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  1. A great game the best caracter on watch dogs universe aiden pierce is really cool ,hacking is good but sequels did better , the driving is clunky , story is great , dlc of bad blood is cool to ,trophies so of them are ez to get ,other need online as dlc and main game , and the drinking mini game is by far the worst trophie ,also stell many people cus you will need the songs and some are random to get from peoples fones
  2. I got this week resistance 3 i saw that server dindt went down so i grab instantly the game to play cus i was curious about it since i got my ps3 ,also got the darkness 2 and bakugan defender of the core amazing games i played bakugan defender of the core when i had my psp so nostalgia coming in the way
  3. I think that the last of us part 2 is not the best game of all time no were near way to much hype for a game with bad story i love the first one but the second no so much ,other series the has to much hype is football games all year the same crap again repetitive all the time
  4. I Just bought today Max payne 3 i have eard lots of good thinks about this game and why not pick it up right hás a trophy list that is Hard i got some tuff plats i Will give it a good shoot
  5. Try far cry 3 is a cool funny game and easy
  6. My e tire collection is physical because i love have all the games in the shell, also once the store is off you dont know if you be able to play the games you bought só is way easier to have it physical also is very ez to have the dlc on the discs and special editions are amazing have them that thinks you can have digital