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  1. This helped me so much, thank you!
  2. I have platinumed Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom, but my trophy list only shows a couple of the trophies. Can't get it to sync. It's been some time, but I only realized now. How can I get it fixed?
  3. It's currently 2,99 on European store
  4. There's no point in removing them from the leader board, however I agree that it would be nice to have a "cleaned" ranking, e.g. by implementing an activity filter. The last Trophy earned is already implemented, so it shouldn't be too hard.
  5. Close to lvl 150, playing daily, please send me the invite code, if you have a slot left
  6. Has anyone found out about the trophy list for this game? I can't find any info ant it is supposed to come out tomorrow. Can't wait!!!
  7. I believe it is a pirate themed game, which was also a main critique. Just started playing this a few days ago and not too sure how I feel about it. The combat system is really weird, I feel like I`m really weak.
  8. I used Narniak's spot during the middle part of my playthrough, it's a great spot (and I never got invaded). If you're lucky, one of the enemies drops a Sedative. For late game, I recommend Wet Nurse's Lunarium: Go down the Elevator, down the stairs, kill the group of enemies, on your right Hand are stairs with two enemies you can use a visc attack on (if you have a rune equipped, that's extra XP), back up the stairs, there's gonna be 3 giant Mutant pigs, follow the way to use visc attack on the enemy Standing at the balcony, another two enemies down the stairs, just follow the path down and you will find the other lantern to go back to the hunters dream. [~50.000-60.000 XP and usually ~10 blood vials] For late late game: chalice runs, just pick a dungeon that suits you most. Also, it helps to ring your small bell everytime you enter a dungeon, so you can defeat the bosses with other Players in case someone Needs help -> quick way to get a huge amount of XP. Don't forget to change your network Settings to global to find Players more quickly or use the Short Ritual Root Chalice if you're in for the bosses)
  9. I got the Skin when I started playing this game just a few weeks ago. All I had to do was to sign in with my existing WB account.
  10. Hi and good luck with Bloodborne! Here`s my advice: In terms of character build: in the beginning, focus on vitality to survive longer, but also build up strength. As soon as you feel you don`t die right away, get your strength up. Another advice: up your dex according to the combos you want to use: e.g. I have enough dex to hit five times in a row with R1 attacks The axe is a very good beginners weapon (though I used it all throughout the game), because it is fast, strong and has a great aerial attack with R2. Central Yharnam is a great place to farm blood vials if you run out of them, after completing the shortcuts: Run left and kill two ogres, they almost always drop at least 2 blood vials each. Then go back and up the building and kill the two wolves, they also like to drop blood vials. On this route I farm 10-16 blood vials in just a few minutes Visceral attacks work by slowly approaching an enemy from behind, first do a heavy R2 and follow up with and R1 If you die with a lot of blood echoes, respawn and simply run through all enemies - you can pretty much run through all of them and they usually don`t follow you very far or at all - pick up your blood echoes and continue If you can, use insight to play in multiplayer. It makes bosses so much easeier. Best ring your bell right at the beginning of a level or in front of the boss section. If you ring it at the beginning, usually someone will join while you make your way through to the boss. If you ring your bell right before the boss, you might have to wait for a while. Have fun!
  11. I finished the game 3 times now, the second and third playthrough I completely focused on the death by disco trophy, the third playthrough I hardly shot anyone and bombed everything with the groovinator. Of course I used the guide both times... so I give up. Damn this trophy!
  12. "Cerny Method" (Lumos): 0,94%
  13. I replayed it recently and finally got thr Platinum trophy after 7 long years. At no point did I feel that the camera is a hindrance, especially since the trophy is very easy to achieve. However, even in times of PS4 pro, it was unmistakable to me that bioshock is a phenomenal game.
  14. 7 years, 1 month, 3 weeks, 3 days, 5 hours for Bioshock. Decided to get a higher completion rate just about two months ago and went for the missing trophys. Bioshock is still such a great game!
  15. Remember that you have to start a new game, not load an existing save file. Then you can choose to fulfill a promise. After going through the entire BBL and uncovering the whole mystery, the trophy will pop no matter what answers you give. After that, the other BBL will begin and that's a lot faster to get.