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  1. thanks for the codes
  2. Does the ps now version of God Of War Ascension come with the online pass?
  3. thank you all for the help, I just received the trophy a few hours ago
  4. ok
  5. I know, but I saw that with 2 times you win the squad mode you won the trophy, also the victories of the squad mode are counted
  6. I recently won squad mode 2 times in a row,and it did not give me the trophy,is it a mistake?, it should be noted that I was in a group of 4,and even so it did not give me the trophy
  7. Hex:Devour Hope, is it very useful or not?
  8. thanks ok thanks i will try it on which maps is it easier?
  9. Thank you, I will take it into account
  10. Do any of you have any tips for this trophy? Could some of you help me?