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  1. This is the written method for downgrading games - These are the appropriate region codes for either the US or EU version of Mafia III (these will need to be swapped out where appropriate according to the above guide) - Here is a video which I haven't watched but I'm sure will be useful if you get stuck along the way (I just used the text guide, it's not nearly as difficult as it looked, trust me) -
  2. If the latest version of the game is still 1.12 then it's glitched (and will likely never be fixed). There's a pretty detailed thread somewhere about downgrading to 1.09 which was the last working version to get the trophies (pretty sure this is doable with the physical disc). There's also this video - It seems daunting but it isn't. Save yourself the headache and make sure you're playing on 1.09. The game is decent and there's no point trying to manage on 1.12 and inevitably hating the game when one of the trophies bugs on you. This is coming from someone who didn't do enough research beforehand and played on 1.12 making it so I had to do 3 full runs. In terms of what to focus on in the first playthrough, get to the part early on where you learn to wiretap, and then go around and wiretap absolutely everywhere on the map (without progressing the story) then make a backup save to a USB. Then spare every informant and every racket boss, do every side mission, finish the game with all three of your underboss pals alive. Reload the save from your USB and kill everything that moves including two of your underbosses. I won't go into the details of all that here but it's all relatively straightforward once you're playing! Good luck
  3. Unfortunately I don't have an answer regarding the DLCs; I had no idea how glitched the main games trophies were until it was too late. I played the game for the first time on v1.12 and got 100% across all DLC trophies (but I've no doubt that other people have probably had some issues considering the game we're talking about here, best to check other topics in the forums). To your other question, yes, there isn't a separate PS5 list or anything, it's just the PS4 game you're playing & unlocking trophies for.
  4. I achieved the plat on PS5 by downgrading to 1.09, the procedure is identical to PS4. To anyone else reading, don't even bother trying this on the current patch, save yourself the headache. The downgrade instructions are a lot less intimidating than they look - the hardest part is remembering to cancel the auto-update that happens every time you turn on the PS5 or start the game!
  5. This method is incredibly quick and easy - as long as you make sure to get the lock on to the heart you should have no problems.
  6. I can confirm that you don't need to quit out of the game to reset the timer - I was practising for an hour or so beforehand across random levels, then decided to do a test run where I went from the first level to the last, managed it in under 45 mins and it still gave me the trophy.
  7. Yeah it's really hit and miss, sometimes it just won't find another player and other times when it does find the player it just won't start the game; I haven't had any connection losses though once I'm actually in the game.
  8. When you play solo (in Classic mode) it gives you two attempts at fast money. Do your first five answers and then you get a brief moment to pause the game before you have to start answering them for a second time - this makes it incredibly easy using the share function to look back over the last minute of recorded footage and check the questions again and find all the answers on Google. You might get unlucky and get a question that isn't online yet but generally you'll be fine - hope that helps!
  9. I dug through my YouTube history today all the way back to when I played this game and found all the searches I made desperately trying to attempt some of the insanely hard challenges with the help of guides! That's literally the only proof I can offer so this feels really unfair.
  10. All I can say is what Solarus755 said, I'm similarly just a completionist and OlliOlli2 was one of the hardest plats I've ever managed; I'm not sure how to use other saves in order to pop trophies and I wouldn't want to know. I just like the challenge. I saved doing the spots until last because I wanted to end my experience on an easy note after such a difficult plat! And I genuinely had the same thoughts earlier where I questioned why I even bothered if this is the outcome. I can't offer any screenshots because I'm now on PS5 and using my old PS4 hard drive (where I achieved this trophy) as an external on my PS5, so it's been formatted and all PS4 media lost (I don't even know if that would prove useful anyway). It seems that most people achieving the plat are setting scores on the spots before completing their final 100% requirement, so I guess it wouldn't ever be apparent for them? Doesn't the timing of the 100% trophy unlocking at the same time as another 100% requirement carry any validity? In the case of Solarus755, apart from spots, his/her remaining milestone was (judging by his trophies) the RAD level completions, and mine was collecting the dev team heads. What do you mean by 'have other cheated games'? Anything else we can provide for proof here? This is really disappointing...
  11. This has happened to me too and i've similarly been flagged for it.
  12. TheJimmonator OlliOlli2 "Spotless has to be completed first which grants 100% completion and I Want it All trophy." - This, in some capacity, must not be entirely true. Perhaps something is bugged in the game stats but I received 100% completion when I found the 10 members of the Roll7 dev team and my trophy time stamps reflect this.<br /> <br /> It seems a couple of other people have had this issue -
  13. figured as much, but that's disappointing to hear confirmed (and sorry if you had to do another playthrough to test this!) what's the general consensus from everyone here regarding the chances of us getting an update for this? I figured perhaps after the Mafia remake was released they might be able to address this, but who knows...
  14. totally solo, and I only got two team games in my entire 5 games (the one where you have to push a football over the finish line as a team, and the one where you have to jump through rings). 4 of the final races were the crown grab thing, and one of them was the hexagon (all equally stressful, but the hexagon is a nightmare)
  15. just got it! I came to see how many had it and apparently I'm the 13th - genuinely the most stressful trophy I've ever managed