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  1. Finally Did it!!! Had to do Legit v1.10. I totally Agree with the 7/10 without exploit rating. Game was still pretty much fun and ps4 Version plat is coming aswell. Just the Spike is pretty Huge. Rot God was hell of a Pain for me (Phase between 1 to 2, where u have to kill mobs without rot skills) Here is some Hints for the Mid/Late bosses: When boss is staggered and ur not in the best range, just keep spamming arrows. for Toshi aggresive play and parry can help a lot. hes is easy to cheese with running of and using das into him + "Perfect hit Skill afterwards" rinse and repeat. Each Dash staggers him again if he isnt lighting up blue. Mid Health he starts running towards u so save up Rot points to close the gap from Shield/Dash cooldown to fill it up with Rot Hammer. Also staggers him. Rot God 3rd Phase has a small skip. Parry the first enemy u see and u can instantly pop 1 of his swords, even before he runs off the first time. Most of the difficulty comes from Just dealing no real damage. Whats kind of sad Cheers guyz
  2. Well... Even on my PS System (PS5) i just had the Popup for the trophies when i played the first time, Repeated the game 3 More times (Save delete, Reinstall) Now they have Synced. I dont know what caused this delay (Mb PS4 Version on PS5?), but they are there now with the correct timestamps. So i think the other Playtroughs were just to play this wonderful game more multiple times than needed >.< Thx for your Advice, what to do in those cases, imma keep those in mind
  3. I Played the NA Version and Last Trophies did not pop. But on Screen i saw the Trophy Message. But afterwards i saw the trophies "have not been earned" I Allready replayed from scratch. What else possibilities do i have to make them pop. Next i would do is reinstall the game, start a fresh playthrough and check what happens. Is it possible to get in a "Frozen" State where the trophies are not able to ever pop ? Regards
  4. So i was submitting a Support-Ticket on the official PUBG Support. Here is the Answer: Meaning, everything counting in for Trophies besides Bugged are purely achievable via normal game mode. And they still can not tell, when Trophies will be a 100% fixed, but working on it. So everything in Custom/Arcade etc. does not count.
  5. A Bug occured on me on the ps4 Version when i cleared the Trial 7 Dungeon. Could fix the locked door with a little glitch i found out. Here is the video
  6. As others allready said, beeing Part of achieving something, doesnt matter what roll. If u play the healer cause others do better in any other class its totally fine, since u take your roll and help :). Was just about really not putting any effort. Playing in Coop getting Carried is still playing and trying to do something.
  7. Good point, but thats what i mean. As u say, i would think your son at least tried it by himself, thats what im talking about. There is a lot that has to be done before you are even able to do the next step. So basicly a question about if someone requests getting 100% of collectibles trophy and doesnt even have 25% trophy earned himself. Is it just a moralic thing or is it someone who does not even want to give it a shot ?
  8. Im Pretty new to the Scene and Community and asked myself if i should support "trophy leeching" (Dunno if it even exists) or not. Means People do not even try any effort for something and want u to do it for them. I mean, for me im a helpful player, but if people e.g. didnt even play the game once themselves and ask ppl for helping them via Shareplay, should i take it as a troll or real leeching, or should i still try to help ? For me its more of the moralic shit, if i played 1000's of hours, why just donate to s.o. without any effort. (1000h work vs "let them do it for me") How are things taken up in here ? Im Asking since everybody here was allways helpfull, but i never really requested something (Latest plat i needed help with, MGS: Peacewalker rathalos wing drop, when i was added to get the weapon drop, i dropped it myself and got the plat with that drop, but it was like 2% and 1 Trophy to get the game done). I Got added, had it allready, but this trophy is pretty luck based. For Having a Contrast, Would you play in ppls plats in games like SMB just when requested, or just when they might miss 1 trophy ? Greets guys As i said, im pretty new to the trophy hunting community and started around last year.
  9. 1. Well i Completed Halo 2 over 10 Times on legendary (XBOX) 2. Got all Achievements on PUBG (PC) Never wanted to play it on PS4/5 3. Completed DKC on SNES for 104% *, sadly never completed DKC2 and 3 Fully 100% 4./5. Im playing Videogames since SNES generation (1996) 6. I've got a dogo, wife and a job Still i think even passing all of your tests, i will stay trophyhunter BTW WHERE IS MY FREAKING BADGE ? !!!!!
  10. Post might be Dead, but worked for me directly thx. Started all Characters fresh and hit till lvl 1 deep marsh. Popped after 3rd character 3rd boss
  11. Powerpyx says you can, or am i getting it Wrong ?? https://www.powerpyx.com/outriders-trophy-guide-roadmap/ QUOTE: Automatically unlocking Trophies from Demo & Automatically unlocking Trophies between PS4/PS5 Versions Outriders has a free demo to try out. All progress from the demo is carried over into the full game and any trophy requirements you’ve fulfilled will automatically unlock when you log into the full game for the first time. The way this works is that there’s an in-game accolade for each trophy. The server checks if you have the accolade and if you do it retroactively unlocks the trophies in the full game. If you have platinumed either the PS4, or the PS5 version you can easily get a double platinum! Simply install the 2nd game version and all trophies will automatically unlock on the first login! No need to replay any of it. For example, if you platinumed the PS4 version you can download the PS5 version, log in one time, and all trophies instantly unlock for you.
  12. Nope not possible Would be too easy then
  13. Dunno where to get beam rifle from exactly but as u said rng boss. Swarm is from that vodoo kinda guy in corsus. Btw there is allmost an alternate way to kill bosses nearly all the time, so e.g. the slaugther u could sneak to his basement and hide in his pots. Thus makes u get his hammer.
  14. For the lifeleech build, see the description in my YouTube Video. Anyways, u can even add me if u need further help
  15. Have u got the Dlc's ? I Got a Lifeleech Build, where u are Able to get Ixillis in like 20-40 Seconds done. Plus u only die if the situation is really bad. Otherwise i recomend having either the Spellshield mod from the Twin bosses in Rhom or The Mod from Riphide (Earthrealm) which grants invincibility for 100% of ur health BTW IMPORTANT TO MENTION!!! Scales go ONLY for equipment as Weapons and Armor Level. U can Farm all the Traits and max them without difficulty Increase. So theoretical u just go for Traits and Never Upgrade Weapons. Just keep your Gear on The same level as your highest found items and you should roll through the game fairly easy