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  1. Same here, late game leveling/MFing without the /players x - command feels awful.
  2. The trophy for finishing the game on nightmare just popped for me. I barely started playing (normal), midway through Jail level 2 right now. Any idea why?
  3. Yeah I was thinking WW barb as well or a Javazon for chaos/cow runs.
  4. Wasn't it a lot easier to reach level 99 in classic compared to LoD? Might be worth a try.
  5. Game seems to be running on the same engine. Looks fantastic, I can't wait
  6. Definitely Devil May Cry 5. Such a cool game and plat.
  7. My Kudos stayed the same after quitting a game early, meaning it didn't ruin the streak from my understanding. The only time my Kudos increased was after the wins. Damn that's unfortunate. As long as you take your time I'm certain you got this
  8. Yeah I agree, Slime Climb is basically an instant final. Someone pushed me off once though, didn't wanna take that risk again
  9. I just got it too. (EU) Started out on a regular PS4 barely winning because of the starting position and input lag. Played on my brothers Pro. Always kept track of current Kudos after every win (in case I had to dodge and see if they stayed the same). Instantly dodged: - Perfect Match - Jinxed - Team Tail Tag - Slime Climb - Jump Showdown 3 Fall Mountains, 2 Hexagones. I only got Royal Fumble once before.
  10. Got to Fall Mountain a couple of times on a regular PS4 and the PS4 Pro (on the same account). 2nd row on the regular PS4, 1st row on the PRO every single time.