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  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned but Woah Dave such a great game. One of my firm favourites, it can be quite challenging but once you get the mechanics down it does become a great way to spend some time
  2. I haven't touched the online aspect since obtaining the trophies but I generally got a game regardless of the time. I'm Uk so BST timezone
  3. Just a heads up for anyone interested in World Of Tanks. The devs removed content a while back that was required for some base and dlc trophies so the plat/100% is now unobtainable
  4. Who the fuck plays PGA?? With PGA I'd at least expect a zombie mole to pop up out the hole if you get a hole in one. Or some of the crowd turn into zombies and you have a mini game of hitting the heads as far as you can (2-4 players would be substantial enough for this)
  5. To be fair the multiplayer is quite straight forward, it may take a few games to get used to it but using a cheese method as outlined in the trophy guide it takes no time at all. Just follow the guide and you can't go wrong Personally I enjoyed the division from the initial load up. But if you didn't put much time into I'd highly recommend giving it another go. Once you have access to all the map and dlc modes it can be quite fun. Survival is amazing, underground is better with friends and last stand is the thing nightmares are made out of
  6. Trying to stay within your list as shown I do highly recommend The last of us- I thought it was a masterpiece and quite the emotional roller coaster. Hellblade- I did enjoy it quite a bit although it is a short game, enjoyed it enough to do both stacks L.A Noire- is an enjoyable little title, although it feels weird upholding the law instead of running round with a rocket launcher obliterating everything in sight like GTA Can I also recommend What remains of Edith finch- an under appreciated masterpiece Mafia series- I had a great feeling of nostalgia playing the first after many many years The division 1- I will say 2 is good but nowhere near as good as the original Sniper elite series- cause let's he honest, who doesn't enjoy blowing some random nazis nuts off
  7. Ah OK awesome. I was just a little concerned due to the speed and gap between rank 50-100 cause that would be significantly lower
  8. I'm just looking for some info regarding the community created jobs. I was looking for a decent way to farm xp and cash early on in the game to buy properties/ veichles ect and came across some *Peter griffin* Community jobs that are mostly afk with a rubber band layouts. Can using these result in either bans or removal from leaderboards as they do accumulate xp rather quickly
  9. Thank you for the clarification
  10. I'm just curious to know if I bought EA play for a month would star wars auto pop due to me having the plat on the EU version or would it be another playthrough. I know the ps5 version pops
  11. Yeah I ain't really worried. Heard of the rotation so it just means a little patience. Can still enjoy the online and get a few things prepared in the meantime
  12. Just an FYI for you all. Last night myself and a friend ran a rally race. I was giving directions using the mic and at the end of the race thr trophy did NOT pop. This maybe due to us being the only people in the race but then again it could be due to the removal of modes. We're going to try again with 2 cars in a race I think but I'll update as soon as possible
  13. Just an FYI incase it does indeed count but player created sea races are still accessible. However I believe parachute ones aren't possible. I'm holding hope that the rotation does indeed happen so I'm just gonna get the remaining requirement done and bide my time, cross my fingers, eyes and toes and see what happens
  14. Also I maybe just pissing in the wind with this but yesterday I was just rambling round not doing anything in particular and a free roam event activated which was a parachute jump. Could that be something to do with it? I couldn't actually click on the parachute missions in the online jobs tab as it said I haven't unlocked them. Apologies for the bad wording but I'm still learning my way around the game
  15. I've already put a request in to speak to someone new