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  1. Did u play on a PS5 or PS4 System ? For a friend it worked on ps4, since im on ps5 this might be the problem ?
  2. Trophies got marked unobtainable in psnp+ ist it true now ?
  3. Agree most take around 45 min. Just 2-3 can be speedrun pretty easy within 10 minutes
  4. Gotcha mate, just didnt read right ^^ Sounds like a fun game aswell
  5. Did authentic plus legit solo, until a kind played joined me in the final level. If you have a friend you duo with anyways. Use the "Unlimited lives" method. 2nd Player joins your game and rampages all over. If he gets knocked down, he just needs to disconnect and accept the same invite from before and starts with fresh full health and ammo, rinse and repeat to take this stuff away as easy as possible. So sadly i dont have any saves since i did both trophies in 1 run. If you stuck hard on a level feel free to add and we might figure out a date, just wont have time to do the stuff fully again.
  6. Maybe one of you knows until i will use even more time to try getting those trophies: Have 4 saves now Save 1 Sweet speed 1.0 playthrough speed 1.2 all missions again Save 2 Atomic Speed 1.2 all missions replayed for better time Save 3 Sweet speed 1.2 all missions replayed for better time Save 4 Sweet speed 1.6 playthrough Didnt get double up or faster yet Everything else popped like a charm
  7. You can choose all elegible games you want. Just Read the rules and stick to them
  8. NVM Forget about it, you get the blueprint from the blue axe throwing knights and just need to kill a purple werewolf with it
  9. What to exactly do ? I thought killing a werewolf in Richter mode with throwing axe from the old castlevania, but could not find one. Is it something totally different i need to do ? It says kill a Werewolf with a throwing axe
  10. Anyone knows if BPM / Bullets per Minute is a 10/10 ? Since im on it and ffs i think it is definately a 10/10 but could not find any difficulty ratings yet
  11. Dang it did mgs2 years ago Will there be a FF series challenge maybe ? Without end date ?
  12. to make things sure stick to 1 mode fpp/tpp and check ur past seasons if you got 0 kills in season 23 eg check if u did on 22 then check 21 etc. go through all modes like solo/duo/squads
  13. MSG me for elden ring Got the double plat and willing to help out with ease
  14. @Rebourne07 Aight im in maybe in, could you check my list on pn if its legitimate ? You are able to do more than 1 list right ? As i got plenty of stuff between 1-6/7 thats kinda quick to finish ^^ Only 8-10ish aint that much more of a choice for me in terms of enjyoing the games or just tryharding them haha
  15. Nope it takes over to the next season i did the first plat over 4 seasons and did the NA version in 1 season So its fine. You can track your stats if you are not sure. and see what you did for the season you choose