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  1. thnx are there anythng else needed in ending C besides getting spirit to 50~89?
  2. i see i didnt go down there hehe now i understand, also if youd be so kind my last remainng trophies are reach the end with or without doing the knightly duties for that witch it seems didnt pop up either of the two after i finished the final bosses, again thnx very much
  3. Can someone please tell me where to find the remaining 3 sacred stone fragment, i found 5 pcs of it at castle town entrance and then the next room to it at the right after i gave 6 pcs of it the girl hiding at the sanctuaries tells me look for the remainng shards i have search every nook and crany of royal capital lundrute castle.. thnx in advance.
  4. thanks also i want to know how can you destroy narueh's core i seem to always find it in the first dark wanderer encounter in visions of ackbar rather than hod's chamber? is there anything i need to do to break it? ty in advance
  5. lRazde here current #2 in the psn list of shattered ps5 same thing also happens to me, not only that the cardinal cores doesnt pop up also whether you keep it or destroy it i guess, hope they really fix that asap i already message and showed it to them but they dont reply.