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  1. The trophy list for STO has been officially revealed on the website. What do you think? Does anyone with a previous experience with the game have any opinions they'd like to share?
  2. There is a tactical gear called the 'Revival Injector'. Having this out allows you to throw a disc thingy at downed teammates and revive them.
  3. I would love another PSABR. I loved it so much that I got the double plat
  4. Can anyone confirm if the DLC wheels work towards the 500km trophy?
  5. Didn't expect to see DLC ever being released for this game. Looks easy and short for those interested in collecting the trophies
  6. All we know about it is that it's a playable Batgirl DLC, and we've seen the trophy list and a character rendering. It will also be part of the Season Pass.
  7. You need to do an object takedown. Press square and x when you get close to him.
  8. Hello guys. The game has multiple endings which are decided by how many Most Wanted missions you complete before finishing the main story. Are there any specific trophies tied with different endings? Having a look through the trophies, Nightfall might be. Also, can you achieve different endings after finishing the main story, or do you have to do everything beforehand? Regards, PaRaSiTe
  9. Didn't even know there are multiple endings :/ Are any trophies linked to getting a certain ending?
  10. Hello guys. For those unaware, DCUO is one of the largest trophy lists in gaming, and is constantly getting updated with new trophies. This has resulted in there never being any people that can hold the 100%. However, some good news, this may stop, and the current trophy list may be the finished result. Why is this? Well, DCUO have moved to a monthly content update rather quarterly. This means smaller but more often new packages of DLC will be released, and they may not come with trophies. So, for those interested in getting this lovely 100%, it would be a great time to start now
  11. Looking super easy except for Tabula Rasa. That is hands down the hardest trophy in the list.
  12. Ergh, patiently waiting for more news sucks
  13. Actually, some Game stores are doing midnight openings for ESO and Batman... I guess you just got unlucky with your closest store :/
  14. It's really down to you mate, we shouldn't be choosing, it is your account after all
  15. No problem. I've got the season pass so I've played both of the DLCs. I stopped the multiplayer section of AW soon after release as I didn't like it much so I haven't played the DLC maps, but I have completely finished the zombies. They're both fun, and I'd recommend getting both, but if you only want one I do think the second one is better.