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  1. Just be aware tho that for the speed run trophy you need 1 continuous playtrough. You can't lower your time via chapter select. Play on Easy but start from chapter 1 and run thru the game πŸ‘
  2. Ok, let's say I want to have JUST the Spyro 1 trophy list. I know when you start the game you automatically get the 3 trophy lists for the 3 games. My question is: If after I've got the platinum of the first Spyro I delete the trophy lists of the 2nd and the 3rd, do they disappear from the PSN Profiles list as well?!
  3. Played it almost 1 year ago now. Had no problem with purchase and download tbh. May be related to store region (?) If you REALLY want to play this (and you should πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚) there is a disc version of this game u should be able to find easy on amazon/ebay. πŸ€™πŸ½
  4. Ok, I haven't got the plat yet, but I've finished the Akumu run.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ What can I say after this, is that IMO; @Burstawesome & @gamercris066 were right this was easier then brutal Uncharted. but just for one reason, and here is were I have to say THANK YOU to @Startyde! With Jigsaw Killer guide, Akumu is legit a breeze. I died just 50 times more then the survival run. And mostly for traps or silly weird circumstances. This guide makes Akumu feel easier then the first run honest to god. SUPER USEFUL. πŸ‘Thanks!
  5. Will definitely go have a look when it comes to the Akumu playtrough πŸ‘Œ Thank you very much!
  6. I guess is all this guy's fault πŸ˜„
  7. Thank you for your help guys! I'll give it a go! (witch means I'll get 100% one way or another πŸ˜…) hopefully won't be too much of a pain. I'll edit this comment when I have done it and how hard it was! πŸ˜–
  8. I did it without tweaks. Just with the shooting behind cover method for drake's fortune. Honestly, is super doable. If you are decent on shooters, even FPS tbh, I think you can literally walk over the first 3 games. Is far from a 9/10 difficulty that you read on the trophy guide IMO. Give it a go, then if you struggle go with the tweaks.
  9. If you have played both. What is worst? I've just 100% the 3 Uncharted games. Was considering to give this a try. Brutal was meant to be super hard.. but wasn't really imo. Of course you die a lot but nothing that made me destroy a pad (and I have destroyed plenty 😬). If you have played both, witch one would you consider the hardest?
  10. I personally see this as the worst of the 3. Way more glitches and the shooting part feels worst then the first 2 IMO. If u go for 100% also brutal feels worst. Not harder, just worst. Crazy checkpoints, IA aggro you even with not having actual sight. Before replaying them i remembered the second as the best, and well. I think my memories were on point. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
  11. I've tried to talk to EA, but they said that as the console turns off I should talk to Sony as is "their duty". Couldn't contact Sony yet as is Saturday and they don't work. But what I'm afraid of is sending the playstation to fix for weeks for something that, as @Null_Spectre mentioned may be due to Fifa and can be patched by them. I've tried pretty much everything in the reddit post you shared @Astray404, nothing seem to make the game work. Something I found on a another reddit thread was about the game language causing this error, and it may be my case as I have the game in Italian, but voices in English. Tried to switch back to everything in English but that haven't solved the problem unfortunately.
  12. How can a game make my PS5 turn off? Was playing Hades with no problem, and I decided to give Fifa a go. Downloaded it. Launched it. Mid way thru the intro I thought was time to skip and quickly go to the real game... and bum. Playstation turned off. When turned on It started "rebuilding database", upon reaching 100%, instead of turning back on it was turning off, and then on again and rebuild database, over and over again. Only way to turn the console back on was from safe mode, update the system software (witch btw was already updated before) and after that the console starts with no problem. Once in the menu I can run disc games, every other digital game, but if I try to play Fifa the console shuts down again. The very few times just the game crashes it gives the following error: CE-108255-1. But is the only game that has this problem. It truly doesn't make any sense to me. I tried to reset the console, reinstall the system software, delete cache and of course rebuilding database πŸ˜’ but nothing. In 20 years of gaming I've never seen a game shutting down a console for something different then overheating. Should I send it to assistance or it's a matter then can be solved with a game update? I'm very ignorant on a technical level, but I would love to understand what the hell is going on. Thank you ahead for your time.
  13. Hey sorry just read this. Not sure if you solved already. What I can say is that it definitely didn't unlock on my first character at level 10. The second one actually unlocked the trophy, but for some weird reason it didn't pop on the screen. I just got it when I checked the trophy list and made the sync. For this reason yes, if you don't get it on the first I def recommend level up another one.
  14. Never mind. it gave me the trophy when the second one hit 10. just didn't pop on screen. Strange stuff.
  15. Hey guys, I almost got the plat, I have 2 characters at level 10 and still didn't get this trophy. Any suggestion?