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  1. Had a 2-1-2 record and started on Division 5. After that, everything went spiral down, been losing matches after matches with bad connection (packet loss ONLY on division rivals, other modes are fine) and facing so many overpowered teams, i don't think it's going to be possible to go up. Is there anyone here that is on Div. 4 and want to try making a coop rivals game to see if it works? I would appreciate a lot.
  2. Had this same problem, 41/12 documents even though my map showed all 42 counting one by one. Just restarted the game and trophies popped instantly.
  3. I tried a different version of this: traded a car i already had to a friend, and made him trade me back the car to see if the trophy would pop. No success. I believe you have to collect a different car from the one you already had, altough i don't know anyone to trade from. If anyone have the kind soul to trade me a car i don't have and try this method, i can trade it back immediatly, and put up an pink endo i have from playing back in my PC days as an insurance, since i just want this trophy to pop 'cause it's the last one blocking me from the platinum for like a month now. Hit me up!
  4. Those are very nice tips, thanks for that! I'm not confortable enough to play manual, i guess my hands are not that fast in a control to keep changing shifts but will definitely try if i feel more confortable eventually. I'm using the traction control tip and it's really working! I found out that the car gets slightly faster, and that's helping me getting better times. Currently on 43 races finished, with 6 wins and 5 poles. Getting a lot of second place finishes, but now i'm trying to tank my DR, so when i see i will not win, i would just let everyone pass and finish last place. Don't know if this will work out in the end but it's a try to get worse drivers in the lobby.
  5. Finally got my first win after 27 races! Now i'm up to the challenge, let's see if i can keep up the pace and finish this around 4 weeks too
  6. Yes, i played mainly on PC, connected all my accounts together and started playing on PS4. Still haven't been able to get the trophy. I'm thinking of unlink my PS4 platform from the Epic Games Account and try to get the 5 cars (again) on my own from scratch, but i'm not sure if i can vinculate the same account again after that.
  7. tried erasing the save data over 10 times now, and nothing happened.. guess we'll have to wait for a fix?
  8. Thanks for the motivation! I'll start and try to make progress, even if it's slow paced at the beginning. I'm sure the main problem will be the level 50 grind. Hoping to find a track that I am strong at too!
  9. Tried this for several times and didn't work for me ): Guess i'll keep trying
  10. I've done the same thing. Played for about 4 years on PC and now linked my PSN account to it. Some trophies (most of them actually) will pop automatically if you already had the requisites to them. I had all but one achievements on PC and when i started the game on PS4, i guess half of them popped automatically. The other ones would eventually pop when i made them partially, for example: I won one game and got "The Streak" trophy, which is for winning 10 games in a row. But, some of them never popped for me, Car Collector for example, but i've seen the forums and it seems like its a common bug though. Haven't made it work until now (even deleting save datas) but eventually i'm sure it will pop.
  11. I'm thinking of starting the online grind myself again, since i've played around 15 online games after getting the main single-player trophies and then stopped without a single pole/win. Is this really doable even if you suck a little in racing games? Are the servers going to be up a long time for the trophies to be reachable?
  12. i played on steam for several years (only one achievement missing there) - switched to ps4 now that the game is f2p. also having problems with the car collector trophy bug, tried to erase save data and nothing happened. i guess only people that switched platforms are having this trouble since several people are getting the trophy normally? very very frustrating indeed
  13. Thanks for the tips! Will try to get heat checks at that price, i'm willing to pay 3500 max on them. I personally got all token rewards up 'till diamond tier, then spent the rest buying lights out packs that can get you lots of MT (especially selling silver cards for 2k+ profit). Still a long way to go for us, though!
  14. Just reached 2400 cards! Only 500 left. Heat checks are way too expensive now (around 5k-6k MT), and i'm missing about 300-350 of them, so really hoping the prices go down a little when 2k21 releases. On the other hand, several premium cards are cheap and can be bought around 1k-2,5k, so slowing trying to make my way up on them. Can't wait to finish this!
  15. That's really nice! Congrats on the initiative. I'm also willing to sell up my cards and donate any MT i have when i get the trophy, but i'm still with 2270 cards, so a little bit more of a grinding left (got late on this post, i guess). Still got ~350 Heat Check cards to fill and around 10 cards from the 20' Collection, so focusing primarly on the HC cards but they're way expensive now and i don't have much MT on rotation, just couldn't figure a way over the AH yet, but still going strong to try and get this trophy in the next 2-3 weeks.