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  1. Hey guys, a side from "Are We Cool?" are there any other trophies related to the class you pick? I wanted to play another class without having to go thru the game one more time, I've got the "Are We Cool?" trophy, so, is it cool if I now restart the game and go for all the others? πŸ˜… or there is some other stuff that I unlock just playing that specific class?
  2. It's called Gravel Tunnels
  3. I had plenty of the materials. They are all checked like 3/3 - 2/2 and so on, like, I have enough of each. I read about the only missable trophy was the romance and I focused on that one and got it straight away. The problem is that Lorestone in the dead middle of Gallow Ends. Is on that path that is blocked by rubbles on both sides, and apparently you can reach that via tunnels this damn dwarf has to make. 😑
  4. Okay long story short. I have reached the dlc that takes you to Gallows End. Played the whole dlc. Collected a lot of resources meanwhile. Then I went to upgrade the keep. After the initial mission tho I believe I have stumbled into a bug because I do have enough materials to complete the quest, but the dwarf doesn't want them and keeps telling me to find more. I played thru the rest of the game thinking I would have just reloaded my save before the DLC after all the other trophies to just replay that and finish. My problem is that one of the Lorestones is not accessible if not upgrading the tunnels apparently, witch is exactly where the game got bugged. I have completed all of the main game lorestones and the trophy didn't pop so I'm assuming I'll need that one to get the Loremaster trophy. 😫 But my saved game is just before the DLC, so literally eons ago. Does anyone know if there is a way to de-bug that quest? Or, alternatively, are there any other lorestones in the other DLC's that wound count instead of that one? Thank you for your help guys. πŸ˜…
  5. Question: Is it worth to get those double point opportunities or is just better to avoid as they increase also another trait on top of virtuoso?
  6. Hey I ended up following your order. (Only difference i saved everybody on my Real Survivor Jill run) now i have 1 question tho; if i speed run the game on very easy will i get the trophy for unlocking all the weapons?
  7. Thank you for the hints. I'll try to find out what way is the ideal for me between what you and @James Tiger suggested. The crimson was kinda long to take down but not too hard, I tried to force him to do reverse attacks by standing behind him, and by dodging that you definitely have enough time to stab him safely.
  8. Hi, relatively simple question; I have just finished the game with Chris, knife only, saving everybody. I have noticed in the end tho I did it on Normal, instead of Easy/Very Easy like the guide suggested. So I have unlocked already the "Real Survivor" difficulty. My question is: did I save myself some playtrough or is the same and I should just go back and stick to the guide to optimise everything? I was thinking now to go for a Jill - Very Easy - Pick up everything - No Save game - Save everyone playtrough. Then Jill real survivor saving no one. Very Easy - Invisible Enemies with Chris Then Chris, speed run no save anyone. But that would add up to just 5 playtrough instead of the 6 the guide suggest. Is there anything I'm missing? πŸ˜… Thank you in advance for the help! πŸ’ͺ
  9. Just be aware tho that for the speed run trophy you need 1 continuous playtrough. You can't lower your time via chapter select. Play on Easy but start from chapter 1 and run thru the game πŸ‘
  10. Ok, let's say I want to have JUST the Spyro 1 trophy list. I know when you start the game you automatically get the 3 trophy lists for the 3 games. My question is: If after I've got the platinum of the first Spyro I delete the trophy lists of the 2nd and the 3rd, do they disappear from the PSN Profiles list as well?!
  11. Played it almost 1 year ago now. Had no problem with purchase and download tbh. May be related to store region (?) If you REALLY want to play this (and you should πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚) there is a disc version of this game u should be able to find easy on amazon/ebay. πŸ€™πŸ½
  12. Ok, I haven't got the plat yet, but I've finished the Akumu run.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ What can I say after this, is that IMO; @Burstawesome & @gamercris066 were right this was easier then brutal Uncharted. but just for one reason, and here is were I have to say THANK YOU to @Startyde! With Jigsaw Killer guide, Akumu is legit a breeze. I died just 50 times more then the survival run. And mostly for traps or silly weird circumstances. This guide makes Akumu feel easier then the first run honest to god. SUPER USEFUL. πŸ‘Thanks!
  13. Will definitely go have a look when it comes to the Akumu playtrough πŸ‘Œ Thank you very much!
  14. I guess is all this guy's fault πŸ˜„
  15. Thank you for your help guys! I'll give it a go! (witch means I'll get 100% one way or another πŸ˜…) hopefully won't be too much of a pain. I'll edit this comment when I have done it and how hard it was! πŸ˜–