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  1. Yeah I'm sorry, have not played CTR yet but I doubt the whole game is even on the level of the easiest Black Series track from Trackmania turbo lol. And like someone else said this should be compared to something more like Sonic racing Transformed
  2. Sounds like someones mad they couldn't handle the vastly superior combat and gameplay mechanics of Nioh compared Derp Souls where friends can just join your game and drop you everything.
  3. It's been confirmed on another trophy site that the bug occurs right as you die when you 100% an area and the game is saving. So yeah, basically don't die while collecting scrap. Also, there is a way for you to check your progress to see if you have the bug before putting in a huge amount of time and making back up saves just in case.
  4. Hopefully we'll get tri-aces better game remastered. Yes, I'm talking about Resonance of Fate!
  5. Boo. Should have been Rockstar Table Tennis.
  6. At least no PS3 and Vita version this time. Still a peasant 30 fps though.👍
  7. I don't believe it does
  8. If rushing isn't your playstyle. You can do all the objectives for the mission, turn off reflex mode and you should still get an S rank.
  9. Yeah I agree with you. I liked it, but I actually dozed off while watching it
  10. Probably that HDN game on PS3, the first one iirc. And beach buggy racing
  11. If you're having to ask this late in the console generation while still being stranded on Vita and PS3 island, then it's probably not for you.
  12. 32.55% with 294 games played and a 87.49 overall completion percentage. Why was this stat removed from our profiles? Would rather see it there than the trophies per day stat. That's just me though.
  13. You must still be playing heavily on PS3, because trophies pop instant all the time on PS4. And cheeves are actually quite broken on xbox, where someone can have them all unlocked but for some reason they are stuck in Microsoft's cloud server and won't actually unlock til months later.
  14. This game is how old again? The info is all out there if you just do some searching around.
  15. Is there an option to turn off all voices in the game? If so, it will be the first thing I do when I play it. Had to do this for type-0