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  1. Why not bought the 1st one ? Because of the low price difference ?
  2. Want to upgrade to premium, but I can only choose my credit card, not my bank account (which I prefer to use for "gaming" payment). Is there any limitation ?
  3. It was at least 5 years that I didn't look any anime. (When I was doing fansub) But recently I stumbled on Sword art online. I curently watch the 1st season. And enjoy it.
  4. You must find some response here :
  5. Return to full price ! Too late for me
  6. Entered the "contest". Nice initiative ! And it's cool to see/hear some guitar heroes.
  7. Please count me in. Actually only as "Fan - in progress" I'm currently on HDN rebirth 1 (and I really really enjoy it). And I've got all the Vita's games. I ROFL when on chap. 2 I battle R4 and R4i-SDHC.
  8. OMFG, just after I finally bought all the HDN physical games. Hopefully I prefer physical games (my wallet not really...) I was weak and bought SAO hollow fragment and Croixleur Sigma Anyway, be careful, the store on the Vita doesn't take into account the additional lower prices for PS+ members. So, use the web store instead.
  9. Amazing sales... I bought : croixleur sigma and SAO Hollow fragment I hesitate to take Concetption II, need to play a few more the demo.
  10. Look at your PM.
  11. Finally found it in "brand new" state. And with the dlc code of course. So i'll resend the false new to the reseller.
  12. Who said the Vita is dead ?
  13. I contacted my reseller, and of course it's not his fault "blablabla supplier send it like that with seal so it's supposed to be brand new blablabla we don't look inside the box blablabla" and the inevitable "you're the only one in this case". So i'll resend to him the game. I don't want to pay for "another" game.
  14. Yep the box was sealed, but not like a new one : the seal doesn't have the little strip part. I should not have opened the game. Thanks Crimson Idol for the picture, tomorrow i'll send it to my reseller.And yes I know, new boxes doesn't contain the dlc. But mine is a Day1 version. The website is currently online and the back cover indicate year 2019 as deadline !!!
  15. I've got a question, I received today my Day1 edition, but inside the box, no flyer or anything with a code for the DLC. Are they included in the cartbridge ?
  16. Does anybody bought this version (Day 1), with 3 pack DLC included ? Because when I opened my game, no flyer or anything else with a code for the DLC...
  17. The Micromania (french gamestore) website announce a release date for the 15/08 on Vita (and DS).
  18. Did you played the demo ? If "yes", did you recovered your progression with the physical version ?
  19. Sorry for the double-post, but someone explain to me that LBP Karting have the same problem. ONLY for the digital version. Physical one works perfectly. Maybe this is the issue.
  20. I pre-ordered the Vita's one from Cdiscount, which gave me 1st july as release date. At the same time Amazon FR, announces 21st june. Don't know which one to trust in.
  21. I think this trophy got some bug. Mine poped with my 100th carrot. And picked up all the carrots from all levels.
  22. Some Neptunia new stuff !
  23. I've got the same problem. You need to be "Flash", as the other win the ruck in less than 0.5sec. I'll try this. "Good" isn't the right term. But I'd read on many places that this game is a piece of sh*t, and after playing some hours, it's not so terrible. In my memory no rugby game was really good (maybe some old Jonah Lomu's game).