Chapter 5, they all mention him.
  5. The side quest Stung with a Curse has bugged for me. The objective tells me to talk to the girl, but when I did, the goal did not change. Tried to reload a checkpoint, and now I can't even go back into the music school anymore. Has anyone had this bug and found some sort of workaround for it?
  6. The Definitive Edition and the original version have two completely different trophy lists. I think there's one for the original game, but the Definitive edition is too new for someone to write a coherent guide.
  7. Yeah, I found this odd as well. I maxed out my muscle bar, and CJ stills runs like he's skinny. It's got to be a bug.
  8. There is a flyting in the Asgard/Jotunheim world, and there is also the guy who serves as a flyting tutorial with the dialogue icon on your map, in your home base. He also counts towards the flyting trophy, and will reward you with a charisma point if you beat him.
  9. There is also a bug, where you won't get any fabric anymore if you max out you quiver and rations. Fabric is required for an Altar in Eurviscire, and if you max out those two things before giving the fabric to the altar, you won't be able to do it anymore.
  10. Looks like no one has found them yet. Even PowerPyx doesn't report finding them.
  11. Nope, all the story collectibles can be picked up via the "chapter select".
  12. The list is straightforward. The hardest one to get will be beating the game in "Classic" mode just for the damn racing mission alone.
  13. Alright, I deleted all my save data and started anew. It worked! After I got 50 Brutal Takedowns, I got the trophy
  14. Yeah, I read your previous post on the Mafia 3 forum, and performed 50 Brutal Takedowns in one sitting, and it still did not pop. I'm going to try deleting all the save data on this game, and start fresh. Maybe this should help.
  15. I was wondering if this trophy was glitched. I counted the 50 Brutal Takedowns myself, and that bad boy did not pop. Frankly, it's starting to grind my gears. If this trophy was glitched for you, how did you go about to actually getting it?