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  1. Update: I made a few more attempts before giving up on my current save. I backup my save, and deleted all save data from my console. I started a new save, and quickly upon crafting a fishing rode, the trophy unlocked without issue when I caught my first fish on the new save. Not too sure what happened to my previous save, whether it was bugged or glitched, but it has been unlocked and I'm back on my old save I do apologise for posting on this thread, I should have tried this solution before posting. In short, when it comes to Stranded Deep: Backup save data regularly Ensure the trophy criteria is fulfilled If a trophy is glitched/bugged, try the method I have proposed and applied. Most importantly enjoy the game! Thank you, everyone.
  2. Good evening, everyone. Is it just me, or is Stranded Deep a wholly broken game? Do not get me wrong, it has its charm, but the number of glitches I have encountered, with corrupted game files, my resources going through the wall, and trophies not popping when they should. However, I need help with a trophy, more specifically, the "Fishing season is open!". You get it for catching your first fish with the fishing rod. I remember doing this a few days ago but could not get it to unlock, I was 100% catching a fish but nothing was unlocking, advancing to now, I somehow managed to unlock the "The sea's harvest" for catching 10 fish. I cannot unlock the "Fishing season is open!"; it simply will not unlock on my current save slot. Have any of you encountered this or know of any solutions? I don't really want to proceed without unlocking it. Thank you in advance.