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  1. Fair fair
  2. Finally there’s a leaderboard on truetrophies that doesn’t take into account people stacking. Fixes the fault that Sony has created with their greed.



    1. Dreggit


      It's not a perfect solution, but it helps I guess

  3. I remember posting about this on reddit when they released share holder reports and it clearly stated they are going to start releasing PS exclusives on PC. I got down voted into oblivion and told I was full of shit. Bloodborne announcement coming soon.
  4. PlayStation seriously lacking things to play and do. It's like I have to force myself to play something on PS that isn't already on gamepass or cheaper on steam.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PIECREAM-4-U


      yah been scalping my PS5 anytime I could get my hand on one. Theyre still selling for over $950 here in australia.

    3. Aluminium_Sirius


      play for yourself, not for others, you’ll feel a lot better

    4. AK-1138


      I've heard trying to fish out a tungsten railroad spike from a vat of acid using the ass hair of an aurochs is a much more engaging pastime than any kind of gaming, why not do that instead?

  5. Just listened to this band called Infected Drain and it's some of the dumbest music I've ever listened to. 

    1. AK-1138


      It's funny because the words "infected" and "dumb" do tend to go hand in hand on this status update feed...

    2. PIECREAM-4-U


      I'm sorry your taste in music is so god awful

  6.  Nickelodeon All-Stars is one of the most basic fighting games I've ever played. It's extremely fun and chill. Nearly gotten the platinum.

    It's nice they've actually released a fighting game for noobs for a change.

    1. Dreggit


      This is how Smash Bros. started before it got so... uh... what it is now. Smash Bros. 64 was always great :)

  7. Vudix is a nice guy and well meaning but he embellishes his ability. He just emails,tweets and discords publishers/developers through public channels or asks for contacts. He has no actual sway or authority. Not trying to knock the guy because he genuinely is helping but my point is anyone could do what he does with a bit of networking, time and patience.
  8. I'm pretty much in the same boat. It's hard to find a reason to turn my ps5 on with gamepass giving me so many choices. It's like I need to go out of my way to play my PS right now. Returnal was a nice distraction though.
  9. outside of the better controller, everything about it is a disappointment. The shape (looks like a router), finish (it looks as plastic as its made), size (its so big it doesnt fit in my entertainment unit), UI (busted trophy lists, terrible quick access menu, no themes) ,how they've handled this generations upgrades and trophy lists (multiple unnecessary trophy stacks, complicated upgrade paths and lack of previous gen support).
  10. Xbox manages to do it, so I don't see why Playstation can't.
  11. Controller tier list: Xbox elite series 2 Xbox series X controller PS5 Pretty much any third party xbox controller PS4 PS3
  12. Or playstation could just change their stupid trophy system and make one list per game, period.
  13. I can't even tell the difference between quality and performance outside of the FPS boost. I don't see any reason to play on quality.
  14. You're correct good sir.
  15. This website is great for finding people to play with, discussion and tips. The leader boards do not matter and have never mattered since Trophy unlockers, save editing, 1 minute easy mode games and regional stacks. The playstation system has been out so long its impossible for anyone who wants to try catch up.