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  1. Is there anyone queuing the match making?
  2. If I see someone with a high completion % but then I see hidden trophies I know instantly their % is fake and not respectable. Just my opinion
  3. I'm looking forward to platinum this when I get my PS5
  4. I hate scalpers but at the end of the day there should be laws to stop this BS and companies like Sony,nvidia and Microsoft need to do more to stop people buying products for scalping purposes.
  5. Well to some people if you believe in birth control you must also believe in abortion. That's how everyone's different. Obviously there's a line and my line and your line is totally different. For some people it's all or nothing. To me, all forms of cheating are equal. If you play a game without using any hints, tips,exploits or guides then good for you. But most people are getting assistance in some some form. I would put using an in game exploit to get unlimited money on the same level as save file editing even though one is legal and one is not in the eyes of psnprofiles, but that's just my opinion. I also don't believe that share play for trophies is profolific in the slightest simply because I know the kind of trophies that people would be inclined use it for and the latency in share play is apparently bad enough to make it useless in those scenarios.
  6. I thought share play had a heap of input delay and was generally not very good for intense or timed play? I'm surprised it's even a thing. Trophy hunting became mostly pointless they started releasing multi-religion 10-minute platinum games en masse so I have no problem if people use a service that was created by PlayStation to get a trophy. If you're against shareplay you should also be against console commands or any kind of boosting.
  7. It's so sad they made that wingsuit tied to DLC or individual purchase because when I was going through the DLC flying into an area and launching a barrage of rocket was one of the coolest experiences in the game. It felt very epic.
  8. If you buy the DLCS it includes the skytriker outfit. I beat the entire game without the wingsuit because I didn't know it was included with the DLCS. It doesn't make it very clear nor easy to access. You can beat all the challenges without the jetpack but it sure would have been nice lol
  9. I'm so glad they're bringing more ps exclusives to PC. I said they would last year on reddit and nobody said they would. Look whos laughing now 🥰
  10. It's not capped at 30fps on pc and it's hardly a lot to ask to uncap the fps on console.
  11. Why would you ever choose single player over multplayer or vica verca?
  12. It's also capped @ 30fps on my series X.
  13. IDK why but for me its unacceptable. just letting you know.
  14. I can't speak on PS5 but I do have a series x and the game runs way better than it did on my one x
  15. Does this game have a lot of "beat the timer" challenges or chasing after X person in X amount of time ? I hate that shit and its the only thing I don't like about AC series.