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  1. Did you manage to download DLCS? I’d like the 100% without dlc i can’t get it i guess...
  2. Hey guys. The last hitman i played was contracts back in the old times, and this would be my first hitman on ps4 so i’d start freah. I’m aiming for 100%. So here are my questions: - What other games do i have to purchase for dlcs? - How long it takes for 100%? - Can i play for the DLC trophies without being worried of actually “starting” the whole other games trophy list? - Any significant glitched trophy on the way to 100%? Maybe are dumb questions but all this mess with different versions and trophies carrying over for previous games is a bit confusing 😅 thank you very much people
  3. Hi all, i started the game keeping an eye on missable trophies to avoid having to play the game again. I’m before the end of chapter 4 and i just started to focus on Errand Boy. i have been roaming around but none asked me anything. I read online in another forum people saying you can COMPLETE requests up to chapter 4, but you have to get them on chapter 2. The only 1 i’ve done so far is the harmonica for Abigail. Miss 4 more, and i don’t know id is doable. (plus at the camp there is just the same 4 people, doing same things, not refreshing: Javier, Leopold Strauss, Uncle and Lenny. all the rest of the people is missing apart from ofc Hosea and Dutch witch would start my mission) i have a manual save on chapter 3 but still i have the same doubt. Can i get an extra 4 requests in chapter 4, should i use that backup save of ch3 or i’ll have to start all over to do it in ch 2? Thank you guys 🤙🏽