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  1. The damn gun shoots when I release square, applying less pressure works in a way but is EXTREMELY unreliable. Video on YouTube shows a guy on xbox freezing pressing the equivalent of our L3 but ofc it doesn't work. I'm sure is something pretty dumb I'm missing
  2. First person is a different button, but once in first person i point the weapon with square, and when released it shoot if i pressed too hard. I’m 2 hours in the game literally saving every tag i collect. Biggest pain in the ass ever.
  3. brilliant idea having an unload gun. as I just started I'm on very easy now, I'll try to practice like that hopefully I'll be good in enough in doing it smoothly when I'll have to go for hard and extreme playtrought. I hoped there was an alternative way tho. When I started this today I knew it would have been a pain, I guess it will be even more then I expected. Thank you so much tho
  4. We clearly are of another generation because I know yours. Keen I think. playing in dos. Feel old right now. The problem is that I have to collect a billion dog tags in multiple playtrough, I can't shoot every single guy twice before doing it right. there must be something I'm missing. or at least, I hope
  5. Hello, I've never played BL3, but as I read multiple comments on the ps5 version of the game being a bit "unreliable" when it comes to trophies I decided I want to play the ps4 version. I have a ps5 tho, and my question is pretty easy: can I download JUST the ps4 version of the game on my ps5 or it will automatically download the ps5 version, locking me out of the possibility to play the version of the game I want? Thank you in advance, don't really post a lot in the forum so I hope I didn't ask something dumb
  6. You are timing it wrong most likely. Assuming your only problem is the first police car, WAIT don't do the movement the moment it appear on the screen, wait for the police car to make a little movement in the direction of your car and THEN slowly do the movement. The only thing you are doing wrong is the timing, guarantee 100% wait a bit longer and you get it first try.
  7. I’ve obtained Take the Cannoli already. I did that first thing when i started the game. So my criminal rating isn’t a problem at all. What i’m worried for is just 100%. I’m kinda scared of doing all the stuff that i still have to do and find out in the very end that the 100% trophy is not popping
  8. After the 20th try of the boat I've inserted a cheat to use cars on water, I dumbly saved the game on another slot. I went back to a previous save, before the Checkpoint Charlie mission, before I inputed the cheat, Is my save game corrupted? do I have to restart from the beginning because of this bullshit I did, or I can safely achieve 100% in the save game that was PREVIOUS me input the cheat? When I load the previous file cars do not go on water anymore, but I really can't understand if the save corrupted files also backwards or just the one I saved after in a different slot is corrupted.
  9. Did you manage to download DLCS? I’d like the 100% without dlc i can’t get it i guess...
  10. Hey guys. The last hitman i played was contracts back in the old times, and this would be my first hitman on ps4 so i’d start freah. I’m aiming for 100%. So here are my questions: - What other games do i have to purchase for dlcs? - How long it takes for 100%? - Can i play for the DLC trophies without being worried of actually “starting” the whole other games trophy list? - Any significant glitched trophy on the way to 100%? Maybe are dumb questions but all this mess with different versions and trophies carrying over for previous games is a bit confusing 😅 thank you very much people
  11. Hi all, i started the game keeping an eye on missable trophies to avoid having to play the game again. I’m before the end of chapter 4 and i just started to focus on Errand Boy. i have been roaming around but none asked me anything. I read online in another forum people saying you can COMPLETE requests up to chapter 4, but you have to get them on chapter 2. The only 1 i’ve done so far is the harmonica for Abigail. Miss 4 more, and i don’t know id is doable. (plus at the camp there is just the same 4 people, doing same things, not refreshing: Javier, Leopold Strauss, Uncle and Lenny. all the rest of the people is missing apart from ofc Hosea and Dutch witch would start my mission) i have a manual save on chapter 3 but still i have the same doubt. Can i get an extra 4 requests in chapter 4, should i use that backup save of ch3 or i’ll have to start all over to do it in ch 2? Thank you guys 🤙🏽