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  1. By the way, if you're one who like their developers to stay ethical, you might want to pass on this one. The developer basically took the game away from most people who have it on Steam, in an effort to make sure sales of the new console release didn't suffer: 



  2. This is the only trophy I'm missing, and I'm getting a little frustrated, as I can't figure out which quest I must be missing.


    I've started a new game and have finished all the quests up to the second floor, hoping it would pop along the way, but nothing yet.


    In my first game, I saved right before the end, so went back to it, thinking maybe I missed Hotel for Adventurers 4 or something, but no. So I went through my list of completed quests and compared it to the guide here, and it looks like I've done them all...


    Does anyone have any idea what I might be missing?


  3. Ugh.


    PSN is far from perfect, but while I love Steam, I hate the fact that anyone can publish anything there. For the most part, we've been reasonably protected from that stuff on PSN.


    So I see this as a scary thing. There need to be standards for what is on the store.


  4. Nice work. It will definitely take some getting used to for me personally. It seems to have a much more generic look now.

    Like others, I agree there should be some kind of visual difference between completed games with and without platinums.

    I noticed the game "descriptions" are now gone... Easy, Hard, Extreme, etc. Although ultimately I guess they weren't very useful, I found them nice to see.

    Again, nice work.