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  1. Finally, no Steins;Gate. YesterdayI had a bad surprise... my save was corrupted, both on memory card, and cloud. I'm between and So I think about another game, maybe Root Letter.
  2. One month later, after a "yeah yeah i'll do it this week-end", no update.
  3. A really long long week-end.
  4. I worked on Day of the tentacle last week, so it's now ready to pop ! I really want to do the same thing on Steins;Gate, but I currently have little free time to play. And I try to continue Dengeki Bunko fighting climax (only 8 trophies needed) but my skillz are really low
  5. Just a question, do you have a PSV1000 or 2000 (slim) ? Because, the 64Gb memory card is know to have lot of issues on PSV 1000.
  6. At the same thing as in France Found it at 40€.
  7. Even PSNP doesn't have any trophies list for this game : Just be patient.
  8. Amazing PSvita's Day !!! Searching this one since long time at a good price, and finally get it.
  9. Hey, where do you live ? 'cause you've got loooong week-end
  10. Just try with a standard usb charger, and the Vita cable. Like the one for your smartphone or tablet, or anything else. The original one is 1.5A, but I tried with 1A & 2A, and all are working perfectly.
  11. Plated WRC 5 (Vita) in october. Now I'm on the way for Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO (PS4).
  12. I know this topic is not the good one, but please can someone recover the lead of this PP ? No update since... at least june.
  13. Yep, Steins:Gate is a good choice, and also think about NFS Most wanted.
  14. Good idea, count me in. But actually dunno which game(s) I will complete.
  15. Yeah great giveaway ! Of course I chose the Vita's version
  16. Everything from Nepu's world is good ! There is a flash sale for Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune vs Zombies at Play-Asia :
  17. Yes, with this game you really need to understand how the cars react. Not intuitive like WRC old/new serie.
  18. You can find the result here : Is this different than Pirate's curse & Risky revenge ?
  19. I won a giveaway After my Octodad directly from Young Horses, now this one, nice year. If I forgot that my local postal service lose my Oddworld New'n'tasty
  20. Hey look what I received directly from Aksys :
  21. Same thing here with trophies on a french PS4, with UK game. I'll try downloading DLCs tomorrow.
  22. I was hoping for a sale on lifetime premium membership because of the Black Friday. PS : i'll update anyway, this is not a big problem
  23. He, same question for me, because I saw it on Base.
  24. I have to play a little more this game, but after that i'll launch some Gaming sessions.