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  1. Hoping for a separate trophy list for this. I'll happily pay the small upgrade fee!
  2. Currently 3 trophies (+ platinum) from completing Rayman Origins. Torn between Resistance, Motorstorm RC and Escape Plan for what to play next. Anyone recommend any of these over the others?
  3. I'd like the ability to see unearned trophies for all games because it would get me playing old games again. Never know, it might reignite a spark for a forgotten gem (such as Guitar Hero: Metallica for me)
  4. My ideal sorting for this 'problem', would be All Games > Unearned Trophies > Rarity. This!
  5. This is exactly it. An inverted trophy log that can be sorted by game and rarity.
  6. Hi all, long time site user, first time (and hopefully not last time) poster. I've been searching through all my trophies trying to figure out ones that I really should've achieved by now, and I can see via the trophy log all the ones I have, but I can't easily see all the ones I don't. Does this functionality already exist and I'm blind to it, or have I just come up with the greatest idea since sliced bread...? (Damn, now I'm hungry)