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  1. I tried with 2 controllers but i couldn't do it. With my first controller I usually win (25 pts) but Ferrari AI make P2 - 3 (18pts+15pts) or P2-P4 (18+12) or P3+P4 (15+12). So I boosted it with a friend recent days. We finished 2 seasons: constructor both years and invididual one for me and the other for my friend.
  2. You won at the same time the DLC trophies for Catwoman, Nightwing and Robin. And trophies DLC-trophies popped in peers. Campaing mode and Ranked mode are two different modes. So, if you win a medal, in that case, only one trophy should pop, because are not-related game modes. And Perfect Knight 2 popped before all Batman campaing medals. That's not possible under normal circunstances. If you could sync the trophies in the old PS3, it will overwrite this impossible timestamps, and show the real time. I suggest to try to sync those trophies to fix it. One the other hand, with due respect, it's very Odd that a legitimete savefile could pop DLC and non-DLC trophies at the same time.
  3. Hogs of War!
  4. Brilliant strategy by Reigns. Hurt everyone till he can become champion again! I think Goldberg on WCW also hurt many people. They don't care about other wrestlers. I hope Braun could return soon. He's getting a good push.
  5. He could use PS Plus, copy the file to another user or USB (this is forbidden in certain games, not know on COD Classic
  6. I think he means playing one leven on a easier difficulty. Then, transfer the savedata to a USB device. Start a new save, in a higher difficulty. Once finish the level, transfer the save to another USB or PS Plus and continue with the first save on an easier difficulty next level. And so on till end the game. It's a suposition. It can be done with 2 USB (to not overwrite one save with the other) or 1 USB + PS plus. monseiurpatty just answered himself
  7. I guess you would asking for prove and prove and prove till user couldn't show more proves, and then, Gotcha moment achieved. I think this is what he means. And I think it too. I consider many users are taking this too far. Search for hackers it's ok, but the methods are not fair in many cases. I understand everyone wants a clean leaderboard, but this is becoming a witch hunt.
  8. PSN Trophy L. If you have hidden trophies, you get excluded from completist and rare leaderboards.
  9. It's word vs word. He experienced a glitch (his word) and you say it's impossible that glitch exists (you can't prove that anything not exist). And you didn't explain how there's a gap between 600 and 300 orb trophy. If he used a save data to earn 600 orbs, why 300 orb trophy did not pop?
  10. How the hell I know if a trophy glitch is more or less frequent? Many people hacked the challenge trophy of Vanquish and you'll never know who cheated or who did not. Will you bann every user who hasn't a screenshot playing challenge 6?
  11. Now we should keep prove of playing legit? I must keep all PS4 screenshots of trophies? Or use a camera and record all gaming sessions? Just in case in 2025 I get flagged? I believe Jay_Stow made a point: 300 and 600 orbs are not at same time. If he used a 600 orb game-save, 300 orb trophy should unlock at that moment, no?
  12. In many cases it is a public stoning
  13. I unlocked a Batman Arkham City trophy changing the PS3 clock 12 times in a day (Storyteller trophy) Back in 2009, many people used the savedata for SOCOM and Fuel. Maybe now is considered a great offence, but not in 2009. Same for FIFA 09. Those saves were not CFW. In order to use it you only need an USB device and the OFW. And in FIFA 09 you have to play online matches to achieve the Interactive League trophy (not Interactive Leagues but friendly matches). I think some users are a little aggresive on the dispute forum. I understand that many people lies in the disputes, but a hostile climate is being created. Even the statement of flagg is not cheat, a public accusation and the need of a public justification is harming this community.
  14. I remember guides with savegames in the first post, in games like FUEL, old pages. I think most of them now don't exist.
  15. If someone uses his own save to earn a trophy, like no-death playtrough, it must be flagged? (like Splinter Cell HD) If you use a proxy to earn trophies (like Alien vs Predator), it must be flagged? If I play with non-patched game and earn some trophies, while patched version doesn't allow it, should I be flagged? (like Gran Turismo 5 and Vettel challenges) I agree with many members, and it should exist an extensive FAQ about what is forbidden and what is not I believe some users think in a 2017 perspective, punishing trophies of 2008-2010, when using non-encripted savedata were accepted in many trophy guides and forums (not talking about PSNProf), and this should be managed carefully. Anyway, I think this rules should not been applied retroactively. PD: non-native English speaker, sorry for my language.