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  1. Same here 2 days ago. My account went "private" for a moment. And I wasn't able to change it in the settings. And now it's OK, without doing anything. So I think about a PSN bug.
  2. Played 15' and 17' editions and never get any problem. Today I can confirm that the game is smoother on my external HDD. Maybe some troubles with my Seagate 2To SSHD... But this is really the only game with freezes.
  3. Disabled "boost" on my PS4 pro = no effect. Removed the game/save, and re-install = no effect Even the music during loading are freezing. EDIT : I moved the game on an external HDD with extended storage mode. And finally freezes have turning into micro lags. It's not perfect but now I can play "normally"
  4. Hi ! Since the last update I've got a lot of freezes when i'm surrounded by other riders. It's just undriveable when it begins. Playing on PS4 pro, with boost activated. And you ?
  5. No boost. Just talent... or luck (like me). If you won a match, and feel that you're really dominating your opponent, ask a new match with him/her. Concerning the online, when I was in, I generally found people every time, just have to wait about 5 minutes sometimes.
  6. With this game my PS4 pro blows at full range continuously, and yesterday it crashed during an online session.
  7. Same here, using a 32Gb MC. And my game was a digital one. This type of error happens on both my Vita. The Slim one with 32Gb with only digital games AND the OLED one with 8Gb with only physical games. And it never happens with my old OLED with 64Gb. I always delete game (bubble), install again, and crossing fingers.
  8. Got the same error today while playing Hotline Miami. Had to delete my game. But I didn't reload the game for now. Crossing fingers for the next time
  9. Yes, try it with PSNow is the best choice if you really want to play this game. I done it yesterday. Hopefully I didn't buy this game, really to old to appreciate it.
  10. Sometimes Play-Asia got a re-stock of Asia-english version.
  11. Really want to play this game :
  12. D-pad ! As always the stick is fuckin' slacky.
  13. After a long hesitation...
  14. I don't think, but the japanese release includes : English · German · Russian · French · Italian · Spanish Ordered mine here :
  15. From a Twitter giveaway.