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  1. I guess if this is the case, then what's the point of the leaderboards?
  2. The Zodiac Killer mystery intrigues me so much so I will have to pick up this game
  3. why isn't hakoom on the leaderboards anymore?

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    2. locoporkko


      Because is a hacker

      Git 25 medal cops and in 8 seconds more 50 medal cop is hack the game

    3. AlchemistWer
    4. UltraFire121


      Serves the fucking cheater right. But um...He's like a white zetsu? Hahaha, that makes perfect since.

  4. The thing is there really is no leaderboard policy. The leaderboards aren't even a true representation of right now tbh because Ikemenzi hasn't been updated in over a month..There are team accounts (even though they might be legal let's be honest they shouldn't be because "impossible timestamps"), bought trophies, modded trophies. Prejudice should not dictate the leaderboards but some how the minority in the original whitelist thread that didn't want it implemented won because someone didn't want to implement it. Even though the whole plan was worked out and written write there it still wouldn't be done. At this point so many other things dictate the leaderboards so why not just add it to the mix won't hurt. I'm pretty sure (I can't remember fully) people mentioned in the original whitelist thread their thoughts on hidden trophies. Even if it isn't out in the open there is a stigma on this site that hidden = cheated and you cannot deny that
  5. I don't think it's the numbers that comes into it, it's the stigma from some of the members here that say "all profiles with hidden trophies are cheaters" "accounts with hidden trophies shouldn't be on the leaderboards"...those are things that are posted here. No one wants to be labled a cheater for something they didn't do so in some ways yes you are dictated to what you play. I'm not saying that going to those extremes is right and people should have more tolerance towards that stuff (I for one don't give a shit) but hidden trophies seemed to be used against people in arguments, once the stigma goes then we can talk about removing the want for the whitelist
  6. The bullshit argument of "the leaderboards will be affected" from some of the members will again be more important than the whitelist feature. I would love the whitelist feature. It needs to come into affect because there are more than 3 games where you can get hacked but again it's been 4 years, there is no rush plus even blindmango said Sly isn't interested in it. Another issue is that there are few members here that believe the 3 things in life are Death, Taxes and Deleting your profile when trophies start popping.
  7. At this point, I seriously doubt the rules will change. The excuse of people will take advantage of it will come into effect and affect the "quality of the leaderboards" so the limit of hidden games will probably just go to 5
  8. @MMDE If that's the case why not just unban him for the time being and then once you figure it out put the flag back on or just leave it. It's not fair to the OP that he is left off the leaderboards for a month IF there is nothing you do find.
  9. dunno if this is allowed but the sad day has come where I need to sell my collection. All my games are up on eBay here -


    If you're an Aussie please take a look, it would be much appreciated!

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    2. Madara Uchiha

      Madara Uchiha

      @mako-heart it's the COVID curse, but it will be all good :) 

    3. mako-heart


      I'd buy Doremon if you shipped to me, ahha

    4. Madara Uchiha

      Madara Uchiha

      I anxious about sending in my own country let alone overseas ahahah

  10. I dunno if this is allowed but if your an Aussie, have a look here - Will be adding games everyday
  11. Just gonna put this out there...Soul Eater OP 2 is better and should be on more lists than OP 1

  12. Decided to cancel my PS5 pre-order to instead get a mid-spec PC to have some fun on. I didn't really need the PS5 to begin with tbh since I still have 160 games to play on PS4 so it's no major loss

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    2. Raveniteh


      I was thinking of getting gaming PC as well but unforeseen  even happened and I will be happy having at least some money left once I pay all my mandatory expenses and food. Maybe sometimes down the line tho.

    3. Rexarma1


      Then good luck getting a 3070 or whatever GPU you are going for. Currently not a good time to build. I personally would wait until AMD announces there Big Navi cards. I'm pretty sure Nvidia will counter with the announcement of Ti models and the 3060 which could be a good value card for a mid-range PC.

    4. Honor_Hand


      Not a bad idea really, I was actually planning to build myself a new PC next year. Nothing too fancy, you know, just like whatever best parts I can get with a certain budget in mind. Kinda like a good mid-to-high range setup, not one of those PC Master Race setups. But still, all the PCs I have here are super ancient and there's a ton of PC games I would like to catch up to. The PS5 is like on the lowest of my priorities of gaming devices to get if I'm honest with you.

  13. For once I'm lucky in life, gave the car a bootful on the highway next to a undercover cop (oops) stopped as soon as I realised and only got a warning. Should buy a lotto ticket

  14. Usually boosting games isn't allowed in games like in COD and stuff. It's usually in the games ToS. I didn't think you could banned from PSN for it though
  15. @MMDE @B1rvine @Squirlruler Think this one was an accidental approval