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  1. In my case, I would say none actually. I'm the kind of guy who thinks that, even if it's a bad game/bad trophy list, I still went out of my way to do it and therefore complete it.
  2. For someone who doesn't have any of the online trophies of this game like me, is it actually possible to do all of them before the servers close?
  3. My rarest trophy would be Bold Survivor - Fantasy Strike (0,51%) All cause I can't get the last trophy left for the game and the platinum 😑
  4. Hi, I was wondering, can the 5 straight Episodes win trophy be unlocked with that mode?
  5. Hey, I only discovered this thread recently earlier, but I thought it would be fun to participate as I already want to complete every Yakuza game and get their platinums. However, so far I only managed to obtain 0's platinum, but I did finish the main story of 0 to 4 and I'm currently halfway through Judgment's story as well. But I do believe I can succeed in my goal, as I am no stranger to either difficult or grindy platinums. Kiwami is my next target platinum-wise.