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  1. hi every1 welcome to start of new decade 2020's 😮 it's funny how so much time has passed

    i send all the best for this new yr being 2020 & my last decade of 2010's i had my up's & down's but with all that i still had the best time was final yr being 2019 specially the final 4months  where i had started using my twitter & twitch accounts again and found/meet/talked with so many new people and cant forget about on this site same thing 😁👍 With all that said i i hope everybody has a wonderful 2020 & beyond and with all that life throws at you!! you come out the other side a better version of yourself or didn't let the down time change who u are 😎

    to end this i wish to send everybody happy greeting from 🇦🇺 Matt aka MadMatty75

  2. hi Legacy

    thanks for rep on my last i did here on psnprofiles forum

    also thanks for following&adding me as freind on my twitch

    and looking in ur info section i noticed ur in canada & ur b/day is same as mine 👍🏼

    sending regards from 🌏 > Australia matt

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    2. madmatty75


      true i have seen lots of that crap & i have reported heaps of twitter profiles but they where for twitter dm's i received from spam/profiles with only check me out at xxx porn site 🤬

      but as for what u said i would never report a tweet from anybody for saying that..if anything i would just block it if the user just had that kind of stuff all over there feed wall ( not saying u did )


    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      yeah i remember after not using Twitter for a year my DMs were full of spam and bots. it was brutal.  

      i speak my mind but barely do i ever say anything over the line on Twitter. But i guess they have a super strict policy now.. which is good. But sucks for me lol!

    4. madmatty75


      yeah they do now as i had same thing i did have my twitter set as private for 2yrs becouse of all the dm's i was getting plus i ended up staying away from there for just under 5yrs & just logged back in sept 17th this yr and un private my profile mid nov so i could have my tweets show 2 ppl i was following but wasn't following me back at the i am getting maybe 4 dm's like i said before every 2 days 🤢 but i wont put my profile back to private again i will just live with fact i have tone of reporting spam accounts 2 twitter

  3. Hi all and i hope every1 is having a great day/night depending where in the world u live

    here are links 2 my social media sites

    3. My Discord   madmatty75 #9856 
    4. i will be adding my twitter link into my Profile Information section soon
  4. hi puddles

    i used the link on discord 2 get here

    matt aka madmatty75

  5. ok the part u said about> no, trophy time stamps use a hidden clock you have no power over. It can only be controlled by the Sony servers, hence why you will get a missing time stamp on any trophy earned from a machine that hasn't logged into them before.< i dont understand what u mean? as i have had my account since before sony even added the option to have trophies in there games and yes what i said about (the timestamp for the trophy as the ps4/any sony system it uses the time/date u set on ur system to put timestamps) it is true i just cant show a example becouse i have so many games i have played it would take me forever to find just 1 example also back in the ps3 era when trophies 1st got released my freind had created a dummy psn account and had time/date/year settings on his ps3 set to different settings to what it actually was...example if it was say **10th/January/2007 he would set it as 19th/December/2010** and all trophies he got on that day would have that date as when he earned them **just used that date as example to prove my point** as for ur Question>> As for the game, since I haven't played it yet and made sure to remain completely in the dark about it, can someone clarify without spoilers: Are those voices other players that were shown there's someone with a birthday in the vicinity, or are they actually the game itself? << i dont know how it was done..
  6. yes but at same time it will change the timestamp for the trophy as the ps4/any sony system it uses the time/date u set on ur system to put timestamps i did way back in ps3 cant remember which game but i changed the time/date on my system then when i got the trophy pop for said showed t/stamp with the set info also for some games like death stranding.. when u start it will ask u to add ur b/day it will show day/month u have set when u made ur psn account...and yes in game u can change the day/date if u want..
  7. I'm only currently at episode 2 of death stranding but from what i have played it is definitely a Different kind of game...but i am liking it but i do agree with SOME.. of what ppl are saying about the game..of not being for everybody


    1. Icebrand1270


      There is no such thing as a "game everyone should play" or a "game no one should play". Everyone has different tastes in gaming. Critics will never grasp that... or want to.

    2. madmatty75


      hi Icebrand1270

      1st thing thanks for the rep :) and reply

      100% agree with what u said.. i just had other things distracting me when i made the post


    3. iGGTheEnd


      My favorite part about the game is how every item is a package on your back.  This is mainly because I think I have had the conversation with every single one of my gaming friends at least once while playing other games about how there's no way my character could carry 1million things and not even be wearing a backpack.  Kojima took that conversation literally and memed it in his game and I love it.

  8. happy birthday i have seen vid's/livestreams of ppl talking about b/day surprise but i wont see it in my own game as my b/day isn't till march
  9. Hi  A_B_Y_S_S_1

    just wanted to drop by & say thanks for the vids u made for Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    i had been looking for while on yt for guides with commentary not just showing where things are

    dont get me wrong any type of video content that helps players get through points of games they are stuck on are great/ helpful :) but the vids u make are just that little bit more helpful as u communicate or with some of the guide video's i have watched allready u talk at start explaining what ppl will see in the rest of the video

    keep up the great work

    regards from australia matt aka madmatty75

    1. GamingWithAbyss1


      Thank you I really appreciate letting me know. YouTube is a side job for me and it almost feels like a full-time job. So when I hear that the videos are helping or better because of the commentary then I know I'm on the right track. It's a lot of work and I appreciate the support. Thanks

    2. madmatty75


      ur very welcome sir :) 


    Assassin's Creed Origins

    2 months, 4 weeks, 1 day

    9:34:17 AM    25th Jan 2018
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    2. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯 

    3. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    4. madmatty75


      finally got back my 100% complete back after doing the 2 dlc' that were added after i 1st got plat/100%

    1. NERVergoproxy


      As much collecting there is for AC games I still love them all. Just never liked the MP part. I just feel those are clunky as shite.

    2. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯

    3. madmatty75


      thanks to u both

      and ERGOPROXY-DECAY i agree 100% thats why i for 1 was glad ac origins Doesnt have mp stuck on as other ac games did and ee28max  thanks dude yeah im so proud of myself for getting it and also for how quick i was able to do it:)

  11. am getting SO SICK of destiny 2 servers constantly crashing and i have had most likely EVERY error code there is to get most i have had is the dreaded baboon error lost count :(

  12. hi Brian

    just wanted to leave post saying THANK YOU for making this Uncharted The Lost Legacy CHAPTER 4 Collectibles map

    as i just been watched ur vid& went to ur link to ur website & printed out the map u made

    also wanted to say thanks for ALL the hard work/time u spend in making all the written  guides/vids u make on games u cover as they have helped me out so much when i have been stuck

    sending greetings from Australia matt aka madmatty75

  13. hi official-ME

    just wanted to say you helped me greatly with your Horizon Zero Dawn Trophy Guide i just gave it a 5 star rating

    the reason it took me so long to get the platinum on the game was i had to take break from game for few months to play other new releases that come out last few months

    greetings from Australia matt aka madmatty75

    1. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      Hi there,


      It's great that you find our guide helpful, really appreciate the feedback =D Nice to see that you've platted the game. Congratulations on the platinum :platinum: :yay:

      Greetings from sunny Belgium 🇧🇪


      P.S. Also subscribed to your YouTube channel (^_^ )

    2. madmatty75


      ur welcome and thank u on congrats 👍😉

      and thanks for sub on my you-tube channel i dont post vids much as i had made channel to watch/follow gaming/ trophies guide channels

      But depending on game i'm playing & if i remember to hit share button to start recording gameplay or start doing a LiveStream ( depending if my net speed is high enough to stream) i will uplad vids to my channel

  14. Hi my friend, it's nice to meet you (^_^ )

    1. madmatty75


      hi Official-ME-

      same nice to meet u to 😀