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  1. Yeah. I got the physical Japanese version for this stack
  2. I think it's also after beating every characters bloody palace too
  3. I don't know if its timing is technically a just frame? it becomes muscle memory if you keep practicing it, it's holding a button and releasing it at the perfect timing you can do it 3 times perfect just judgment cut, you can also cancel it by trick too i think
  4. With now 1.06, does it still work??
  5. Its kinda weird yeah, it doesnt show up when i clicked the link it on my phone it directed me immediately to the ps app and it wasn't available too, i had to open it on my laptop for the link you sent to show up. Its a weird issue
  6. Ohh, Thank you, I thought it was delisted because it wasn't available at the console store, i didn't expect to find it on the web-store i will put this at mind then. 😅
  7. I cant seem to find this game on either the EU or NA store, but thankfully i found it and bought it off the JP store, its a bit weird its delisted since it only released couple monthes ago
  8. Looks really straightword, it would be kinda like 3/10
  9. Man, i cant wait for the English localization to play this, i hope type-moon makes one
  10. Man this game is great, its no problem for me to reattempt it again
  11. It isn't really an issue but something I found quite weird, if the jp version released it would be way easier due to difficulty select, and also if they released a JP version or AS, its more likely to have a stack due to release date differences. 🤔
  12. Yes, it does include english, i've got the JP phy stack from playasia.