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  1. Game is cringey as hell. I am even more disappointed that people have to keep hearing about it. It should have been forgotten by now.
  2. Lmfao LETS DRAW UP THE PETITIONS EVERYONE!!!!! sign here:____________
  3. I don't a rats ass about sony. Fuck them. I will continue to enjoy my ps3 and vita games as long as I want to and I still have soooooo many games to play on it. Don't give a flying fuck if sony closes the online, it ain't gonna make me hop out of my seat to go buy a ps5 at launch because they are shutting everything down. Are they going to come to my doorstep and take all my consoles and games from me? If so, we have a bigger problem then just shutting down the store and trophy support. Even if the online does die for it, I’ll play it all i want and they wont stop me. Silly thing to worry about if you ask me. It will go retro soon, and when it does I will still enjoy it without caring what sony does with whats left of the laggy ass online support for it.
  4. .
  5. So the trophies are obtainable with the program but you will get banned for trying to get them? That really sucks. I hope if any other games get revived and trophies become possible again, he ain't the one running it. What a loser imo 😒 i guess if you wanna plat it, have fun getting destroyed by randoms. Sad
  6. I bought it off of the web store, it didn't give me the option to download it.
  7. So i recently bought a couple of themes off of the ps store and they did not show up in my download list at all. They showed up in my transaction history but i am unable to download them after I had bought them and when i search for them in the store they are still listed at full price. I tried to click add to cart and a screen pops up that says “this product can not be purchased at this time”. Has this ever happened to anyone before? Is there anything i can do?
  8. So when this happens, the site is going to start treating ps4 games how they treat bo2 and gta 5 and tell people not to play them online, and the difference is even worse now. Where they say “don’t play them with your main, use an alt” or “delete the user if trophies auto pop via hackers before syncing” for bo2 and gta 5, it will turn into a “don't play them at all” for any ps4 game known to have modded lobbies. I refuse be apart of a website that tells me what I can and can’t play so I completely disagree. Something will change or people will leave. Idk how many others but i can guarantee I will.
  9. This exact topic was discussed in one of the bo2 threads that got closed. People keep passively ignoring this concern like it won’t ever happen and i am just waiting for the day that it does. The site will have no choice but to white list certain games or just let it go unflagged. Hell, nothing changed even when people voted for the whitelist feature. Its a dumb rule imo, it is not common knowledge to just delete the user on ps3 and its impossible to do that on ps4. Idk about ps5 because it isn't out yet but hackers are going to go online for ps4 eventually and when they do, there will be even more outcry for it. I will just leave the site and forget about the leaderboards if it happens to me. Im not going to sit here and be blamed for something i didn't do. I have never hacked anything.
  10. Maybe those people should get some thicker skin? It's PSN. You're never going to meet any of those people in person anyway. They are not that important. Why does what they say bother them anyway? Let that shit bounce right off of you. I mean even if that's what this is all about, consenting to let Sony spy on people to join party chats isn't the way to prevent cyber-bullying.
  11. Ya know... it doesn’t affect me i guess, since i don’t use my mic for anything other than if I desperately need it for a trophy(some games have coop that require you to use a mic), i still think this is stupid.
  12. LMFAO oh man... that's terrible. Poor guy just has no clue... Funny thing is though they actually are doing a demon's souls remake for the PS5. I don't think it will be that "Trilogy" he is hoping for though hehehe My ideas: Resistance: Fall of Man Saints Row 2 TES IV Oblivion Disruptor F.E.A.R
  13. I have never heard anyone shit on this game and as a matter of fact this is the first I have ever heard people say much negative about it at all. It is one of my favorite games in the whole franchise and I have played most of them. I rarely even hear people talk about this game at all as a matter of fact. dunno why, its really good. You wanna play the "black sheep" of the series? Try the Fabula Nova Crystallis trilogy. This is why I am glad this game got remastered because those games sucked ass and we needed a game like this to come back.