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  1. Roughly 15 hours without a guide. On my 2nd playthrough on PS4, I got the plat in under 4 hours.
  2. pretty much, there are a few miscellaneous trophies that might not pop after you've completed everything, but most should come naturally. Nothing is missable and trophies are pretty self explanatory.
  3. Thanks for the support! 😊 I've submitted a trophy guide, approval pending!
  4. Fellow trophy hunters, Here is a playlist of my 100% walkthrough of the game (all goldys). If you're stuck in a certain level, hope this helps with your plat 😉 not trying to shill my channel, it's not even monetized. but I couldn't find any guides while I was playing, so here you go
  5. Here are the locations of the gears I've found in NG+ *Updated* Total of 12 has been found. Unlocks the "Gimme a break..." Trophy
  6. interesting theory about the gears... I have collected about 7-8 so far, please try to capture the location where you find each one, as we dont know how any there are in total.
  7. I also have not finished the quest with Enoki's food truck. Where can I find him? As for the "Gimme a break" trophy.. I guess we'll have to keep looking
  8. No, there is a hidden vent behind a poster that you can enter on the 2nd floor
  9. awesome, thanks! now I just need to complete NG+ mode to hopefully unlock everything.
  10. thank you for the help in the quests by the way, have you found anything about the locked door in the mysterious hallway?
  11. For "TV Dinner", I checked my trophy screenshot, I somehow got this in R.C. High school while going into the vent that drops down to the auditorium. Not sure if this helps.
  12. Thanks for the clues! I can read it just fine. For "Here's your book back", I believe in R.C. High School where there's a book hanging from the ceiling where you must jump and retrieve.
  13. Starting a thread to ask if anyone knows of any of these quests/areas where I'm having trouble on solving. Spoiler alert: Edit: Also looking to see if anyone have done these trophies and know how to do them: Lost Track of Time Survival Horror Cryptid Corner Gimme a break... (I assume this one is just collect all accessories?) Funktasmical! I am on my New Game + run now. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  14. Seems similar to before, most of the trophies are quest/story related, with the exception of 100% completion and a few coop trophies. I would say you need NG+ to unlock everything. So far I have completed the game once, but still loitering to finish up the quests. The hidden store in RCG1 is still present, and those 2 items costs $5,000 a piece. and in response to the post above, yes the game is somehow 30fps and has a few softlock issues. (Asian version anyway, maybe will be fixed in the western release)
  15. Just want to confirm, it seems the autopop issues are fixed now. I just downloaded the PS5 version today, and the platinum popped 1st try without any issues.