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  1. You're correct good sir.
  2. This website is great for finding people to play with, discussion and tips. The leader boards do not matter and have never mattered since Trophy unlockers, save editing, 1 minute easy mode games and regional stacks. The playstation system has been out so long its impossible for anyone who wants to try catch up.
  3. Sounds like something a simpleton would do.
  4. Listening to the sound of me unlocking ultra rare platinums. As you can see on my profile
  5. Ps5 is a downgrade over ps4 ui in pretty much everyday except for the store.
  6. As the days go by. Looking forward to my 1k trophy spam game overlords.
  7. It's mainly a joke but up until very recently console offered nothing over PC other than the fact it was simpler to use, the barrier of entry was easier and exclusive games. With the advent of the new gen the gap has closed in terms of performance (mainly due to stagnation in graphical progression). Howevsr PC is still the best platform if you want the cheapest games, most choice in games (even more so now that Sony has started releasing some of its exclusives on PC) and just options in general. (120hz-300hz, controller choices, mods, unrestricted platforms, older game support etc)
  8. I love mystic. He makes great content and his opinions are usually spot on.
  9. One of my badland trophies. Was a difficult one that's for sure.
  10. So many more important things that need need be added/finished before this event gets a look in.
  11. Isn't b1rvine head of the CRT? If be thinks there should be a whitelist why isn't there one? Common sense would say these trophies should be white listed. It's madness that people are punished on this website for playing a game normally. At the very least hiding these games shouldn't count towards your 3 strikes.
  12. That I'm a highly skilled and technical Gamer.
  13. All games from discs will install. Wether they will run is another story. If it's a game that was an online service and it has since been closed then it won't play no matter what you do. If it's an older game and compatibility mode doesn't work there are always fan made fixes and patches you can find online. I would say the majority of PC games even from the 1990s will still work today if you're willing to to do some tweaking with fan made patches, even ones with troublesome defunct DRM.
  14. Of course not but the costs to run a service let a lone a streaming one is astronomical in cost. Not only would Sony be over paying for their bandwidth but they would also have a much smaller user base and the competition of gamepass. Most people don't have NBN here. Not even Microsoft have offer xcloud (game streaming) here.
  15. Raise my family. I also work. My son and daughter are both getting into gaming.