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  1. I'm very curious how they implemented this game onto the PSVR. I mean, the Oculus Rift is clearly superior to the PSVR so I'm wondering what they changed.
  2. Regarding this Korean version of Yooka-Laylee, is there anyway for me to get an activated Korean PSN account without paying? I mean, this whole thing is so stupid with that restriction. I only found out about it while I was trying to create an account lol. Or do you guys recommend just buying the physical version?
  3. Guys, why do you all care so much about what the trophy images and trophy names are like? Nobody will ever go back and look at them. I'm addicted to Platinums and it's unfortunate that this game did not get one, but can anyone explain to me what the fuss is all about? lol.
  4. A Japanese'y golf game with a Platinum? Yes please.
  5. Does anyone else remember Micro Maniacs? So underrated but all we get is cars, cars and more cars from Codemasters. *Sigh*
  6. Because they wanted to charge full price and all they needed to do was bundle up the free content that's available and call it a season pass to justify the price. That's why there's no standard edition. That goes back to what I was saying about the pricing. Maybe they were not allowed to charge for the individual DLC, who knows lol.
  7. What people fail to realise is that this is another dirty way for us to pay more for a game. By the looks of it, the Season Pass is meant to be free. This results into me thinking that the game itself should of been around £39.99 on the PSN Store (inc. Season Pass) and £29.99 for the physical (inc. Season Pass) as the Season Pass is free anyway and they are making us pay more for a Pass that's free. Get what I'm saying? I'm waiting for a cheap copy.
  8. I can't believe how low people can go lol. Does it really matter to you what the banner, trophy names and trophy pictures look like? Think about it guys, who in their right mind looks at someones trophies and thinks to themselves "my oh my, this persons trophy list is horrible because Horizon Zero Dawn's banner is just blue". Give me a break lol, move on children. Yes, I agree this game looks fantastic and yes, maybe they should of put abit more effort on the banner, trophy names and trophy pictures but why does it matter? Give REAL reasons.
  9. Considering there's a difficulty setting in the game but no trophy for it, this should be a nice clean Platinum for most.
  10. This game is nothing like XCOM. It's a third person game, I'm so shocked that I've forgotten about this game. It was such a blast.